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BabyView Eco PT Monitor, SEW-3049, Wisenet Review

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At a glance:

This easy to set-up WIFI enabled camera is both stylish and functional, subtly slotting into any home. Users can monitor their home via their mobile or tablet, providing complete control of home security anytime, anywhere. All models come with night vision and two-way talk, ensuring families stay close to their little ones. It has a large 300m outdoor range and features seven sounds to help get your little one off to sleep.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Louise: I would absolutely recommend this product. It is easy to set up without needing to be too accurate with the camera placement. The monitor has a clear well-sized screen that it is easy to see. The lullaby function is useful for soothing your baby when you don't want to go in their room and disrupt them. The monitor is very easy to take out and about when visiting people. The battery life is excellent, the eco function is great and the screen will automatically turn on if there are any noises so you can see what is happening.

Laura: It is really straightforward to set up and begin using. The instructions are clear but I barely needed them. There are only a few buttons on the monitor so it is straightforward to operate. The large screen gives a great shot of the baby and the camera rotates/changes direction, which can be operated via the monitor screen. This baby monitor has the option to add a further three cameras, I only have one camera currently but this feature would be fantastic for any future children I have as I could monitor all of them at the same time.

Katy: I would recommend this product to friends because I have found it easy to use. I loved the range of lullabies. I also particularly liked the range of movement the camera allows (rotating almost 360 degrees and up and down). This is really important as finding a suitable place for the camera can mean that it is not level nor directly in front of the cot!

How did this product make your life easier?

Geraldine: This has made our lives easier in so many different ways. The lullaby/song function is great for soothing for my baby. It’s easier to check your baby without having to disturb them by entering the room. Being able to speak to your baby via the monitor has helped to ease the clingy period we have just gone through. Overall an amazing product.

Joanne: This baby monitor was so easy to install. It literally was plug in and go. I could easily take this away with me and not have to worry about pairing the monitor/camera. I loved the way that the temperature was on screen so I could easily see if the room was getting too warm. Having a built-in thermometer meant I didn't have to disturb my little one whilst he was sleeping to check if the room was too warm/cold.

Katrina: This product definitely makes my life easier as a mum. Since my little girl was born we have only had a traditional baby monitor which served us well but a few days before receiving this we changed her from the cot to a toddler bed. The fact we can now check whether she has got out of bed without having to go into her room has been a blessing for both us and her!

Would you choose this product to win?

Helen: I think this product is simply amazing and well worth the money. The built-in lullaby’s, the ease of use and the option to carry the monitor about with you is a great addition. I love love love this product.

Louise: I have used other video monitors but this is the best one I have used. The main superior features are the battery life, the ease of setup, the 360 camera which makes for easy placement in the child's room, the size and the clarity of the screen. Another great feature is the low volume option as it doesn't result in a continuous echo.

Laura: I would choose this product above all others on the market because it has great features. I absolutely love that you can move and control the camera via the monitor screen. It moves such a long way in all directions so you don't have to be precise in positioning the camera unit. This is the one feature of this monitor that really makes it stand out to me. I also love the large screen on the monitor unit, the ability to play lullabies and the opportunity to add further cameras to the system.

What changes would you make to this product?

Katy: I would make the monitor screen bigger. I would also like a longer cable for the camera because as it needs to be plugged in it restricts where it can be placed. My baby's bedroom has very few plug sockets and I'm sure that I am not alone in this.

Geraldine: I can not think of anything I would change about this product. Having never seen the need for a video monitor previously it’s amazing how well it has fitted into our lives and made it so much easier. We use the lullaby when necessary and just being able to speak to the baby via the monitor makes life easier.

Joanne: The picture quality could be better in night mode. At one point, the screen/monitor completely froze during the night, meaning we couldn't hear or see what was actually happening in the nursery. We did have to contact Wisenet to rectify this and they contacted us extremely quickly. We were told to take the battery out and restart it completely. Although this did fix the problem, It might have been good to have an alarm to show the monitor wasn't functioning.

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