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BT Audio Baby Monitor 450 Lightshow Review

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At a glance:

This audio-only baby monitor from BT has two-way talk back feature and is all you need to keep watch over your little one, with a range of additional features. Light show projection which keeps baby occupied and sends them into a soothing sleep, high-quality sound, sound level lights for when you don't want to hear every snuffle but still want to be alerted, 18 lullabies to choose from, a temperature display and adjustable night light.

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Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kelly: I would definitely recommend this product to other parents. It is great quality, straightforward and easy to use. I think it is great value for money and I love the two-way talkback system, my voice soothes my baby back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night. The light show is a nice way to relax your baby before falling to sleep.

Carlie: I think the BT Audio Baby Monitor 450 is very good value for money as it does pack a lot of features in. The huge range of different musical styles is a real plus point and the light show is a cute addition. I found it very easy to set up. If you aren't interested in paying extra for a video monitor, then this monitor is definitely one to consider.

Michelle: The music is soft and not jarring like some night time music can be plus the light show was soft and gentle so it didn't keep the children awake. The design is really pretty and easy to use. The range on the monitor was great too, meaning I could go out into the garden to hang washing up without it losing signal which gave me great peace of mind. The charge time was excellent.

How did this product make your life easier?

Elizabeth: This product gives me peace of mind that if my baby wakes and wants my attention I will be instantly aware. I found the sound to be very clear and my little boy loved the star and moonlight show (he genuinely appeared mesmerised). Great selection of lullabies.

Alix: This product is absolutely amazing, I started using this when it was very hot and as soon as I used the monitor it beeped and told me the room my daughter was sleeping in was too hot and had the temperature displayed on the screen. This was so useful to me as I don’t have a thermometer for the bedroom.

Chelsea: This product is excellent. It has a night light, two-way talk and white noise all in one. The range is brilliant meaning we can play outside in the garden with our other child while the baby is napping. The sound quality is excellent and it has an easy to find mute button so the whole house doesn't have to hear the baby crying when you go to settle them.

Would you choose this product to win?

Libbi: Yes I would definitely choose this monitor as it has helped to send my baby to sleep numerous times, it has helped my baby go back to sleep after waking up in the night and I will continue to use it until no longer needed. The temperature on the monitor is fabulous, especially during hot weather.

Chelsea: This has everything I need and more in a baby monitor. I would definitely recommend it. I did not want a video monitor and the video aspect is the only thing this monitor lacks. The menu is easy to navigate, you can switch on light or music from downstairs and there is even a feed timer.

Carlie: The BT Audio Baby Monitor 450 certainly does stand out with the range of features that have been included for the price. The ease of set-up, the sound quality of the audio, the huge range of music options and nightlight/light show function all help to make this product stand out against other monitors in the same price bracket.

What changes would you make to this product?

Michelle: The only thing missing on this monitor is a video function. A stand could be included to improve the positioning of the unit to get the light show aimed at the perfect spot. We found it difficult to find a place in the bedroom to set the unit so that the projection would be above the baby's cot.

Elizabeth: I would change the fact that it doesn't offer a video aspect. Apart from that, I would not alter anything. The product seemed good quality and it was compact enough to be able to take it with me on holiday.

Helen: If I could change one thing about the BT audio monitor 450 it would be the light show. It doesn't cover a very large section of wall or ceiling, therefore, it would be better if it was rotating. It would also be an improvement if the light show changed colour.

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