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The Shnuggle Baby Bath Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2019 Gold Best Bathtime Product

At a glance:

The Shnuggle baby bath is designed to make bath time stress free and fun. Suitable from newborn it helps support even the tiniest baby right up to 12 months plus. The clever bum bump supports your baby and helps them to feel safe and secure.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

April: I would very much recommend this bath. I wish it had been around for my other children as it really has been brilliant. It is well designed and the shape means the baby is secure and I don't have to hold him up so I can wash his hair without needing to change my own clothes after.  Cleaning it is also very easy. The bath takes up a bit of space when not in use and I've not taken it anywhere yet but it would be a bit bulky when travelling.

Jennifer: It is a great design and gives baby independence by supporting them to sit up. It is great for home and will be good for taking on holiday as you can fill it with baby essentials and pop in the car as it is lightweight too. It is easy to keep clean and dries out quickly.

Margaret: I would definitely recommend this bath to fellow mums. It has made washing my little girl easier which is great and I just wish I had this bath when she was newborn. The bath is well designed and the rubber portion at the back prevents babies from slipping too much. The raised area on the bottom of the bath keeps your little one upright which is wonderful for my girl as she is almost sitting up by herself. This bath gives her just the support she needs.

How did this product make your life easier?

Philipa: It takes less than 30 seconds to fill this bath up which has saved us lots of time and water. It is quick and easy to empty out after the bath is finished as we use it inside the main bath so that we can just tip the water out.

Sarah: I really love this product. I feel this product makes my life easier due to many reasons. I love how my baby can be lovely and warm with the water right up to his shoulders. He is able to play with toys within reaching distance and you don’t waste water by filling up the whole bath. It really has so many benefits and I would really recommend.

Elizabeth: I am a disabled mother who often finds bath time quite difficult. Since using this product I can honestly say that bath time has become a much more enjoyable experience! I am now able to give my little girl all of my attention because I no longer need to think about how to support her in a bigger bathtub.

Would you choose this product to win?

Charlie: I think this product should win. I used this bath when my daughter reached around four-months-old so I can't comment on its suitability for a smaller baby but I have definitely found it to be a useful as she is able to support herself sitting upright. The design and shape of this product make it stand out.

Rebecca: Yes. I have tried many baby baths and seats but the Shnuggle is the best and I think it has real potential to win. Its sturdy, safe and practical. Good value for money and what makes it stand out for me is the bum support, cushioned back and the fact it doubles up as a seat (not the intended use but my daughter loves it). The only thing letting it down is the plain basic design and the size as it doesn't fold away.

Jennifer: Yes it should win. It is a great product as it makes bath time so much easier and fun. My baby can happily sit up and play with toys without me having to hold her up. it is a great design which will grow with baby and is good for travelling too. It has a cushioned back to improve the comfort of the baby and the bump at the bottom helps keep the baby sitting up safely.

What changes would you make to this product?

Margaret: I feel the Shnuggle bath is really well designed. It provides support and comfort until babies can sit up by themselves. It takes no time to fill the bath with water which is so much better than waiting for a bigger bath to fill up. My little girl is quite wriggly and tends to slide to one side so I would maybe widen the rubber portion to prevent this.

Philipa: If I could change one thing about this product I would want it to come with a stand to save parents from bending over when using it. I believe that you can buy a stand separately if needed but this is an additional expense. Other than that there is nothing extra needed in order to use the Shnuggle bath effectively.

Sarah: I don’t know what I would change about this product. I feel it’s been designed practically for bathtime with little ones. I feel that the price is reasonable as it does have a good year of use. I feel the bath is very simple in design so the only change I would make is a superficial one, such as making more colour options available.

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