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Babymoov YOO Moov Review

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  • 2020 Silver Mother&Baby Awards Winners: Baby Monitor Awards

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This 360 award-winning video monitor is for the mummies and daddies who like to be plugged in with the highest level of technology. It's efficient, calms your baby with a selection of sounds, lights up when it'so operating and pairing is activated, and easy to use. The YOO Moov means you can keep an eye on your baby without waking them up from their deep sleep. 

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How did this product make your life easier?

Lindsey: I am able to do things around the house with the peace of mind knowing I can carry the monitor around with me, able to see my baby at all times. If he wakes and I am the other side of the house I can use the walkie talkie function to soothe him and let him know I am on my way to him. The temperature indicator also helps me to decide how to dress my baby for bedtime. The night vision gives me peace of mind as we use blackout blinds in the bedroom so it is very dark.

Hannah: The YOO Moov has made my life so much easier as a mum, I can now put my baby to bed for his naps and at bedtime and still watch him where ever I go in the house, meaning I’m able to get on with jobs and not have to keep going and checking in on him! As a busy mum of four this has been a godsend as time when the baby is sleeping is very valuable!

Adel: The monitor is easy to set up, it's just plug and play. The battery life on the monitor lasts a long time meaning I don't have to charge it often. The response time on the monitor is great - which is very important when keeping an eye out if the baby cries or moves. It's easy to use and has good features like 360-degree pan, temperature etc There is also good night vision.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Melanie: Yes I think it is a great video monitor and I prefer it over others I have used before. I think it is well built, easy to use and I love that the camera can be turned 360 degrees and zoomed in on your baby. The different coloured night light was another lovely feature. The parent held unit itself has a clear and large screen that you can watch your child on. The battery life of the parent held unit was quite impressive also.

Jocelyn: It’s so easy to set up and use, I only read the booklet once and that was to understand the VOX mode. Otherwise, the monitor is intuitive. The camera has a really wide view and the adjust buttons mean you can follow your little one if they move. You can zoom in I’d like me you want to check breathing. You can turn down the brightness of the screen which is great at night. The base can light in different colours and the unit can plan music.

Kang Min: The camera is easily controlled by the buttons on the screen to easily keep an eye on a mobile baby or child. As the monitor is so portable, it can be used in different rooms of the house (e.g. nursery or play area). The screen’s long battery life means that it doesn’t need to be constantly plugged in.

Would you choose this product to win?

Nicola: I would choose this product again. The large screen gives you a great picture and night vision means you get a detailed view of your child. The nightlight is really useful and a feature I haven't seen that much. It is so easy to use all the features including the lullabies and the fact it can be activated by noise means that your room is not lit up all night unnecessarily.

Hannah: As a mum of four I have used a few different types of baby monitors and this one stands out the most as the best. The monitor screen is so clear so that you can see every tiny movement baby does and it is just like he is in the room with me. The camera can be wall-mounted, the angle of the camera can be moved from the parent section so if baby moves you don’t have to go into the room to set the camera on them. I’ve found having this monitor has helped me use my time better when he is sleeping as I’m not constantly going to check in on him. 

Elena: The one point that really makes this product great is the ability to move the camera so easily and the range which the camera has. It’s like having CCTV in your child’s room! I like how the product also provides you with multiple leads too so you can charge the monitor whilst still using the camera. The lead is long and it is also very easy to mount on a wall to get an even better view. If you have a large room or multiple children in one room it would be fantastic.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jocelyn: I’m not sure how it could be done but making the camera unit smaller as it’s quite bulky and obtrusive which puts me Off wall mounting. Otherwise I think it’s very well designed, especially the neat handset. The handset is ergonomic and the menu on screen is pretty well designed so no need for any changes there.

Lindsey: The only thing that could improve this product would be a ‘white noise’ lullaby setting, having spoken to numerous parents, and my own experience, white noise is something that settles babies quite quickly. This is due to the fact that the white noise sounds, what a baby hears when they are in the womb. Other than that it is currently the best on the market.

Nicola: I would remove the blue light from the nightlight feature as from previous experience I have found that it can be unsettling for babies and children. I have used a night light for my older child previously and on turning up the brightness off the nightlight to reassure her it actually had the reverse effect and I subsequently found out that the colour can be stimulating to some children and therefore very unhelpful.

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