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My Expert Midwife Spritz for Bits Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Pregnancy/Maternity Product

At a glance:

We don't talk about these post-delivery problems enough, so we love that My Expert Midwife has developed a product to help soothe these uncomfortable issues. Our mums loved this product and thought it was completely different to everything else on the market. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Rachael: This product is a good size to put in the hospital bag and the pump is effective. The products itself were really lovely to use and it was reassuring to know there are antiseptic qualities, after having stitches become infected in previous pregnancies. It smells lovely so makes you feel nice. It also provides relief and a fresh sensation.

Nicole: The first few days post-birth can be really uncomfortable even after a straightforward birth. That first post-birth wee is particularly scary! This product is soothing and cooling, and really helps with the healing process. I'd say it's essential to have a product like this which is so soothing after giving birth.

Amy: This product has made the healing time after birth feels so much swifter than any of my previous births. My bruising and soreness had instant relief and I'm actually enjoying the early days of motherhood without thinking about how bruised I am. Feeling even a little ease from the soreness makes literally all the difference.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Shona: The days after birth are filled with enough discomfort as it is with breastfeeding, engorgement, afterpains, etc. This spray was perfect for easing the tenderness of down there. I was cautious at first so I used the spray on a maternity pad rather than directly on the area. It would also be perfect sprayed on a pad which was then put in the fridge or freezer for added relief.

Nicole: I would recommend this product to a fellow mum as it does exactly as it promises, with a soothing, cooling, healing effect. I would also have confidence in recommending the brand due to the testing and midwife approval, and the natural ingredients used. I think it is quite expensive but due to the "first to market" advantage that is not surprising.

Sammi: Yes I would. Mothers should be willing to try anything that helps to take the pain and discomfort away following childbirth and tears, cuts stitches etc and this is very helpful in doing that. The product is easy to use and discreet and therefore I would recommend to fellow mums to be to use rather than mums because you need to buy it before labour.

Would you choose this product to win?

Rachael: The fact that this product does not yet, to my knowledge, have any rivals or direct competition is probably why if you want something like this and are not confident or able to make your own spritz, this is the option for you. It’s not my winner but it deserves an award as crazily (because it’s water and basic essential oils), it’s innovative. The branding and price point make it quite trendy.

Hannah: There are not many other products that do exactly the same as this one. The easiness of it not needing other products alongside it such as pads or wipes is handy as a mum and having lots of other things to carry around. I do feel that this product is expensive for what it is. It is a good product that provided some relief from childbirth.

Amy: I'd chose this over any product on the market and there's nothing quite like it. You spray directly onto the area. No messy creams or uncomfortable positions whilst trying to get some relief. It feels like a spritz of heaven. No other brand offers that kind of relief. Instant comfort and really improved my healing time.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sammi: I think you should be able to buy a smaller sized product for a smaller amount. I was very lucky and only had a minimal graze and no stitches this time round therefore I did not have ad much discomfort as others and I found I didn't need to use this product for very long and therefore there was quite a lot left over.

Shona: I used the spray on pads, to begin with, but once I was certain it wasn’t going to sting and did provide relief I was happy to spray directly to the tender area. I did find that the spray pump was a little difficult to spray due to the angle required. It would make life a little easier if the spray could be in an upward action instead.

Hannah: When considering what I would change about the product, I feel that the first thing would be the price. As a mum, on maternity leave, you think about the price and necessity of any products that you buy and as this is expensive it would be difficult to justify buying this if you were looking out for your money.

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