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My Expert Midwife Fantastic Skin Elastic Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2021 Shortlisted Best New Mum/Maternity Skincare Product
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best New Mum/Maternity Skincare Product

My Expert Midwife Fantastic Skin Elastic at a glance: 

A serum which soothes and hydrates tight, dry and itchy skin, for use during pregnancy and beyondThis rich massage serum offers instant relief for tight, dry or irritated skin anywhere on your body and even helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Midwife developed and mum approved, this award winning serum can also help to ease constipation in pregnancy, when massaged into your bump.Contains essential oils with proven benefits, like grapefruit, geranium, calendula and lavender to soothe and soften your skin, while vitamin E encourages elasticity and beeswax locks in moisture.

How did this product make your life easier?

Tiffany: This product is gorgeous. It comes in a nice slim bottle with a really easy to use pump dispenser. The product glides onto the skin and rubs in really well. It’s s a lovely consistency and feels really luxurious. Easy to carry round in your bag if necessary as it’s really light and sleek. It comes with the cap too so no need to worry about leaks or spills.

Chris: This is slimline and compact. So it makes it easy to carry about though I kept this by my bed. It feels really nice and is very easy to use. It also smells lovely - almost spa-like! It’s got a pump for it to come out so that adds to its easy use. I’m not a mum yet but my bump loves it getting rubbed in.

Caroline: It is a lovely product, and feels amazing on your skin. It's in a convenient pump bottle (with a lid) so no leaks when you have it in your bag. It also absorbs in really well so after applying I don't have to wait around as long to dry in before I dress compared to other Stretch mark products and no residue. 

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Aimee: Whilst its design and usability are great, and I love the fact it's a lot thicker than bio-oil neaning I used less technically. It immediately soothed my stomach and cooled it down, leaving it feeling moisturised and comfortable for hours. I often used straight after the shower too for a hydration boost. In all honesty, though, I do not think I would recommend it. It's expensive for what it is and there are other products on the market which I've used which do the same thing for a lesser cost.

Sophie: This product smells lovely, has a range of great, natural ingredients (such as sweet almond oil and calendula flower extract) and does feel luxurious to use. It also has a good range of uses, such as massage oil and reduced appearance of stretch marks. The fact that it is midwife-approved is a good feature too.

Vanessa: I would recommend this product to friends and fellow mothers if they are looking for something luxurious. It has a nice design and is a lovely product to use. I found my skin stayed smooth and hydrated all day. However, if on a budget I feel there are less pricier products on the market which are just as good.

Would you choose this product to win?

Charlotte: Yes I would definitely choose My Expert Midwife - Fantastic Skin Elastic over other similar products. The product is similarly priced to other high-end products but seems much better than other brands I have tried. I will have to wait for the results but in terms of usability, it’s fantastic and well worth the money.

Helen: I don't think this product should win: although it is definitely a high-quality product, and it does do what it says on the tin with regards to moisturising and preventing stretch marks its so sticky, and very expensive. Other cheaper products do the same job just as well, without the sticky factor. The selling point of helping with constipation also doesn't make sense: the oils themselves haven't made any difference with daily use, and as it's so sticky in order to "massage it" as proposed you'd need about half the bottle, and probably a bath before you could put any clothes on!

Sophie: As a consumer, I wouldn’t choose this product as above all others, due to the high price. I know that there are cheaper alternatives that I would be more likely to buy. However, I would love to receive this as a pampering gift. I did like the fact that this was developed with midwives, which is a reassuring quality.

What changes would you make to this product?

Aimee: The price! I honestly feel its just an overpriced moisturising oil. I think I feel this way as I haven't reviewed it long enough to notice a difference, if any to my already viable stretchmarks, past ceserian scar and the new stretchmarks which are forming. It's a lot of money for a product aimed at women in pregnancy/post-birth.

Tiffany: The only thing I’d change is I want more in the bottle... please lol! The price is obviously quite a bit more than others on the market, but I can see, smell and feel the difference. I wouldn’t usually spend that much but after testing it, I would definitely buy it in the future. 

Charlotte: There are so many great features to Fantastic Skin Elastic, such as the gorgeous smell, lovely texture which sinks in really quickly with no sticky or oily residue. However, it would be great if the product came in a larger size as well so it was even better value and reduced plastic waste especially as it is something you use twice a day for several months.

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