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Bluebell Smart Monitoring System Review

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  • 2020 Shortlisted Mother&Baby Awards Winners: Baby Monitor Awards

At a glance: 

The Bluebell Smart Monitoring System keeps you connected with your little one on a whole other level. It provides a watch so you can check on your baby wherever and whenever and keep it with you at all times. The system silently monitors your baby and will alert you through the app on your phone. It can detect your baby's breathing and temperature, detects any crying, and will even alert you when they roll on their tummies. 

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How did this product make your life easier?

Natalie: This product made my life easier being a mum as all you need to do is clip the baby strap on to the baby and put the parent strap on to you and you can also use the app which sends you notification updates when your baby is either moving, turning, crying or stops breathing , you don’t have a large monitor so you don’t need to worry about carrying it around with you. 

Hayley: This product makes my life so much easier as a mum because firstly it makes you feel at ease knowing your baby is safe and sound by tracking your baby's breathing, movement, and temperature. Which most of all is important. I feel this product gives you exactly what you worry about as a mum. You get sent notifications via the app which also will send through to the parent strap, so you can be anywhere in the house without having to stare at a baby monitor.

Claire: It’s nice to be able to feel relaxed and know what exactly is happening to your baby in the day and at sleep time. However felt the product did not do exactly what it was made for.when he was playing it said he was testing. Felt this was a malfunction croon of the machine? I liked how easy it was to use though.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Charlotte: I would recommend this product to other mums as it makes life easier. It connects to an app where you get updates from the baby. You have a clip that attaches to the baby which connects to both of the app and the parent watch. It means you are no longer having to sit next to a plugged-in monitor. You can record other things about the baby on the app such a breastfeeds and changing times. It also records sleep times.

Jade: I would recommend the Bluebell smart monitoring system because it’s a great product that tracks breathing, movement and temperature which puts your mind at rest. The system links to an app so you can get alerts either to the app or to the parent strap. You can also control the parent unit in the room via the app so you can play lullabies or put the light on via the app without having to go into the baby's bedroom.

Verity: Yes, I would if they had a premature, newborn or baby with health problems. The branding is lovely and the interruptions were really helpful. The monitor itself was fine to set up (if you are comfortable with tech) but the WiFi range was pretty poor. We had to move the base unit several times in order for the monitor to talk to the base. I’d pass all this on if I recommended.

Would you choose this product to win?

Katie: The product is well packaged and has a good website so I can see the appeal to the high-end market. It tracks a wide variety of things such as breathing rates, temperature, feeds and nappy changes and I don't think there is anything else on the market that does all of these things. I think the ability to talk to your baby through it is also a unique feature.

Kerry: I would not choose this monitor in its current format above any others on the market it is expensive considering not all the functions it says it has worked or are fully formed. The potential of this product far outweighs its performance as the lullaby setting of which there is only one short lullaby which you can't have on loop and there is no white noise function like stated. There is a massive delay in the listening in function no matter how close or far from the base unit.

Charlotte: This is an all singing all dancing monitor. Once set up, it is easy to use and you can use it as a one-stop-shop for all your baby recording. You can record breastfeeds and nappy changes, sleep patterns, etc. You can have your app open or get updates to the parent watch. I loved that it records the baby's temperature as I haven't seen that with other monitors.

What changes would you make to this product?

Hayley: I wouldn't overly say anything really needs changing. Just a couple of things that would put people off would be the price. I would say it's quite pricey compared to some on the market. And not everyone has wifi so of course, you can't actually go for this if you don't have the internet. It can't be helped that this product requires wifi but it's basically the only thing other than the price I can comment on. Overall I'm happy with the product.

Verity: There were a number of things that I didn’t like (WiFi range, alarms going off, constant vibrating of the watch) but the main thing that I would change is the clip that goes on the baby. It was too big and would get in the way of him sleeping on his front and would move a lot which would set off a distressing alarm. 

Charley: I’d change the buttons on the strap as I found them a bit stiff sometimes and a bit frustrating to try and press, but definitely a slight problem as I did absolutely love this product easily fixed and I’m sure it’ll get better the more I press the buttons, other than that it was a brilliant product. 

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