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Owlet Smart Sock Review


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At a glance:

The Owlet Smart Sock does more than monitoring your baby, this monitor tracks your little one's heart rate and oxygen levels all from your smartphone. You can feel assured and rest knowing that your baby's health is in safe hands. The smart sock uses pulse oximetry, wrapped in a tiny sock, and notifies you immediately if their levels leave preset zones. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Maryam: As a first-time mum I was very anxious about SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). It haunted me to the point that I struggled to sleep for fear that I would wake up and my baby would not be breathing. This product helped me to relax a lot more as I knew that I would receive a warning if my daughter’s heart rate or oxygen saturation were not within the normal range.

Yusur: The Owlet is a beautiful oxygen and heart rate monitor for babies from 0 months up to 18 months of age. The instructions were easy to follow and the Owlet was quite quick to set up and start using once the base and sock were charged. This I thought saved time for me in addition, I was able to know when my baby was moving which saved me from going up and downstairs to check and eased my mind overnight.

Lindsay: This product is designed to put your mind at rest. It continually takes heart rate and oxygen readings from your baby(up to 18 months). The owlet app needs to be downloaded on your phone which connects to the sock and anytime you want to check on baby you open the app and get readings. The app will alert you if any readings are out of the normal range. It is great being able to find out that your baby is ok, it tells you if the baby is wriggling or if the sock is not fitted correctly. This gives peace of mind to nervous mums of newborns especially if there's any medical issues or history of SIDS in the family.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

April: If a mum I knew wished to use additional monitoring on her baby I would recommend this over an apnoea monitor as it uses the heart rate and o2 sats. Better than monitoring baby breathing. The product came in a beautifully presented box that didn’t have lots of waste products (good for the environment) and had easy set up instructions which is why again I’d likely recommend the product. The base though having to be in the baby's room is a turn off as we do not sleep on the same floor as my son so therefore it wouldn’t wake us if alarmed. The product looks easy to clean and doesn’t need a lot of space to store. It also looked quite nice on my son's wall shelf. The pretty lights are light and not intrusive in the room. The app is good and worked well with no lag or freezing. Always a bonus. My husband especially likes the app and likes he can check in on our son regularly. This does provide extra reassurance. The most reason I guess I’d give for recommending would be that it does what it says without fuss and is not complicated.

Edyta: I would definitely recommend the owlet smart sock to friends and family as its an easy to use modern device which makes life with a little baby much easier. I love the lightweight and the design of it. its very easy to use and I like the material that its made of also it's easy to clean and store.

Rebecca: I would recommend to a friend or new mum who is particularly anxious. The smart sock enables you to track heart rates and oxygen levels through your phone which is amazing and can bring peace of mind. It was simple to use and the quality of the technical parts appear sound and synced with my phone swiftly.

Would you choose this product to win?

Maryam: I think this product is great and there is nothing else on the market quite like it that offers continuous monitoring. Another option, of course, would be to buy a pulse oximeter and manually monitor the heart rate and oxygen saturations for my baby - but this is not a viable option if I want to sleep!

Lindsay: I think this product is a great product if you are extremely worried about SIDS and the health of your baby. You cannot put a price on health and I think it is great value for money with the amazing and different way of monitoring your baby that it offers. I personally feel that it can make you slightly paranoid about the health of your baby though and you feel you need to keep checking the readings. I guess it can give peace of mind or can increase paranoia.

April: I don’t think I would choose to buy such a product as I feel it an unnecessary product for my household. My son is now 8 months and hasn’t felt the need to want extra monitoring. I found it a chore to do in the evening as he is very wriggly and loves to be on the move. However, I do think there are parents out there that would want the extra security. It is a great product and sees how it can really enhance the lives of many parents. I am not aware of similar products other than apnoea monitors which I do not believe are good products for many reasons. This product however I think is the next level of reassurance and can really benefit the right family. The design and colours on the box through to the actual product are lovely and will entice families to purchase. I believe this product can be expensive so the price would maybe put me off and choose to buy a cheaper camera style monitor. I believe as the product is very well designed and very function I’d like to see this win. Above all, it is a very good product.

What changes would you make to this product?

Yusur: I liked all aspects of the Owlet, however, during use, I did think how it would be very useful for the base to have an inbuilt thermometer which could also be displayed in the app so that users have this added function. It would go well as part of safe sleeping which the Owlet does so nicely and beautifully.

Rebecca: I don’t think I would change anything - as a product it delivers what it states. The tech works perfectly and delivers the information needed accurately (hopefully!) For a worried parent or an anxious new mum I am sure it would be found useful. However, anything in the baby market that is priced over £200 will make a new mum/family stop and consider its actual use and usability when there is some much stuff to buy in the early stages.

Noor-ul-ain: The ability to take readings with slight movements as well. It makes it very hard to get readings while using it and making adjustments on a sleeping baby and waking them up. Also, the normal range is not accurate and sometimes these can be different for individuals. It the app has an ability where this can be changed would be useful.

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