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Kinderkraft SOFI Review


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Kinderkraft SOFI is a 4-in-1 cot: It's a baby cot, rocking cradle, playpen and travel cot. 

Thanks to the option of placing the mattress on two levels, it can be used by children soon after birth until 3 years of age. The cot's safety has been confirmed by tests performed by the renowned INTERTEK laboratory. Thanks to its innovative design and applied solutions, you can unfold and fold SOFI in 5 seconds, without using any tools.

We spoke to these real mum testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Lucy Bull says: "It makes my life easier in a number of ways. The compartment below the crib is very handy for storage, and the ease in which it can be put up and taken down would mean an easy transfer at the end of a car journey as a travel cot. As a crib the three mesh sides make it easy to check on your baby in the night without having to get out of bed. Have I mentioned the rock function!? It made a really big difference getting our co-sleeping, slingy baby to lie down in a cot and meant we could reclaim our evenings."

Samantha Buntain says: "Well first of all when it arrived it was a big box so I automatically thought great a big heavy cot/crib! Well I couldn’t have been more wrong it’s not as heavy as I thought! So taking it out and setting it up (which was so easy literally just unfold it) I felt it was light for the sturdiness of it. We’ve took it on our caravan break which was really good because it saved room in the car and having to hire a travel cot, also meant that my little one could sleep safe and sound! Highly recommend this cot. So easy to move about the house or where ever you go! It only takes seconds to fold and unfold and is spacious with no harmful clutter in or around it! Also there is a bottom compartment which is amazing for putting all your bits in when on holiday or simply in the house! We popped all our nappy changing things in and also put her toys in. My little one is only 6 months so still have a lot of use to come out of it would recommend for active parents or even for grandparents"

AnnMarie Davidson says: "It makes mum’s life easier simply by ticking all the boxes! It negates the need for a separate home and travel cot as it is versatile enough to serve as both and can even act as a playpen as well! The clever rocking feet which can be easily flipped out to enable the cot to rock are a wonderful feature-offering that extra level of comfort for baby. The whole cot is easy to clean, with the mattress cover being removable and machine washable and the attractive wood effect frame wipes down with ease. Lastly, it is by far the easiest travel cot I have ever put up – it takes mere seconds to snap the legs into place. Also for traveling the storage compartment below comes in super handy if you are short on space."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Stephanie Langham says: "I would recommend this product to a fellow mom because it is extremely easy to assemble and fold away. You wouldn't even have to read the instructions to know how to assemble this travel cot it is that simple. When folding the cot away it is just as simple, and then you can easily put it back in the bag and store it away. The design is very attractive, the colour is very stylish and the wood look is very on trend. It is well built and the frame is sturdy, the mesh and material sides are produced from good material. the mattress is very thin but comfortable enough for a=baby for a couple of nights whilst on holiday. It is very easy to use. As far as travel cots go, it is quite bulky. Most travel cots fold down a lot smaller and so this would take up a lot of room in the car boot. The frame is made from metal and wood and so would be very easy to wipe clean."

Jennifer Law says: "I just like the design and feel it looks expensive and a bit luxurious. I do like the zip element and think it's useful for storage if you were using it as a newborn crib next to your bed in the early days and it's great for baby crawling in and out when they're on the move. You can put toys in which they can see through the mesh and this gets inquisitive babies exploring which is great. Also, for travel cot use, the slim travel bag means it can either slot in at the back of the boot or lay on the floor of the boot rather than the bulky design of some other cots taking up all the space in the back."

Lucy Bull says: "I would recommend this as it is so practical and well thought out. It is lightweight and ever so easy to put up and fold away. It is a very stylish full size cot, crib and travel cot all in one saving oodles of storage space. The simple rock feature made it much more likely that my baby would go down in the cot without waking up. It feels really safe and good quality. It has zips and buckles to lower and raise the sleep surface for extra security and the mattress is fastened in place so there is no worry about the mattress moving and causing a suffocation risk. The soft sides are also preferable over a standard cot as my older children were always falling asleep with limbs hanging out through the bars and banging their heads on the side as they bulldozed themselves to sleep!"

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Samantha Buntain says: "This crib is absolutely amazing! If your looking for one I’d highly recommend this one. If your kids grandparents plan on having them this is ideal as it’s so easy to use and can fold away in seconds and will take up little room when stored away. It’s so light and perfect for popping in the car! I’ve never seen a crib so efficient. It’s really built to think of the parents use. It’s very sturdy and it makes me feel my child is safe and secure. Which means a better sleep for me! This crib definitely deserves to win it had my vote!"

Annmarie Davidson says: "I do believe that this is a top of the range product and I would choose this cot above others. As a travel cot it is FAR smaller and more compact than most of its competitors and also much easier to use. To me this is critical after a long journey, when you want to get the baby to sleep as soon as possible. Its size and handy carry bag with shoulder straps mean it is easy to transport and store. It is more versatile due to the optional rocking feet and playpen features than others on the market and truthfully it does not look like a traditional travel cot, thanks to its sleek design and high end finish."

Stephanie Langham says: "I don’t think the product should win. The reasons for this are it is too big and bulky. It is much bigger than the majority of travel cots on the market that fold down a lot smaller. Most travel cots fold down smaller than this one. However it is sturdier than most and so would last a lot longer. So if you have loads of room in your car boot when you are travelling then donT worry about how big it is, and definitely choose this travel cot over any others on the market. It would be very long lasting as it is well made, it is convenient and it come with a mattress which is a massive bonus as most travel cots do not. So if space in your car boot is not an issue then definitely, this product should win."

What changes would you make to this product?

Jennifer Law says: "I guess the one thing I'd change is making it a bit more spacious for bigger babies. I think it's great for smaller babies, maybe up to 7/8 months but once they're rolling and moving lots in their sleep this cot would maybe feel a bit too snug and could frustrate baby. If it could be extendable somehow for when the baby is a bit older that would be an amazing invention."

Lucy Bull says: "I had to think very hard about this one as it really is a well engineered product. The only thing which features on another crib I own but is lacking from the Sofi is small loops to hang toys from on the cot sides. For those nights when your baby wakes at 4am and thinks the day's starting, or when you need somewhere safe to put your baby for a short while a couple of these loops would be very handy for suspending pram toys from."

Samantha Buntain says: "The only thing that I could think of and is me being picky is a thicker mattress just slightly. Everything else with this crib is genuinely ideal. I’m so amazed by all it’s features and cannot recommend it enough. I’m a small person so this was made for all parents! The reason I say the mattress is only because it to me wasn’t the quality of the mattress I was expecting because everything including the look of it was such high standard"

Annmarie Davidson says: "In terms of design there is literally nothing I would change about this product – it has been so incredibly well thought out and ticks all the boxes from safety – with its mesh sides, rubber feet to stop it slipping and its double safety zip/catch to hold the mattress in the raised position, to its design – with its sleek high end finish and its high quality 100% cotton fabrics – both of which are easy to clean. It is super practical for traveling, with its speedy put up time and handy carry case and great functionality – doubling as a playpen – very handy when away from the safety of a baby-proofed house! If I had to change one thing then perhaps the price. Compared to other travel cots on the market it is quite pricey…though you get what you pay for and this is undoubtedly a high quality prouduct."

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