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Angelcare AC527 Baby Movement Monitor with Video Review

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At a glance:

The AC527 Baby Breathing Monitor is a device that all parents can trust and will keep their minds free from any panic. It provides a clear night vision that you can watch on the monitor's screen, so you can keep an eye on your baby through the night. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Helen: This product allows me to put my baby in their crib in their room while they nap and in the evening before I get in bed and still keep an eye on them and know they are safe by using the video function and the motion sensor pad. It gives me peace of mind that although I am not in the same room that I still know that they are safe. It also allows me to tend to my other children while keeping an eye on the baby.

Amy: This product made my life easier in the respect that I could settle knowing my little one was settled. The image quality was near perfect and the large screen on the monitor was ideal (plus I'm used to using a small screen). It was easy to set up, although it would need to be set up when the baby is awake due to the movement sensor alarm going off of turned on and not connected. However, that being said the alarm is loud and very annoying so wouldn’t definitely wake me up if it went off due to no movement from my little one. All in all this product was fab and definitely gave me peace of mind as a mother that my baby was safe when sleeping!

Beth: This product is fantastic! It makes life easier as a Mum because when your little one is asleep you can keep a close eye on them via the camera, you know the temperature of the room and it alerts you if your little one hasn't moved in a while so a good prompt for the parent to just go and check everything is ok. Unlike other cameras, I have tried or purchased this one was very easily set up and has a very clear image.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Lindsay: I’d recommend this product to fellow family and friends as it’s a great peace of mind to know and see that your babies are safe. The design is great as it’s all wireless so it’s safe to use around baby. The sensor pad is also situated under the mattress so doesn’t interfere with the baby. Very easy to move around. Yes.

Hannah: I’d recommend it because it looks good, the sound and picture quality is the best I’ve seen, and the movement sensor is good and easy to use as it’s cable-free. I trust it completely and it isn’t an eyesore in the house. I could see my daughter breathing on the monitor; not something I could see on other monitors.

Faye: Yes I would recommend this product to mums and friends. This product is handy for 1st-time mums as it can be daunting trying to sleep peacefully when your baby goes into their room and spend all night worrying about them. The design and build are easy making the product stylish and easy to use. I wish someone would have recommended this to me.

Would you choose this product to win?

Michelle: I would choose this product over others on the market as it has great battery life. It also has a good camera allowing me to see very clearly and has good sound quality. The bed sensor is also very good and gives me extra peace of mind that my baby is safe in bed. I would also choose this product as I like the design of the monitor.

Sadie-Jade: No, the monitor itself is fantastic but the price is a biggy, especially if you don’t use the breathing monitor it’s a lot of money for a camera but it is worth it if you use the sensor too. The quality of the camera is fab and so is the sound we found the range was a little iffy but that might be the walls in our house!

Beth: I would choose this product over others on the market because of the crystal clear image, the size of the parents screen, it is well made and feels like it will last, the added addition of the sensory mat especially useful when you have a tiny baby, you have the built-in thermometer (so as I mentioned you my previous answer it is one less thing to purchase). It was also very easy to set up you can also add additional cameras for either more views of your child or another child's room. The wireless connection also reaches quite far so brilliant if you have to go into the garden.

What changes would you make to this product?

Beverley: The touchpad really needs improvement as I found it hard to press the buttons and get a reaction, the icons all looked a bit dated, like an old computer. I understand that they were meant to be simple to identify but somehow they looked very old fashioned, perhaps it was the text type? If the screen was easier to use I may consider buying next time. 

Paula: I would like to see a better and wider angle lens that could possibly rotate nearly 360 degrees. up and down function so you can see all of the babies on the monitor and not just through the cot bars. Possibly a clip so it can be clicked onto the cot for the smaller babies. I would also like to see longer battery power or a second battery that can be charged separately so I can replace it when it is flat. Longer cables would be a bonus so it can be wall-mounted anywhere in the room.

Amy: In all honesty I can’t think of anything that I would change about this product. I found it to be prefect for what is intended. The only minor change I would make is that the lowest volume setting on the monitor was still quite loud for me personally so having a few notches lower would do the trick. Apart from that absolutely fantastic product.

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