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Lola&Lykke Bamboo Maternity Support Band Review

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Lola&Lykke Bamboo Maternity Support Band at a glance: 

The Lola&Lykke maternity belly band is the most supportive belt available for pregnancy. It comes with reinforced back support and its double layer design with two adjustable compression straps helps lift up the belly and support the back. A handy hot/cold pack sits neatly in the back pocket to alleviate back pains. Our ergonomic medical grade support band is recommended by physiotherapists and it is ideal for pregnant women suffering with SPD, back/hip pains or pelvic pain. The support band comes with over 20cm of adjustment margin allowing for the band to be fastened just right as the belly grows.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Vanessa: Before this I suffered from sciatica every single day during my pregnancy, I looked for a belt on the market and as we all know there are loads, even though this is pricy it’s the best thing ever! Can’t recommend it enough ! It has helped my back so much and I no longer need to take painkillers. It’s very comfortable and you forget you're wearing it.

Claire: The Lola and Lykke Bamboo Maternity Support Band makes my life easier as a mum because it supports my back which results in less back pain both during and at the end of the day when I take the band off, this is really important for me as I have toddler to run around after and really can't afford time out with a sore back.

Emma: It enables you to support your bump easily. I found the product easy to use. Its quick and easy. You can easily take it out and about as it doesn't take up too much room. The added bonus is the hot/cold pads. What a great idea. I found this really helped me with some aches and pains at 38 weeks pregnant.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Sophie: I would definitely recommend this to other mums, it so easy to put on and adjust with the velcro straps and the foamy feel of the fabric ensures that it's soft and comfortable if you would like to wear it under your clothes out of sight. The gel pad had been a god send not only did it help with the aching it also helped to keep me cool during the unbearable heat.

Kirsty: The product does not make life easier for me personally. My pelvic girdle pain has not been too bad during this pregnancy. I worry that the band will squash my baby especially when I sit down, so I don’t feel comfortable using the band without a medical professional checking the fit to ensure that it is safe. My midwife was unable to advise me and said that a physiotherapist would be the best person to check. However, since my pain is not bad I have no reason to see a physiotherapist and therefore cannot get the fit of the band checked. The band is also visible through my clothing so I would only use the band if it was really necessary to relieve back pain. Mothers who have bad pain and who have a health professional who is able to check the fit of the band might find that the band reduces their pain and therefore makes life easier for them.

Leanne: The product is pretty comfortable to use, at no point did i feel like i was restricted and I felt like my pelvic girdle pain was alleviated whilst i was wearing the product. The added bonus of the hot/cold pack that was included with the product is something i really liked especially for my lower back pain. It is a simple design built with good quality materials which i found easy to use. It is easy to keep clean by hand washing the product.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Kerry: I have enjoyed using this product and think that both me and my family have benefited from it. However, the product has a limited life span, you will only use it in your third trimester and so unless you are planning to have a lot of children or can share it with friends I think that at a price point of 87pounds it is very much a luxury item. However if I do end up with less stretch marks I may rethink this answer.

Katherine: I have used one other belt which was similar in design but I found it cut in to my stomach and was uncomfortable towards the end of pregnancy. I would definitely chose this band over my previous one as I found it comfortable to wear for much longer periods of time and I could sit down wearing it, it is expensive but I'd say of it's in your budget go for it.

Vanessa: I would choose this for my next pregnancy too! It’s on the pricey side, but like my father always said you get what you pay for, they have thought of absolutely everything , from the hot to the cold pads !!! 10/10 very very soothing .. I have used the hot ones during the night after I get home from working long hours , and cold ones for when I am a hot mess at work ! It’s so easy to put on too.

What changes would you make to this product?

Claire: One thing that I think would improve the Lola and Lykke band is an XXL size for bigger mums. All pregnant women deserve to have support and I don't think there is a reason not to make a larger size. It would also be really good if the Lola and Lykke band came with a bag to store it in during the day as there are times when you are not meant to wear it (sleep for example) and it would be good not to have to try and get it back in the box after each use.

Emma: I am struggling with this part as I think it really does everything you want and more. Even the cost is reasonable for the quality of the product and its extras. I cannot see what else they could do. I think they have really thought of what pregnant mums need. 

Sophie: The only thing I could suggest is to maybe offer other colours, as if your attending lunch or a fancy function the black does really stand out and it's visable under most clothing too. Whilst I acknowledge it's not a fashion accessory us mummies still like to feel and look good during pregnancy as well as supported and ache free.

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