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DockATot Grand Dock Review

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The DockATot Grand Dock at a glance

It’s a multitasking, stage 2 dock from the formerly known Swedish brand, Sleepyhead. Suitable for 9-36+ months, this dock is great for moving around the house or taking travelling for your tot to lounge in. Plus, it comes in 19 different designs! Woah.

How did this product make your life easier?

From the moment this dock landed in our house, we all wanted to lounge in it. It’s 50 per cent wider than the DockATot’s we’re used to (The Deluxe+ Dock for 0-9 months) and has become a saviour during the months and months of lockdown.

Up until its arrival, my toddler hadn’t napped anywhere else in the house, but his room. Enter a world where there’s a Grand Dock about and my toddler ends up napping, while I sit on the sofa next to him, in the dock! Hurrah. Comfortable, happy and well rested (and that’s not just my toddler).

Other ways it’s kept my toddler happy is when we’ve both sat in the dock and played with his dinosaurs or read books together in it. Fair enough I’m only small, but for a decent-sized adult (5ft 3in) and a toddler around half my size, we fit in the Grand Dock together nice and snug. It just feels like there’s plenty of ways you can utilise the dock without trying. It’s genuinely a lovely addition to our home.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

The design is beautiful (we have the Willow Boughs) and from 18 others to choose from you’re spoilt for choice. It’s got a handle on the side to carry around the house, although I usually steer clear of using it as the weight of the Grand Dock feels like it might break it.

Let’s address the elephant in the room. This dock is priced at £241 RRP. Now if I step out of my dreamy, Grand Dock bubble, there is a lot more I can do with that money, than spend it on 1 item. In fact, for that price tag, it is a shame DockATot don’t supply a decent carry bag to transport the dock when you do want to travel with it in tow. It does come with a thin,  clear case so you can at least protect the cover if you need to bung it in the boot of your car.

So if you can afford it, or you can pop it on a baby shower gift wish list for a family or friend to treat you, then we recommend.


Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

This is a plush piece of kit for your toddler and is well made (excluding the handle) so you know it will last forever. The designs are beautiful and the cushioned sides provide much comfort. We use our dock every day!

In comparison to what's out there on the market, you are once again spoilt for choice with plenty of variations, called toddler nests or toddler pods, to choose from. And although perhaps not as plush, these are half the price of the Grand Dock. Your choice.

What changes would you make to this product?

Definitely the side handle design. It would be great if it was updated to feel more sturdy to carry the weight of this particular dock. It feels like with one too many times of transporting it around the house that it might break.

Also, while the sides feel properly plush and cushioned, I’d like to see the base have a bit more depth to it for extra comfort.

Product Information
  • Suitable for 9-36+ months
  • Exterior dimensions: 60.96cm x 121.9cm
  • Interior dimensions: 30.5cm x 86.4cm
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Removable/washable cover
  • Author: Maria Martin Maria Martin
  • Job Title: Digital Group Editor - Mother&Baby and Yours

Maria is the Online Editor for Mother&Baby. She is a biker, mama-of-two who enjoys baking and taking her little one to messy play. Maria's focus is around breastfeeding, post-partum depression and weaning. She aspires to help fellow mums through pregnancy, motherhood and beyond by discussing issues such as mental health and self-care. You can find Maria on Instagram and LinkedIn. Maria has won Bauer Media Awards for 2018 Digital Editor Of The Year and 2017 Digital Talent Of The Year. 

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