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Chicco Next2Me Air Review


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  • 2021 Shortlisted Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket

Chicco's Next2Me Air has a transparent mesh panelling on all sides to promote airflow and breathability, it allows parents to see baby at all times. The crib attaches to the base of any bed, including divans, and the opening side panel allows parents and baby to sleep together without sharing a bed.

With the side panel up, it offers a stand-alone crib. Supplied with a travel bag and at 9kg it is ideal for holidays. The crib can be tilted to aid reflux and congestion, and is 50% bigger than standard Moses baskets.

We spoke to these real mum testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Helen Broe says: "I found my little one sleeps much better next to me than in a moses basket. I find it saves so much time and energy having my little one next to me so I can feed her during the night (although she only wakes up once as she is so cosy)! I can safely sleep through the night knowing my baby is sound asleep. I have noticed I have improved deep quality sleep. It has definitely improved our bond."

Alice Burrows says: "I enjoyed the co-sleeping mode as it was so nice to be able to see my baby throughout the night and easily comfort him if he needed it. I felt that it was more reassuring for him to see me next to him when he did wake up. It is also easier for breastfeeding in the night as it is easier to lift up your baby from the crib and put them down without waking them. I think he had a better night in the co-sleeping mode and I loved waking up to his smiling face beside me."

Lucy Byrne says: "In theory these are great for mums who want to be close to their baby especially if breastfeeding which makes access to baby quick – no getting out of bed and stumbling across the floor to the moses basket! However I say in theory as my monkey wanted to be even closer than the next to me would allow, so I have ended up bed sharing with him. However he does go in the next to me for the first bit of the night and appears to be settled whilst asleep in there! The mattress feels comfy and is a good thickness. The flap bit of material between the cot and the bed appears a little loose, I’m not sure if this is how it is designed so it is easily squashed down so mum can lean across, or whether it just got squashed in the delivery box."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Lucia Carassiti says: "I recommend this product because it is good all around. Easy to assemble, it took us no time, also easy to disassemble and comes with a bag for easy transport. The design is very thoughtful, 5 different heights to match the height of your bed, the look is very minimal and the colour neutral, works perfectly with our bedroom scheme. It is well made, good materials, sturdy and easy to clean, I am very satisfied."

Sam Carey says: "I would recommend this product as it’s made of high quality material which also looks modern and stylish too. It’s a neutral colour so will go with most decors. It has breathable mesh sides so you can see you baby and one of the sides lifts up and down enabling you to use as a normal crib too. The fabric is washable which is a must. The crib has wheels on one side flanking it easy to move around and it also comes with a travel bag too for those holidays away."

Helen Broe says: "It is easy to erect and the design is neutral to go with any bedroom/nursery design. The zip is easy to create a stand alone cot once the little one is bigger which I think will really help the transition into their own room. It is light and easy to transport and adapts if your baby has a cold or suffers from reflux (I used to put books under one end)!"

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Alice Burrows says: "I think it really depends on the bed you have. If you have a bed that it easily attaches to and you want to keep it in the co-sleeping mode, then this is definitely the product for you and it works incredibly well. However, if you want to change it between modes and want to keep it as a stand alone crib, then I would pick another product. I personally found that the Chicco next to me dream was easier to change between the different modes."

Lucy Byrne says: "Like I alluded to in the previous question, I would probably want to try the Snuzpod before confirming that I would choose this above the others. Especially as these have a rocking option too. Also it would be better if the next to me had the ability for the crib bit to be able to be taken off fully which there isn’t. I also think it is slightly over-priced."

Lucia Carassiti says: "I would chose this product above other on the market. Erica will be staying in this crib for the full 6 months before moving her to her room and cot, this product worked all the way from the first day back from the hospital to 6 months. Erica has been happy sleeping in it from the first time, no need to spend money on a Moses basket in my advice. the only change we made is we now have all walls pulled up as she's started moving and rolling in the cot."

What changes would you make to this product?

Sam Carey says: "There is only one really poor thing I can comment on and that’s that the assembly instructions for this are awful. The pictures are not at all clear. We managed to work most of it out on our own with some help from you tube videos. Also the material is very tight fitting to the frame it took 2 of us to do this and thought we might break the zip whilst doing."

Helen Broe says: "I would change the lip so that it is easier for me to drag my little one across. I have to sit up awkwardly to lower her over the edge of the cot whereas I found the snuzpod has a level surface which is easier to transfer her and slide her across to my part of the bed. I also know that the snuzpod is slightly longer so would last a little longer as a stand alone cot and it holds an extra 1kg of weight. Also lacks lift of bassinet feature which is good to transfer."

Alice Burrows says: "I personally did not find it particularly easy to switch between the two modes especially when attached to the bed. If you have safely attached the crib to your bed and you don’t need to change it from the co-sleeping mode then it is great. However, if you were hoping to switch between the two modes easily and use it as a stand alone crib in the day, this does not work well. I would change it so that it was easier to switch between the two modes."

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