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MAM Night 0+M Soother Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2019 Shortlisted Best Product for a Newborn - 0-4 months

At a glance:

The MAM Night Soother has a unique glow! It is suitable from birth and glows in the dark to ensure that you or your little one can locate the soother in the dark. It has a patented silk teat which makes the soother softer than any other silicone. These gorgeous nighttime motifs soothers are just what every parent needs to calm their newborn.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Lucy: These are a great shape and my baby accepted them straight away. I would recommend them to any Mum. It helps that these glow in the dark so they are a lot easier to find in the middle of the night. I always struggled to find my baby’s discarded soothers in the dark so these are great.

Alexia: I would recommend this product for its ease of use and transportability. You pop it in the microwave then pop it in your bag and go. I would recommend this particularly to mums of babies who depend on dummies to sleep. These significantly reduce the time taken and the light used when replacing the dummy, limiting the sleep disturbance.

Vicki: The designs on these dummies are lovely. They glow in the dark really well. It is quite a large area that glows so you and your baby will be able to find them.

How did this product make your life easier?

Isabelle: These make my life easier because I can settle my baby and she can self-soothe without the breast. My daughter likes the shape of this soother compared to some others. It is similar to a nipple and she has taken to it very well.

Clotilde: It has a very cleverly designed carry case for sterilising it in the microwave. This is great for use when travelling. My little one is exclusively breastfed and whilst he refused other brand dummies, he took to this one with no trouble. It is great that he is now able to self-soothe with a dummy. The glow in the dark feature is so simple yet so clever. It is great for finding the dummy at night. I do not have to turn the lights on or wake my baby.

Jennifer: I liked that the soothers glowed in the dark. It made it easier to find them in the night. It was lovely to know that these were orthodontically approved so that there would not be any problems in the future. Two came in the pack and the box was sturdy so they would fit easily and safely in a changing bag.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sarah: I would choose these to win. I think the design is ideal. Unlike other brands, my baby does not catch and knock the soother out of his mouth accidentally. The self-sterilising box means cleaning them is easier and they can be stored easily. The price point is around average for similar products.

Laura: Yes. I love this brand and after trying these I love the brand even more. The teats fit comfortably in my baby’s mouth. The price is definitely affordable and worth it. I believe these are by far the best soothers I have used and I will continue to use them.

Kerry: I’ve tried a few and found these to be the only ones my daughter will accept. It is good that these do not interfere with my breastfeeding. I like the shape, design and colours. I will definitely be buying some more of these dummies as they are a winner for me and my daughter.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lucy: These night time soothers are great at the start of the night as they glow brightly. As the night goes on they get dimmer so it would be better if they glowed all night. I know this might be impossible to achieve but I can’t think of anything else I would change!

Alexia: I would change the design on the dummies. It is a small issue and not something that would stop me buying the product but I don't like the bird design. I would also be concerned that with frequent use, the hinges on the back may break. This happens on other products with similar hinges.

Vicki: I think these dummies could do with a hygiene cover. Dummies are not constantly used so having a feature like that would be really good. Without a handle, it is more difficult to take these out of your little one's mouth. This is not really a negative though. 

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