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My Pregnancy Recipes and Meal Planner Review

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‘My Pregnancy Recipes and Meal Planner’ by Dr Rana Conway (White Ladder) features more than 100 recipes for pregnant women to keep you healthy.

All the recipes in this handy planner are designed to give you all the nutrients you and your unborn baby need, to ensure you stay healthy and to optimise your baby’s growth and development. 

Your health needs and tastes will change as your body develops through pregnancy, so this guide offers you a range of healthy and nutritious meals to look after your baby and your body. 

With the advice on what to eat during pregnancy (or rather, what not to eat!) changing constantly, this guide will help you prepare and enjoy delicious and healthy meals - which can seem daunting when you’re craving pickles or struggling to eat breakfast due to your morning sickness. 

Dr Rana Conway, a nutritionist of more than twenty years, provides recipes for breakfast dishes to ward off morning sickness, delicious lunches to keep your energy up all afternoon and tasty snacks that will satisfy even the strongest of junk food or sugar cravings.

Find out:

  • What to eat and what to avoid during your pregnancy
  • Pregnancy-safe alternatives to your favourite foods
  • Different recipes for each trimester as the needs of you and your baby change
  • How the right ingredients can help reduce the more unpleasant side effects of pregnancy such as morning sickness

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