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SnüzPod 3 Bedside Crib Review

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  • 2020 Bronze Best Cot, Crib or Moses Basket

At a glance:

Sleep safely, feed easily and be even closer with the SnuzPod3 bedside crib! It boasts a stunning look and extra features, making it the perfect sleep solution from newborn to 6 months. The SnuzPod 3 has a light bassinet and a breathable sleeping environment. It can be used as a bedside crib, stand-alone crib or a Moses basket/bassinet. It has nine different height settings ensuring the crib is the right height for your bed as well as an optional reflux incline function to help your little one get a better night's sleep.

How did this product make your life easier?

Jade: This product has been the lifesaver I didn’t know I needed! The reflux arm has been so useful due to my baby suffering from both silent reflux and a lot of mucus post birth which has taken a fair amount of time to shift. The viewing window either side allows it can lay either side of the bed which means I and my partner can alternate nights and also allows me to feel less anxious as I can see her so visibly! Removing the top part has been incredible too as I have a toddler who wakes at the crack of dawn and a newborn who loves her sleep, so it allows me to transport her around the house without disturbing her. I am also able to breastfeed my baby without having to remove her from the crib due to the zip downsides.

Amy: I was really excited to try out this product as I had been eying it up previously. It has really helped me with the fact the side comes down so when he wakes up I can comfort him without having to move out of my bed and unsettle him any more. The pod also has a reflux tilt on it so if your baby is suffering this will help as puts them more upright and not flat on the bed. You can also take the bassinet off if you need to carry it to another place. It also has a rocking feature.

Louise: The Snuzpod 3 bedside crib allows me to have my baby sleep next to me on the same level, while still having their own safe sleep space. It is very easy to just reach over and pick the baby up if they are unsettled. The Snuzpod is bigger than a Moses basket so will last until the baby is 6 months at least. 

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Catherine: The Snuzpod 3 is very sturdy and looks stylish. It reaches the correct height for our divan bed which is quite high and not all bedside cribs on the market reach this height. It also has stamps to reach around the divan base and attach to the crib for safety. I like the shelf underneath which is very handy for nighttime nappy changing items. The reflux wedge is pretty basic, just a piece of wood to wedge underneath the crib but it does the job. The removable bassinet is apparently lighter in this version of the Snuzpod, I haven't used any of the previous versions but I still find this bassinet quite bulky and heavy. It is intended to be used as a portable bassinet but I personally wouldn't use this feature at all as I find it would be too much trouble compared to other more portable products you could use for your baby. It is easy enough to put together but will take a bit of time. I managed it by myself. the bassinet material is hand wash only.

Sophie: The SnuzPod3 came with clear instructions and was simple to put together and build. The design looks nice and the feels a nice quality. The folding side means that the crib would be easily converted into a co-sleeper and as mentioned above the lift-off crib ability gives more freedom for where nap time will happen. The optional anti-reflux leg also makes a great difference to our twins and gives a much more secure option than propping one end of the crib up with books as we have previously had to do.

Shona: The design of this crib is really appealing. It looks smart and fits in well with the decor in our bedroom, it's a stylish baby product! It was super easy to build up too, the instructions advised it would take 40 minutes but my husband managed it in just under 25 minutes without issue. The mattress looks firm and comfortable for my baby.

Would you choose this product to win?

Holly: I always wanted a Moses basket as I didn’t like the other next to me cribs that were on offer. However, the Snuzpod is great as you can have it separate or a next to me crib. I love the fact it has netting at the side so you can see your baby when lying down in your bed and now my little boy Has noticed me it’s nice to wake up to a smiling boy next to me.

Nicole: Compared to similar co-sleeper cribs, the Snuzpod3 wins on design alone. It looks much more stylish and contemporary than the other leading brand, meaning that it fits well with the rest of our bedroom furniture. It also looks more sturdy than other products on the market. It is quite expensive, especially as competing products are often heavily discounted. However, it does have additional features such as the innovative anti-reflux leg which set it apart from the competition.

Sophie: The design is simple to build and looks good once assembled. It works well as a safe daytime nap space for our twins, the main thing that we have noticed is that for the frame size the sleeping area is smaller than other brands which is a shame. In addition to this the SnuzPod3 crib only sts on the frame, it is not secured to the base, but rather balanced on top which feels a little precarious when the frame is on a higher setting.

What changes would you make to this product?

Catherine: I would make the bassinet more lightweight. This probably means using an alternative material to the current wooden frame which I know would possibly compromise on the whole look and style of the product. However, I feel the intended portability of the bassinet is a redundant feature. I personally think it's not even a feature that people would buy this product for.

Nicole: The one thing I would improve about this product is the mattress. The mattress supplied seems very thin and it is hard to believe it would be comfortable. I personally prefer the natural coir mattress that the previous generation of Snuzpods came with. I would like to see a higher quality mattress included, given the price point of this bedside crib compared to others on the market.

Jade: If I could change one thing about this it would be that I would make the mattress slightly thicker, making it slightly more mattress like. My baby settles on it when a blanket is also out under the sheet but finds it a little firm when this extra padding is not added. Although I am aware that babies are meant to lie on a hard, flat surface so maybe this should be optional.

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