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Clair de Lune Bedside Crib Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Gold Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket

At a glance:

Made from natural, handwoven grey wicker, the Clair de Lune Beside Crib can attach to your bed while sitting on a fully adjustable wooden stand. This crib was designed with your baby's safety in mind, while being a particularly spacious crib, and allowing your baby to grow. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Emilie: This is a great first crib for your newborn. It helps mums feel confident that your baby is close by and in a safe next to you but not actually in your bed. I had to move my firstborn out of the Moses basket at 3 months as he was too big so it’s nice to not have to worry about doing that this time around. 

Jeni: The basket looks gorgeous, it's one of the nicest ones I have seen. I love the white and grey bumper and blanket. My daughter sleeps really well in it - so it must be as comfortable as it looks! The size is really good (it is bigger than the one I used for my first child so it should last longer) - it is great that the height of the stand can be adjusted to make the bassinet level with my bed. The mesh panel that can be un-poppered is a good idea however as the panel is quite narrow it doesn't really help me that much compared to a bassinet without this function.

Hannah: I find it a lot easier to get to my baby in the night because I can have the side flap down. As the bed is a lot bigger I feel more happy and comfortable that my baby has the room to have a wiggle! From a cost perspective, I feel this will last my baby a lot longer so I am getting the most out of my money.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jamie: I would recommend this product because of the attention to detail, it really is a beautifully made crib. Every effort has been made from the quality of the wicker weaving to the soft fabrics that line the inside. The mattress of the crib is my favourite part, in comparison to other baby crib mattresses I’ve used which are often flimsy and thin, the Claire de Lune comes with a mattress that is secure whilst still being very soft and comfortable that your baby will get a good sleep.

Stacey Yvonne: The Clair De Lune is a very stylish, modern bedside crib that is beautifully made. It is a credit to its creators. I certainly would recommend this crib to other mothers. Its size and weight make it easy to move around the house. Keeping with the tradition of the Moses basket, but giving it a stylish makeover. Our little boy has begun to sleep through the night in this crib.

Rachael: The quality of the product is really good, I love the design and I think other mums would think the same, especially if they are unaware of the sex of their baby as the design is neutral. I would also have like this product from birth rather than a typical moses basket as baby will be able to stay in this product until she is at a suitable age to go into a big cot.

Would you choose this product to win?

Anjali: I think this product is very good due to its versatility, the components that it comes with (otherwise you may have to purchase things independently - the mattress/bedding and its appearance.) It is not inexpensive but in comparison to a SnuzPod or other similar products - it's price point is very competitive.

Jamie: I think this crib should win because the quality of it really shines through in both appearance and functionality. The mattress of the crib is the best I’ve used so far and is my favourite part of this product. The mattress is made from materials that make it a sturdy surface whilst still being super soft and comfortable at the same time. This product has been designed with parental convenience in mind, from the easy to detach and wash fabrics to adjustable side mesh panels and stand so you can easily see and access your baby. The stand is included with the product which is a welcome feature since I’ve had to pay extra for stands with other cribs/Moses basket products. The stand is a little confusing to assemble, it is very easy to miss the subtle differences between the different stand pieces, the instructions were not clear enough for me. Despite the stand assembly, this crib has performed the best for me and my baby in comparison to other cribs we’ve tried and tested. I love it!

Clare: I feel this product should win, it is very easy on the eye and does not look out of place in our bedroom. The design and quality of it are top-notch and it is a nice sturdy product with the additional safety aspect of attaching it to the bed. I feel this product will last my little girl for a number of months as it is slightly bigger than some of your normal baskets/cribs.

What changes would you make to this product?

Fiona: There are fold-down side panels on each side of the crib. These are made of the soft inner lining and designed to fold down making the crib lower for a bedside feature. Unfortunately, I found that these don’t come down very far. There is still a large distance to the mattress making it harder to lift the baby in and out from my bed.

Katie: I would change the stand for a sturdier one as it doesn’t feel solid enough especially for the price tag, doesn’t feel like I can lean on the basket while tending to the baby. It’s a shame I can’t be 100% confident in it because I really like everything else about it. Also if there was a rocking stand that would be ideal as my baby liked to be rocked in his Moses basket.

Hannah: I would prefer to be able to adjust the height without having to unscrew the screws, just for when I use the product downstairs away from my bedroom. I'd also like it if the stand folded, just to help with transporting the bed to different rooms in the house and also for when we no longer need it. I have also found it difficult to find bed sheets that fit the mattress so I would like it if either the product came with an extra sheet or if the company offered sheets to buy separately.

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