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ASDA Little Angels Vapour Bath Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2021 Shortlisted Best Bathtime Product
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Bathtime Product

ASDA Little Angels Vapour Bath at a glance:

Our Little Angels vapour bath has been specially formulated with all your baby's needs in mind. The mild and gentle formula gently cleanses, whilst the calming menthol aroma helps to soothe and comfort. It's dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved, ensuring it's just right for your little angels.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Jade Alsop says: Knowing there’s a product out there I can use in the bath to help my little one when they’re congested, is great. I don’t always like to rely on medicine as my first port of call, so the menthol smells created by the product has helped to soothe a poorly nose, and smell is calming and relaxing to use before getting him to bed.

Philippa Bastock says: This product is useful for when the kids (and parents!) have blocked up noses. It makes a good amount of bubbles (unlike other bubble baths which don’t seem to create many bubbles!). The smell is nice, not too overpowering but definitely does the job - it smells like vapour rub! Not what you’d want in every bath but good for when noses need clearing just before bedtime! I was worried that it may cause skin sensitivity but we didn’t have any problems with my little one, no reactions to it at all. A good product to have in the cupboard!

Kirsty Lee says: We have previously only used organic bubble bath at a much higher price point however these flared up my baby’s eczema. With Vapour bath we had no flare up which enabled us to use bubble bath again. It made a more calming bath time experience which then helps my baby to feel relaxed for her bed time.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Louise Luckett says: Yes I would recommend the Asda Little Angels Vapour Bath to others. It's a gorgeous scent! It filled my bathroom with loveliness and helped with my little one's cold. I must admit, I used this too with and without the lurgy! It had a nice consistency and produced a good amount of bubbles. It's also amazing value for money.

Sara McKenzie says: Yes I think I would. It had a nice smell. It bubbled well, with lots of multicoloured bubbles after very little splashing needed. The smell wasnt very 'baby-ie' though and not the soft comforting smell im used to from johnsons and johnsons products for example which just remind me of childhood to be honest.

Heather Marsh says: I think this is a great product, it helps in the war against snot in the winter months and actually is nice to use any time. It gives a bubbly (but noth over bubbly) bath with a pleasing and not overpowering smell of menthol. It is much more affordable than the named brand versions and you get a good amount in the bottle.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Lauren Marshall says: I haven’t personally tried any other products like this, however Yes I would choose this over others because I think it is great. The price is brilliant! The size is handy, lasts for ages but also not too big to take away for a night or weekend. I also love the scent to it perfect to help clear and decongest if full of cold!

Harriet Wykez says: I wouldn’t choose Asda Little Angels Vapour Bath above SOME others. But if my children had the sniffles then yes I would choose Asda Little Angels Vapour Bath and I do choose it! I think this product should win this category as I do know a lot of mums that use it! It’s brill the design and the price! Win win!

Lisa Wiley says: Yes I definitely would chose this product over others as I feel that other vapour baths are far too strong and ‘sting’ your eyes. It is soothing for my baby, and did not react with my baby’s sensitive skin either. The price reflects the product, it’s great value for money. A little goes a long way, we use it every bathtime and have over half a bottle left.

What changes would you make to this product?

Philippa Bastock says: This product doesn’t need any major changes. I personally prefer transparent bottles so that I can see the liquid is inside and how much is left but this doesn’t detract from this being a great little product! The price is also so much cheaper than anything similar that I have seen on the market. Overall I was really pleased with this product and am unsure really on how it could be improved!

Louise Luckett says: I really like the Asda Little Angels Vapour Bath. It's kind to skin, lovely scent and great for dealing with those dreaded bugs. I think it's useful for children and adults. I would love to see other products in the menthol range like a moisturiser to help make the scent longer lasting and continue the benefits.

Heather Marsh says: I would probably change the appearance and / or bottle design. The liquid is a greeny blue colour, i imagine to convey the idea of vapour. I don't think you need to colour it so much, or at all. I would rather have no colour to skin products for my babies. I would also rethink the bottle, the lid broke off the first time i used it, annoyingly. I would prefer a screw on lid so this doesn't happen and then you don't get spills.

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