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Comfi-Mum Feeding Pillow Review

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  • 2019 Shortlisted Best Pregnancy/Maternity Product

At a glance:

The CuddleCo Comfi-Mum Memory Foam Feeding Pillow features an ergonomic and hypo-allergenic design, guaranteed to help parents rest, support and feed their newborn with ease. With a removable and washable cover, memory foam filling, and 5-in-1 versatility, this comfortable feeding pillow is guaranteed to provide optimum support for both mother and child. Perfect for use as a 'bump' prop, or for supporting your little one as they feed, this luxuriously soft and breathable pillow is a definite everyday essential.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sadie marie: I would recommend the Comfi-Mum feeding pillow any pregnant mums. The memory foam pillow would be amazing for when you can't get comfortable at night. It is perfect for propping up a newborn when feeding. The cover comes off so you are able to wash it easily which is a bonus.

Zoe: I would absolutely 100% recommend this. The feature I most liked about this pillow was the sheer size of it. This pillow helped me so much at feeding time. When using a previous pillow, I was constantly trying to move it and fussing to make sure my little boy was comfortable which would make him upset. Every time he fed on this pillow there was no fuss and he would always fall asleep which was previously unheard of. The plastic cover has kept the pillow hygienic and clean and I was able to take it out with me easily.

Emma: I would recommend this pillow but not as a feeding aid. I found it too firm and restrictive to position it properly. Because it is so firm, it wasn't something I could leave on the sofa all the time so it was often put away when I needed to feed my baby. I used it as a sit-up support and it continues to be used in the playpen.

How did this product make your life easier?

Emma: This is great for breastfeeding! I have never used a pillow before as I thought they were gimmicky and expensive. As soon as I took this out of the packet, put it around my waist and laid my baby down to feed I realised what I have been missing out on! I was able to feed my five-month-old hands-free and read a magazine at the same time.

Robyn: This pillow has been absolutely amazing for feeding my baby. I can rest him on the pillow taking all the weight off my arm which has been so comfortable for me, especially as my baby is on the larger side. It is memory foam so it is super comfortable and it doesn’t sink like other pillows of this type. My baby stays in the position I put them in rather than slipping down. I like to use the pillow for ensuring my son is safely sitting with this rested against his back. This enables him to sit upright for longer and if he falls it protects him.

Lavinia: The pillow is very useful as a back support while sitting up in bed with my baby but less so when used around the waist as a support for feeding. It is relatively small and compact compared to other pregnancy pillows. This makes it good for storage and travel. The larger pregnancy pillows on the market are more useful when it comes to supporting the back and supporting while feeding your baby. This pillow is quite rigid so there is not much flexibility to mould it around yourself.

Would you choose this product to win?

Janet: Yes I would. I used a different design and brand with my older daughter and it lost its shape really quickly. It started to flop in the middle and was unsupportive. The Comfi-Mum ticks all the boxes. My daughter is now six-months-old and while practising sitting up she snuggles down and goes to sleep. It is a lovely neutral design.

Amy: The one thing that sets this pillow apart from others is the materials it's made from. I adore the memory foam filling. Where other pillows become flat and lacklustre after a few weeks of use, the Comfi-Mum always springs back into a new position. The cover is made from the nicest fabric and it washes so well.

Penelope: I haven’t tried any other feeding cushions, but I found this quite tight around the middle. I am not sure how appropriate it would be just after birth. If I was going to use it long term, I would prefer a cotton-mix cushion cover as the fabric used is a bit sweaty with a baby lying on it in the summer months. However, at quite a low price point it is a good budget option.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sadie marie: I would make the Comfi-Mum feeding pillow a bit softer. I do not like memory foam pillows but when pregnant I would have loved it to support my back or for placing it between my thighs. I can imagine it would help with a good nights sleep!

Zoe: I would not change anything about this product. I loved using it instantly. The packaging, the ability to store it in the original packaging, the size, the ease of use and the comfort are all fantastic. Job well done to the designers and makers of this pillow. It gets a huge thumbs up from us and we would score this 10/10 and definitely recommend it.

Emma: To improve the Comfi-Mum pillow I would change the filling to something a little more pliable. I would extend the size to make it big enough to use in pregnancy as well as for feeding. In its current style, you would need to have two big pillows if you wanted a bump support which would take up room in the house.

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