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Medela Purelan™ 100 lanolin cream Review


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  • 2020 Silver Best New Mum/Maternity Skincare Product

At a glance:

Medela's Purelan lanolin cream is the one you've been looking for if you've been suffering from cracked or sore nipples. This smooth and natural cream is safe for your baby, so there is no need to remove the cream before breastfeeding. The ultra-pure cream will also help to reinforce your skin’s natural barrier properties. 

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How did this product make your life easier?

Naomi: This cream is really helpful for the initial few weeks of breastfeeding when sore nipples can be an issue. It is cheap and effective so it works well. It is quite thick so a little goes a long way. The tube is a good size to pop in the change bag for the day. The lid clicks on securely so there is no leaking. It doesn't need to be removed before breastfeeding so it is safe to use.

Jade: This product makes my life easier as a mum, as breastfeeding has caused my nipples to become quite sensitive and within a few days of using this balm, it relieved a lot of the discomfort. Due to the balm also being fairly small then it has allowed me to carry it in my bag, meaning I can also use it when on the go!

Caroline: It's really useful and soothing on my horrendously cracked nipples. This had a nice consistency and really helped, especially after I put it in the fridge. It was also really nice to use on my cracked lips, and also my baby's cracked lips after his furious feeding! I really found this product enormously helpful. 

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Catherine: It does help to ease the nipple pain you can experience when breastfeeding and does assist with healing cracked nipples. It's a bit on the sticky side though. Another positive is that there is no need to wash the cream off before feeding your baby. While this product wouldn't be my first choice I would still be confident in recommending it to other mums who choose to breastfeed.

Bushra: Purelan 100 lanolin cream is very effective at soothing sore and cracked nipples. At the time of testing, I only had minor problems but these were healed within a day. As such, I haven’t needed to use it for long periods of time meaning one tube will last a long time. In addition, the cream is quite thick, meaning that you only need to use a small amount at each application and one tube will last a while. However, the thickness of the cream could also be seen as a negative, depending on your personal preference.

Ana: For any new mum to be, I would recommend purchasing this product before giving birth, if they intended to breastfeed, as prevention is better then only using once the pain kicks in. Also during birth, lips can get very dry and this has the multiple-use and means one less product to take to the hospital.

Would you choose this product to win?

Jade: I would choose this product above others on the market because it did a really good job in helping to soothe and heal my nipples, but for a lower price than some of the other brands that are recommended for their nipple balms/creams. The fact you can feed your child with it on too is also a great bonus as you don't always have time to wash it off/it isn't always convenient.

Naomi: Yes definitely because of the price. It is much cheaper than others I have used but because it is still 100% lanolin it is just as effective and safe to use. It's a good size tube too so it will probably last me for as long as I need it. It doesn't smell of anything artificial and it is easy to get out of the tube to use.

Caroline: I'm not sure this product is any better than any other lanolins on the market, and I think it is a bit more expensive than some I have seen. However, I think that lanolin as a whole is the best new mum skincare product and is incredibly useful. I would recommend it to any new mum planning on breastfeeding.

What changes would you make to this product?

Ana: Generally I feel that there is little that the manufacturers would need to change to improve this product, compared to the other leading brands. But if I was being very picky, I would say the consistency of the cream could be made thinner to help with its application. Also on the box, some of the writing is so small, that if I wasn’t being observant, I would have missed some positive points, such as no need to remove prior to breastfeeding, whereas, other leading brands seem to highlight this positive point.

Bushra: I note that there is a smaller 7g tube available for ease of transport. Whilst I have not tested this, I feel having a smaller tube available to put in your handbag is useful. However, for some reason, the smaller tube is more expensive. This does not make sense to me and negates what to me is the main benefit of the product (cost-effectiveness). Having a smaller, more portable but still, cost-effective tube would improve this product.

Catherine: I'd change the texture of the product. It's a bit too sticky so if that could be resolved it would be a better product. Maybe that would even remove the need to rub breast milk on the nipples first which is a part of the instructions that don't seem to make sense? Give us a reason for this step, tell us why it is necessary.

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