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Review: VTech RM7764HD Smart Wi-Fi video baby monitor Review

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The VTech RM7764HD Smart Wi-Fi video baby monitor at a glance

Some of the key features of the VTech RM7764HD include, High-definition, 7-inch color LCD screen, 1080p high-definition video, so you can see on the parent unit, your smartphone or tablet, free live remote access via smartphone/ tablet to remotely listen, talk-back and view on multiple devices, even outside the home and 360 degree panoramic viewing and 80 degrees up and down. The camera zooms up to 10 times with the mobile app or 4 times from the viewer.

Other features include, on-board, on-demand recording, wide-angle viewing up to 110 degrees, 5 melodies and 4 soft ambient sounds, including a trickling stream and white noise.

We spoke to these real mum testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Carine Du Plessis says: "This VTech baby monitor is brilliant! Since having this monitor I can easily leave baby babbling away in her cot and pop downstairs to start dinner or put the washing in and know that she is safe as you can watch her on the great quality monitor that you can carry with you wherever you go. You can even chat to her through it! Its given me a little bit of freedom even though she is only a few months old."

Kimberley Elwell says: "By having the camera it has made it much easier to keep an eye on my baby when at home but also when staying away. By having the large screen it has made it very easy to see the baby and position the camera, where with other cameras it has taken a while to get it into a decent position to be able to see. By being able to check on the baby without having to go into the room and disturbing them makes things so much easier and allows you to settle downstairs whilst baby is upstairs."

Rachel Everett says: "This product was SO easy to set up it was unreal. I downloaded the app and plugged the camera in and it all synced itself together within seconds. I set it up whilst holding my newborn with my 1 year old in the room and it caused no stress whatsoever. So simple and easy, I didn’t need the instruction booklet."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Bethan Farquharson says: "I would definitely recommend this monitor to other parents. It’s perfect for a baby’s room at night because the motion detector and night vision are second to none. It can play white noise and lullabies and has a temperature sensor to give parents peace of mind. Then as they grow, it’s perhaps even more useful in a play room to keep an eye on a toddler; it covers a large area (360 degree pan and tilt) and the sensitivity level of the motion detector can be adjusted to be lower. It’s very easy to set up and has literally everything you could ask for in a monitor!"

Antonya Fay says: "The camera quality is top class. Its very easy to set up and use anywhere in the house. It can be wall mounted meaning you can find a place to watch your baby from any angle. You can talk through it meaning you can calm baby without physically being in the room. You can zoom the camera in meaning you can check the little movements easier and it has a 360 spin. There is also a handy little temperature monitor to see how hot or cold the room is."

Carine Du Plessis says: "I would recommend this monitor as I think VTech managed to pull off a monitor that does exactly what you need and all the functions work really well. You don’t have to use wifi either, as we found out when we had a power cut, it can use radio frequencies too! You get a lovely big screen included to carry with you but you can also use the app on your phone. With the app, you are also able to take photos and videos enabling you to capture special moments. The app does seem a little dated and can do with a little modernisation but all in all a wonderful bit of kit!"

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Kimberley Elwell says: "I would choose this camera due to the functions that it has and the ease to use it. I do like the fact that the camera does rotate 360 allowing you to see baby but also the room easily. The built in lullabies and white noise is an added bonus. The camera has the option to use wireless to allow to link up to phone – this is something which I have not used yet but it is good to have the option of both."

Rachel Everett says: "I would choose this product above all others due to its camera quality and ease of use. Some other cameras that I have used previously lag and make it difficult to see my little one clearly whereas this camera is of such a high standard that I know the footage is of real time and flows nicely rather than being in slow frames due to lag."

Bethan Farquharson says: "Yes – I would absolutely choose this product. Compared to my own monitor, the image quality is incredible. I love the sleek design, the large 7 inch screen, and the clear and easy-to-use menu screen. It’s a nice touch that it comes with a bracket to wall mount the camera too, but I placed this on top of a bookshelf and could see the entire room thanks to the wide-angle viewing and 360 degree pan and tilt feature. It’s brilliant that there’s an accompanying app, too."

What changes would you make to this product?

Antonya Fay says: "The battery life on the monitor. The portable monitor has quite a poor battery life, making it better to leave on charge at all times and forcing us to use the app more than we would probably like inside the house. We would prefer to use the monitor as it has a handy stand function meaning we can put it on the table and relax watching tv in the evenings, knowing that baby is well cared for also!"

Carine Du Plessis says: "If I had to chose something that could be changed, it will be to be able to integrate it with alexa so that its one big system and I would love it if you could take photos and videos with the monitor too as currently that is only possible within the app on your phone. But none of these things will stop me to recommend this product as its definitely the best monitor I've used."

Kimberley Elwell says: "One thing that I would change about the camera is the night vision at times the picture can become blurred. Also I would have a timed switch off on the camera so that you do not have to manually turn off the screen. Personal preference I do like to have a movement monitor for added peace of mind but I did find this particular camera very easy and positive to use and would be using it again especially when out at the grandmothers."

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