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Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Bubbles Review

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  • 2019 Bronze Best Bathtime Product

At a glance:

Childs Farm mild, foaming bubble bath makes bubbles fragranced with organic tangerine oil. The bubble bath is designed to clean and moisturise all skin types. Suitable for newborns and upwards. Vegan, dermatologist and paediatrician approved as suitable for sensitive and also eczema-prone skin.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jessica: The biggest worry for a new parent is what to put on babies skin so its great to know how natural this product is. My son had eczema problems from birth but he had zero reaction to it. I would definitely recommend this even if your baby has sensitive skin. It smells absolutely great. It's not cheap but it is good quality stuff.

Cat: It’s easy to use as you don’t need to add very much to the water and it creates plenty of bubbles. It smells lovely, our daughter seems to really like it and the moisturising nature has really helped soothe her dry skin patches. We’ve used several different bath products and this is by far the best one.

Sinéad: I loved the fact that this product contains organic ingredients and it is mild enough for sensitive skin so I could bathe my newborn and toddler at the same time using just the one product. My toddler commented on the delicious smell and loved the rich foamy bubbles it produced. It lasts a very long time.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kelly: My baby used to cry uncontrollably when we bathed her but since using this product she is calmer in the bath and afterwards. When she is calmer, she feeds better and therefore sleeps longer. I will continue to use this bath product as it seems to work and keeps her and me happy. Her skin is very soft and well moisturised. This makes it easy getting her vest and baby grow on for bed as when I have used other products her skin has felt rough again her clothes.

Rebecca: It comes in a good size bottle and you get quite a lot of bubbles from a small amount of product making it long-lasting. The oil feels quite moisturizing and would help with babies dry skin. This would cut out the need for baby lotion after every bath time which would save time in a busy mum schedule.

Michelle: The bottle is a straightforward simple design for ease of use when juggling your little one and running the bath. It is great knowing that it is dermatologist and paediatrician approved so it is suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin and that it doesn't cause any irritation if it gets in baby's eyes. This product and its credentials give you peace of mind.

Would you choose this product to win?

Emma: Yes I would use this over other bubble baths on the market. Having a baby with dry skin and a strong family history of eczema, it was important for me to use something on my baby that was suitable for sensitive skin and was free from parabens and SLS. I like that it is easy to find this information on the label.

Jessica: I love the smell and gentleness on my little boy's skin. My little boy now loves having his bath as I can take part more and can stay and play for longer with nice bedtime bubbles. Really pleased this product really has changed bathtime for us. Love love love it!

Cat: I would choose this over other products for the texture, smell, lather, and moisturising effect. When getting our daughter out of the bath, it doesn’t leave her skin really slippery like other products we tried which make it dangerous as I couldn’t keep a grip on her.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sinéad: I like the convenience that comes with using one product for bathing the children and therefore if this was also a hair and body wash it would be my perfect product. Having said that on the days when I don't need to wash my children's hair this is a brilliant product to use for a relaxing pre-bedtime bath.

Kelly: There isn't anything I would change in regards to the product. I am very happy and would recommend it time and time again. I'm not sure if they sell bigger bottles or value packs but these would be handy as I did find the product only lasted two weeks because I used it every night to bath myself and my baby. I have since bought other products in the range to use with my baby.

Rebecca: Although the tangerine oil ingredient may benefit the quality of the product, I personally find the orangey smell a bit strong for babies. The price is very steep when you compare it to other brands but I understand that the ingredients are organic.

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