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Mamas & Papas Franklin Convertible Cot & Toddler Bed 3 in 1 - Grey Wash Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket

At a glance:

The stylish yet comfortable Franklin Convertible Cot & Toddler bed from Mamas & Papas is a convertible cot that can turn into a toddler bed, and then a day bed! It also has a handy hanging rail at the end of the bed for any blankets or muslins. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Libby: I love that this cot bed incorporates a drawer which has been useful to store spare linen and sleeping bags. This is a particularly useful feature in smaller nurseries where space saving is essential. Compared to other cot beds, this one does not require the cot to be dismantled completely to raise and lower the different levels, which certainly makes life easier!

Saiqah: I love this bed. First, it is 3 in 1 and therefore it saves me time and money! It is suitable from birth and I would say up to 4 years of age, as my current average 4-year-old daughter can lie down in it! It's very sturdy and even if the little one has a tantrum and attempts to shake the sides it is very safe!

Sam: I now have an easy to get to the place for bed sheets and blankets, the under bed storage drawer. The fact that it's a drawer and items can be neatly stored is great, rather than the old clear storage boxes which could be seen under the old cot. The hanging rail is also great, something which I didn't think I'd need or use but do.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jasmine: I would recommend this product to other mums. It arrived and I and my husband dreaded building it because it came in three very large very heavy boxes. The instructions were clear and it was actually very simple to put together and only took us an hour. This is a big selling point I feel. It is very sturdy and solid.

Carolyn: I would definitely recommend a cot bed with included drawer storage space. The design is nice and the cot bed does look quite stylish. My son does not seem as keen to bite the edges of this cot as he did with a previous one, although there are no bite guards included with this model. For the money, I don't think that this model provides more than many others on the market and many other products are cheaper. If you like the Mamas and Papa's brand then this is the cot bed for you. If you don't have unlimited cash, there are cot beds as good as this on the market for significantly less.

Would you choose this product to win?

Kirsteen: Yes, now I have tested it I would. I've always chosen cheaper brands but now I can see that you really do pay for quality. This cot is solid and beautiful and will last. My eldest son broke our first toddler bed because it was flimsy but this cot will last. I know if my son was to jump up and down on it, it would not break because it is solid and well made. This product should win because it is beautiful to look at, will last for years as it turns into a day bed and a toddler bed (and is excellent quality) and has extra added features such as hanging space and a drawer which makes my life as a mum easier.

Carolyn: This is a sturdy and generally well-made piece of furniture. The range of colours means that it would look good in any nursery. The extra storage space is great but is only half as deep as the mattress - more could have been made of this under bed storage I think. One thing that I do not like about this piece is that the side bars feel a little bendy and could do with some more reinforcement midway along. If I lean over to put my sleeping child down, you can feel the cot bars bend in. Also, if my child pushes forcefully on the bars at the midpoint of the cot, there is some give. Another strut across the top or even another screw point midway along this long bar section would give a little more support. I would not expect a cot of this value to bend like this so I think there is more work needed before it is worthy of winning.

Stephanie: I love the colour and quality of the Franklin convertible cot and toddler bed in grey wash. The colour is different than others on the market and the quality of the wood is excellent. I know I will use this product for years and if I have another baby I will look forward to using it again. I definitely think the Franklin cot should win the Mother and Baby Awards 2020!

What changes would you make to this product?

Laura: I was really trying to think of an aspect of the product to mention in this section and I really struggled as I feel the product is excellent. A very minor suggestion is perhaps to include some protection on the top of the cot rails to protect the cot from bite marks. This may spoil the sleek look of the cot so maybe something that could be added only if required?

Sarah: I prefer a cot bed that is slightly less angular as I found that it was quite intrusive in the nursery. I also prefer a cot bed with slats on the ends as well as the sides to you allow you to see into the cot and therefore check on your child at all angles. This is just my personal preference, however.

Kirsteen: The one thing I would change is to include a third height as the lowest is quite low for me as I am quite short. Fortunately, we have a deep mattress which has increased the height enough but when I was adjusting the base I could barely reach it. The drawer itself isn't the strongest and I will only store light items in there such as bedding. Apart from this, the bed is amazing.

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