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My Carry Potty Training System Review

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My Carry Potty Training System at a glance: 

My Carry Potty training System was designed and created by the UK's Toilet Training Expert Amanda Jenner. Amanda believes in seeing potty training through your toddlers eyes and making them feel safe during this milestone. Starting off week 1/2 using the My Carry Potty and then moving onto the matching toilet trainer seat and stool gives them the sense of consistency and using all of this system together has proven to lead to very successful potty training but most of all with our cute characters making it fun, and little ones love it!

How did this product make your life easier?

Gemma: As a mum of a 3 year old boy, we have struggled getting him to willingly use the toilet. He’s been going when we take him since he was 2 but wouldn’t ever go if his own accord. Using the My Carry Potty set was a godsend for us! My son loves bees and we were sent the bee design which was perfect for us because he was interested in the set and wanted to use them! We put the step in the bathroom along with the toilet trainer seat and then watched the animation together. Afterwards, we stuck the reward chart to the wall outside the bathroom and I showed him the stickers. He was eager to practice using the step to get on and off the toilet but it was only a day and a half before he was taking himself off on his own! This has made my day so much easier because he’s now recognising when he needs the rookies instead of needing prompts from me and I no longer have to take him or undress him!

Vahti: In the full potty training pack that I received the product that has had the biggest impact for me is the carry potty itself. That is SUCH a great idea, and I think it's something we'll be keeping in the car for a very long time! It has a lid, which is sealable and means no leaks escape. It's very light, easy to clean and my daughter loves the design. She is still refusing the potty at night but the training pack is helping with that and she loves the ladybird design of the toilet seat and step so she is more inclined to use them.

Jade: LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. As I have done this awards for a number of years I have never recieved a product which I have loved so much. The maker has thought about everything and clear has children. The design is amazing and if we are out and about the carry potty is well used. It make my life so much easier that I have faith that I have the travel potty with me if needed. I also have faith that the potty isn't going to leak urine. The step and toilet seat is just as well loved and im sure if my daughter was writing this then she would say how much she has loved the sticker chart

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Jade: YES YES YES! following this my best friend that also has a child of the same age has ordered it. I have promoted it on my social media page as well as my mothers group chat. So worth the money and can be used for both boys and girls. I will continue to recommend this product to my fellow mums for years to come. When I go on to have more children as well as fostering others I will also recommend this.

Jemima: It’s such a great potty training kit - everything you need. The design is so fab (bumble bees for us) - it really engages and excites children. The potty is so good and easy to take out (takes the stress of going out) - it’s such a cool idea (folding lid). My little boy loves to carry it around with him. When we first got started, he would sit on the potty for ages... now he loves the toilet seat and loves getting his ‘bee’ step and using the toilet. It’s great quality - feels very solid and comfortable for little ones bums.

Vashti: I would recommend them for the ease of use, the absolute life saving nature of the lidded carry potty and the fun design. They are very easy to clean and the potty is very light and easy to transport. My daughter is on the 99th percentile and usually struggles with potties as she overshoots sometimes but this has a nice high lip at the front which helps prevent that.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Gemma: Definitely. Having used other potties, steps and seats, this one has everything you need to make potty training fun, rewarding and easy! They’ve literally thought of everything. From the stickers and certificate to the animation, the design and friendliness of the products really helped get my son “on board” with completing his potty training journey.

Jemima: I do think this is great - it was such a pleasant surprise when we received it. I love the design, quality and general functionality of all the different parts. There is nothing else quite like it on the market - my little boy has loved it. The only aspect that’s not so great is the price. I am not sure I would spend almost £60 on potty training my child - it does seem like a lot of money. I do think I would just purchase the potty on its own, as it is so useful. That said - it is a fab product.

Jade: Yes I would. There is not many of this products on the market and the ones that are are from china and very poor quality. I have ordered this product from other companies before however nothing has matched this one. This product should win and I have never supported a product so much. The design is lovely, the quality is great (im sure it will last for many years). The travel potty is a great size and can live in my car boot

What changes would you make to this product?

Jemima: I do genuinely believe this is a fantastic product and haven’t seen anything else that rivals it. However as already said it is a lot of money for a potty training system - you can definitely buy all the individual products at a much lower price and ultimately they all serve the same purpose. I would purchase the potty, as I would say it’s a stand out product - but in terms of the whole system, I would make the other items more affordable ( the seat, step and reward system).

Vashti: The toilet seat is a little big, I don't see why it needs two handles, and the catch on the carry potty is a little stiff and while I'd rather that than have leaks, it does mean when you open it when it's full if you're not careful the contents can spill over as you jolt it open which isn't so great!

Gemma: There isn’t anything I would change. It’s perfect! Honestly, the design is great. It had my son engaged immediately. The change in him and his attitude towards potty training has improved so quickly with using this. It’s made my life much easier as we can take all of the products away with us when out visiting family or on holiday. I don’t have to keep asking my son if he needs the toilet, he now runs off to use it! How can you improve on perfection?!

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