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Bluebell Smart Monitoring System Review

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Bluebell Smart Monitoring System at a glance: 

The Bluebell Smart Monitoring System keeps you connected with your little one on a whole other level. It provides a watch so you can check on your baby wherever and whenever and keep it with you at all times. The system silently monitors your baby and will alert you through the app on your phone. It can detect your baby's breathing and temperature, detects any crying, and will even alert you when they roll on their tummies. 

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Why do you think this product is so different to anything else on the market?

Jeanne: I have not explored the whole of market, but I would say that this product provides, at face value, an ambitious approach to baby monitoring, entailing many features previously seen in separate devices, within a single neat package. It not only monitors your baby’s position and vital signs, and alerts you of any significant deviations, it also stores this information and relays it to the base station so that you can access the information at a later time. You can enter additional information about your routine, such as feeding times and nappy changes, within the app.

Lucy: The Bluebell monitor is just so unique, the majority of monitors are purely camera focused but this system allows for much more reassurance than a grainy nighttime image in a screen and utilises smart technology so parents can monitor the health of their little one and develop routines from monitoring babies feeds and sleep etc.

Why does it change your life with your baby?

Jeanne: I do not think this has changed our lives as such, although our baby is now a little too old (12 months) to appreciate fully all of the features available with the product. However, I can imagine for those more anxious parents that it would provide greater reassurance that their baby is well and safe in their absence from the room. I can see that this could be valuable to them, especially during the first six months when SIDS is a particular concern.

Lucy: It is massively reassuring, my first born baby was to term but very small and I brought her home after three days weighing just 5lb and as a new parent I fretted about everything - I’d have loved this to monitor her breathing/temp sleep position/feeds etc. 

What excites you about this product?

Jeanne: We had been excited to use such an ambitious device and it was a novelty to be able to check my baby’s breathing rate, position and temperature on my phone any time I felt like it. The high level of customer support was appreciated. The team at Bluebell are very willing to support and advise parents with the device.

Lucy: It’s an absolutely brilliant bit of kit! Easy to set up and pair up, stylish modern design which is sleek. The smartwatch is light and comfy to wear and it feels very reassuring to have the alarms go off to warn you of potential concerns

What one thing would you change about this product?

Jeanne: The complexity has been the main issue for us. We are used to an old-fashioned analogue listening device, which is extremely easy to set up and use. This product is much more complicated, requiring you to download an app, provide registration details, sync the base station, parent device and monitor with your Wifi. You then have to figure out how to adjust the alert settings within the app so that (as in our case) it doesn’t alert us every time our baby turns onto his tummy or babbles. Its certainly not the kind of device that you could easily take away on holiday with you, unlike our usual monitor which just plugs in anywhere. As a sleep-deprived parent of a newborn, I’m really not sure that I would have the spare brain capacity to apply to this product at the time when it would be of most use. In view of the price point, we were slightly disappointed with overall build-quality. The quality of the devices themselves do not provide that reassurance to the user that they have invested in something of quality. The plastics used are light, and feel cheap, and the connection of the monitors (parent device, and baby clip) to the base station is a cheap click on, whereas a magnetic attachment would have been superior (perhaps there were technical reasons this couldn’t have been done). The packaging felt way over the top and represented form over function. However, we did find it to be compact and stylish and our fears that our baby would find the monitor uncomfortable were unfounded. He was happy to wear the device at all times.

Lucy: I’d add a camera, with so much going for this system a camera would just be the cherry on top - as a mum it would help reassure me that the system is working well etc too - I do really love it and can’t wait to use from newborn when we decide to go for baby number three!


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