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Angelcare AC327 Baby Movement Monitor with Video Review

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At a glance: 

Angelcare's new smaller AC327 Baby Movement Monitor is a baby monitor new parents can depend on. With a large screen, this advanced software will keep you at ease and only sound when there is no movement detected after 20 seconds. Parents can use this monitor in their child's early toddler years as the detection feature can easily be switched off.  

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How did this product make your life easier?

Henrietta: The picture quality is amazing on the monitor screen, the set up is super easy considering I am used too a different male and model monitor and the movement mat is such a huge piece of mind especially for a first-time mother. I didn’t have one of these with my monitor I purchased but this enabled me to settle better at night knowing it would go off if no movement had been registered.

Jo: This product gives you great peace of mind, it enables you to have the confidence that your baby is settled with the clearest of images on a handy and portable screen, enabling you to enjoy downtime whilst your little one rests. The 'screen saver' feature also enables you to only look in when you want to or feel there is a need, for me, this avoids a potential 'addiction' to 'baby cam'.

Kim: This product made my life as a mum easier because the screen was nice and large and the image was extremely clear and not pixelated like a lot of monitors. The battery life of the parent unit was extremely long-lasting and everything was a nice design. The pad gives peace of mind although temperamental at times.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Lucy: I would recommend this product mainly because of the quality of the colour monitor display. You can see very clear images of your baby. The temperature of the room is always a good thing to know so that you can dress them appropriately for bedtime. The monitor itself can be charged up and moved around the house. I kept the charger for mine next to the bed and plugged it in at night time but just brought the unit on its own downstairs in the evening.

Emma: It was easy to set up, and seeing your baby on the camera is just the sweetest thing. The night mode on the camera is also really good, you can even see when they have their eyes open in a room that has blackout blinds. I would highly recommend this product. I also don’t have one to compare to as it’s the first time I have used one.

Katherine: I definitely would. I had Angelcare recommended to me during pregnancy and already use one of their older monitors. This one having video included means it's got everything. The picture was clear and gave me good peace of mind. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who, like me, wants that little extra peace of mind but does not like the idea of attaching something to their baby while they sleep.

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Would you choose this product to win?

Lauren: I would choose this product for its design and simplicity. When my son tried to grab the camera and also the screen, accidentally changing some settings, I found it really quick and easy to get the originals back. I also found it handy to set up. I wouldn't require the mat as I felt that it made me panic slightly more than I normally would, therefore, I would like to see perhaps a different version of just the camera and the monitor but without the mat.

Hannah: I would recommend and choose this product. The price for a good monitor, although high means extra security and confidence when you are a new mum or just want to make sure your baby is safe. It is also a product that you would use every night so it really is worth paying a little more. The monitor was easy to use and set up and was even easy to pack and take with me to the houses of friends and family, where again it could be used with or without the under bed monitor.

Emma: Yes I think this should win. Great quality easy to use great sound and video quality. Also, love the fact you can speak to your baby with the microphone if needed. One thing I did find is that is the range on the monitor isn’t as good as I needed it to be. I live in a big house so it didn’t quite cover the area needed. But other than that it’s a great monitor

What changes would you make to this product?

Claire: I would make the mat bigger to cover a larger area then hopefully the mat would then cover a wriggling baby and could maybe last longer as the little one gets older. Also maybe look at the range that you have on camera so that you can go outside with it as it seems to lose the picture, whereas with the BT one I can go to the bottom of the garden and we don't lose connection.

Harriet: I would change the camera as I found it very hard to get the correct viewing angle to see baby inside the cot, I guess it would be easier if it was wall mounted. However it is then hard to take away as it isn't easy to position it correctly. Other than that there isn't anything else I would change, the wireless sensor mat is great. With a great option to have it turned on or off and this is easily done on the parent unit.

Jennie: I would like this to be available for a cheaper price, without the sensor pad or any of the sensor pad functionality. We wouldn't be interested in the sensor pad aspect of this, and most sources of information don't recommend a sensor like this unless you have an ill/premature baby or a baby with other difficulties. In almost all instances it will just lead to panics in the night when the alarm goes off without baby being in distress. It would be great if this sensor pad was an additional add on to buy separately, and the initial cost of the unit was reduced.

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