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Little Angels Vapour Bath Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Bathtime Product

At a glance:

ASDA's Little Angels Vapour Bath is not only a lovely bubble bath, but it also soothes and comforts your little one when they are feeling a little under the weather. The gentle vapour bath has a menthol aroma that will help any nasal congestion and relieve bunged up noses. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Heather: Little Angels Vapour Bath is a great product for babies who are a little snuffly, it's multifunctional and serves as a bubble bath too. When my little one had a cold it came in quite useful and I think it helped clear his nose during bathtime, providing a little relief. The bottle itself was easy to open and quite slim so easy to hold and squeeze the bubble bath out whilst holding baby too.

Eleanor: This product is great because it combines the lovely method smell that clears the nose and helps the baby breathe and relax with loads of lovely bubbles making it fun for bath time! The large quantity that comes in the bottle makes it great value for money as well, a fantastic all-round product great for mums and babies!

Zoe: The menthol aroma helps calm your little ones during their bath and bed routine making bedtime a little easier. Both my little ones love it, I have an eight-month-old and two and a half-year-old, and my two years old said it is his ‘most favourite’ one to use out of all of bubbles and shampoos which are around the bath at the moment.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rosie: Yes! It’s so cheap! My baby has sensitive eczema-prone skin and we had no issues using this, her skin felt so soft afterwards. The smell is just right. I think I’ll even use it the next time I have a cold! She hasn’t had one since we used it but it’s good to know we’ll be able to use this before bed without any ill effects. It’s an affordable thing you can do to make your baby feel comfortable if they’re unwell but also fine for everyday use.

Beverley: Yes! The menthol was effective but not too harsh. It was easy to use and teamed with warm water in the bath helped to open up my little one's airways while relaxing in the bath. The bottle design makes it really easy to use and the price tag is very affordable. All in all, I would recommend this product as another thing to try and soothe your baby when they have a cold.

Natalie: Yes I would. It’s got a lovely clean smell. I can see how it would help unblock little noses from the smell but my little one was well the whole time we tried it. It comes in a good-sized bottle and is very reasonably priced. I will be buying this from now on and I like other products in this range.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sharon: Little Angels Vapour Bath is a lifesaver when your little one's got a cold or is a bit chesty. Its gentle fragrance is soothing and not overpowering as other similar products can be. It is widely available at Asdas across the country, which makes life a lot easier when you've already got 101 other things to be doing! And at 87p you can't go wrong!

Danielle: I would choose this due to the price and the effects it had on one of my babies. It helped them breathe, helped them sleep, doesn't smell too overpowering either. I found it better than the Calpol plugin as if you put a little bit in a bowl with hot water it works just as well, but the price difference is amazing and the smell is amazing. 

Lucy: No I don't think this product should win as I don't think the aroma is strong enough to 'soothe and comfort' and therefore essentially this is just another bubble bath in my view. It is a nice idea though and something I would consider using regularly if it really did what it claimed to do. It is good value for money.

What changes would you make to this product?

Eleanor: There isn’t really anything much that I would change with the product, being very very picky I’d say maybe to either have a bottle where you can’t see the colour or make the product colourless, but that’s just because I find the green a bit garish and made me wonder if it would make the child or the water green.

Lucy: The smell needs to be stronger when the product is in the bath - it was very difficult for me as a well adult to smell it properly when it was in the bath (the smell when in the bottle was good.) So I really don't think a baby with a cold would have been able to get much benefit from it. The idea is a nice one.

Rosie: A bigger bottle! This is the kind of inexpensive product that you stock up on. The packaging is simple but that’s fine. I wouldn’t want them to change it at all, it’s a great product as it is. The scent is just right and it’s so moisturising on my baby's skin. I honestly can’t think of any issues with this product.

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