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Obaby Stamford Mini Cot Bed Review

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At a glance:

This beautifully crafted sleigh cot bed is part of the Obaby Stamford range. It is constructed from solid wood and can be converted easily from a cot into a toddler bed. By removing one or both of the sides it can also be transformed into a daybed or sofa. The cot has a matching drawer underneath, a three-position adjustable mattress base that allows you to lower the height of the mattress as your baby learns to sit or stand and teething rails that protect your baby's gums while teething.

How did this product make your life easier?

Amie: The Stamford Mini Cot Bed is absolutely gorgeous with the slatted end panels with elegant curved, scroll design. Very easy to put up and take down, made with quality materials making it sturdy. I can see this lasting a long time, which is great for growing families. The bar on the side of the cot has prevented bite marks in the wood and the paint hasn’t chipped off anywhere. The draw at the bottom is a little shallow but it is perfect for fitted sheets, matters protect and sleep bags. It is great how it turns into a bed or even a snug for a reading corner. Great value for money!

Vicky: This cot has made my life easier for several reasons. Firstly, it is much more compact than other cot beds. My little girls’ room is quite tight on space, so this has allowed me to have more room for toys and all the other baby bits and pieces we have. I love that it has a drawer underneath so I can keep all my extras like spare sheets, towels, and nappies. I do also like that it is fairly light and easy to move for hoovering underneath.

Lucy: First of all the clear easy to follow assembly instructions and grouped screws/fixings made just assembling the cot so much easier than other flat-pack items we have put together previously! The whole process too little more than 40 minutes including unpacking to the two boxes used to deliver it. The slightly smaller design has made it perfect for fitting at the side of my bed ready for our breastfeeding journey, standard-sized cots would just not have worked in the space. This means that I will be able to easily pick up and put down the baby without disturbing my husband too much during the night and without having to have on the other side of the room. This will make our night time feeds so much easier. The cot itself is beautiful and feels sturdy and a real quality item I would most definitely recommend to other mums - we have a large bedroom but this would be perfect for the box room in smaller properties but feels just as spacious and stylish as full-size cots.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Hannah: Made of strong sturdy wood. The cot has a great modern look and very spacious for babies and then toddlers when they reach the age to make use of the bed as well and not having to make that additional purchase. Great space in the draw to keep all the bedding essentials plus extra essentials where you are trying to find space for in the little one's room.

Lindsey: I would recommend this product especially to other mums that are limited in terms of space. It is very compact but does not compromise on style or quality as a result. My only concern regarding this (as the mother of a big for his age baby boy) is that you may not get as much longevity out of the product when converted into a bed as I feel my son would grow out of this much quicker than we will other products on the market such as the full-size cot bed we have ourselves. One of my favourite features of the product is the protective teething rails that my current cot does not have. On top of all these features, I believe this product to be exceptional value for the money when you compare the quality of the product and design to the monetary cost.

Jodie: I would recommend this product to a friend. Its really cute, and the colour is lush. It would literally match in with any nursery design, and is suitable for both genders. i.e. it's not too girly. I like that it's so compact, it literally takes up the least room, which allows more space for playing as our nursery isn't big, and even though it feels small I don't think that the bed size is compromised at all. My little one can move about and pull herself to a standing position. 

Would you choose this product to win?

Hannah: I think this cot is great has all the features you are looking for. Made of sturdy material. The look of the design is great including the colour to make it very neutral for either gender of the child. The cot bed is very easily changeable from a cot to a bed and also changing the mattress height. When you have a busy parental life makes life a lot easier. 

Lucy: I do think this should be a contender for winning based on looks, price and just the quality feel of the product. I'm absolutely in love with it and have spent more than double on my first cot wish I had of known of this amazing piece earlier as I would definitely have purchased it. I think it would fit in with the décor in most rooms and suits both boys and girls. The finish of the paintwork feels robust and the addition of bite guards is very useful for teething gums!

Amie: I do really like the Stamford Mini Cot Bed and I think it is priced reasonable, the design is lovely and the quality is great. But comparing it to other cot beds on the market, I prefer the closed draws with handles/knobs. I think the draw with the gap handle would be harder to match different pieces of furniture with it as it is a stand out feature. This is the only thing that would stop me from purchasing the Stamford Mini Cot Bed. If it was a closed draw with handles/knobs it would have been a winner for me.

What changes would you make to this product?

Stacey: There are a couple of things that I would change about this cot. Firstly it recommends that it turns to a bed at the age of 18months which I feel is too young. My daughter is 26 months and is still in a cot however if she had this cot she would have to go in it as a bed because it isn't that tall and my daughter could easily climb out.

Hannah: Building the cot I found quite difficult and think could be made easier especially when you tend to assemble when pregnant as it is a sturdy piece parts were quite heavy. Other than that, I really liked the cot it served for purchase but also looked great in the nursery I would recommend this product completely. 

Nicola: The one thing I would change to improve this is the hight of the sides of the cot, just purely on a safety point of view. With that being said the cot its self is a fantastic product to the market, it is something different out there. The product is a beautiful quality, lovely design and the fact it turns into a day bed is really cute and a lovely added thing but now I'm a mum to a toddler my practical head would kick in and I would definitely talk myself out of buying it and most likely pick a more practical cot-bed which I could use in all the same ways maybe with longer use out of it.

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