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Aldi Mamia Bedtime Bath & Shampoo Review

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  • 2019 Shortlisted Best Bathtime Product

At a glance:

Aldi's Mamia range features both a soothing PH balanced bedtime bath formula and a mild baby shampoo with a tear-free formula that is suitable for newborns, enriched with vitamin E for nourished and soft hair and skin. Both these products will enhance your baby's bedtime routine and they are an absolute bargain at 65p for 100ml.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Lesley: This product bubbles nicely and smells lovely. My little boy can be ‘splashy’ and even get the product into his eyes/mouth but it didn’t phase him. The price is excellent and considerably cheaper than other similar products on the market while still being as good quality as their more expensive competitors.

Natalie: The design of the bottles are fab, they look nice and they smell amazing! They are easy to use and are truly fit for purpose. They are a high quality but amazingly priced alternative that people don't know enough about! 

Georgina: I would recommend these products to fellow mums because they are great value for money. I like the design of the bottles, they are easy to distinguish between, are a good size and have a clickable lid meaning kids cannot open them. I think it would be a great product to take on holiday. I would most definitely recommend these products to all my fellow mums as a top pick for bathtime.

How did this product make your life easier?

Julie: The Mamia bedtime bath and shampoo are great. It makes my life easier because when shopping at Aldi for food it’s great to find the other essential under the same roof. I was a little concerned about using these products because of my children's sensitive skin as they have reacted to some products. However, all the family can use them and at a great price.

Evelina: After having the opportunity to try these products I can safely say, we don’t need anything else. They are now our favourite baby products and it is great that they are easily accessible in every shopping we do at Aldi.

Alice: These products make my life easier as a mum as the bottles are easy to use and both being colourful bold designs, they appeal to my 18-month-old. He loves to help with pouring them! Anything that gets a smile at bathtime is a winner in our house. The shampoo lathers up nicely to give squeaky clean hair.

Would you choose this product to win?

Monika: This product's price is unbeatable. It is a good quality product which did not irritate my children's skin or eyes, lathered well and created soft and lovely smelling bubbles. My children were very happy in the bath and this allowed for a smooth bedtime routine. They stand out as good quality and at a great price.

Tiffany: I feel that this is a good product for parents and children. They are good value and easy to store. The products are great for sensitive skin, relaxing kids ready for bedtime and it also does not sting if the product goes into the child’s eyes.

Natalie: It should win because it does every single thing it needs to. It exceeded my expectations by 100% and the price is quite unbelievable. You don't usually get such a high standard of product for such little money. It has a lovely smell and leaves the skin softer which is just amazing.

What changes would you make to this product?

Georgina: I would increase the product range by adding other colours and smells so you can choose your favourite rather than only having two types. However, I like the simplicity of the product and the thought that has gone into it. You could also add a pump to make it easier for mums to use with one hand or so that kids can use it themselves.

Julie: I wouldn’t change anything about these products but it would be good to have a body wash to go with them. I will be using these products in the future but it would make my life so much easier if you could bring out a body wash too and I can buy all 3 at the same time. Well done Aldi I am so impressed with these products.

Evelina: Packaging. I really buy with my eyes and I don’t like the packaging at all as they are very big bottles and very basic. Smaller bottles with different labelling might be better.

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