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Pote Plus My First WC Childrens Potty Review


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Pote Plus My First WC Childrens Potty at a glance: 

The Pote Plus My First WC makes potty training engaging and fun for your little one. The potty replicates an adult toilet, complete with flusher and wipe storage compartment meaning they can go to the toilet just like mommy and daddy! These exciting features do not only make potty training easier, but promote good hygiene by encouraging wiping and flushing.

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How did this product make your life easier? 

Hannah: This potty is great as it looks and sounds like a real life size toilet. It is easy to empty and clean and even sounds like a real toilet with the flush button. My little boy had a traditional potty that he would not go near for some reason and now loves going to the potty like a big boy. It comes in three different colours and is the perfect size for toddlers.

Jaspreet: This potty looks like a real toilet. It makes it easy to transition from using the potty to using a real toilet. That will be the biggest benefit. In addition, this potty makes my two year old feel like he is using a real toilet. We have tried other products (potties and toilet seat covers) to help with potty training, but because this potty looks like a real toilet, my two year old is really keen to use the potty.


Sarah: My son loves this potty. He is only just starting his toilet training journey but loves how is potty looks like a toilet. I feel this makes him feel like the same as his older siblings. The flush sound also helps as he loves “flushing” once he has used which is good practice for when he is older and uses the toilet.

Would you recommend this to other parents? 

Liz: I would recommend this product to fellow mums for a few reasons, it looks so sweet! I know this shouldn’t be the main reason but us mums love this sort of thing!! For an independent 2 year old boy like I have it really is good and exciting for him, he can be just like his older brother, but with an age appropriate size toilet. Its easy to use and clean a must in a busy mum life! Especially if you line it with some loo roll for a number 2!

Emma: The Pote Plus Potty is fab! My little one has just started her potty training adventure and this is perfect, It's nice to look at compared to an open style potty as it looks like a mini toilet, Its made of a good sturdy plastic with no wobble (my little one is a climber and has used this many times as a stool) and the bowl is easily removed, it has a soft close lid unlike another we have that constantly bangs shut, I like that there is also a space for tissue/wipes within the toilet too!

Sarah: I would definitely recommend this potty as it’s very good quality. It’s also not huge but caters for slightly older children then the standard potty which is very helpful as I also have an autistic son who is 5 and not quite completely toilet trained. It is also extremely easy to clean and the pot is removable.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market? 

Hannah: I would definately choose this over other pottys as it is easy to empty and clean and even sounds like a real big boy toilet. There is a choice of colours, looks great, sounds great, is the perfect height and makes potty training fun for everyone. The traditional typed potty can be boring, intimidating and messy to use, discouraging little ones to go.

Jaspreet: I would. With my first child, I used a standard potty to train him. He needed a bit of encouragement. However, with this potty, my two year old took to this straight away and instinctively knew how to use it (not to mention the fact that he now uses it at any chance he gets) make this the best potty training item we have. The potty also has a toilet seat lid meaning that it is very neat.

Megan: Yes I would choose this product to win largely because it made potty training fun and productive. This took a lot of the stress out of the situation, my son was relaxed and keen to engage with the potty which made it so much easier to encourage him to use it and understand what it was for. I think the price is appropriate for the quality of the potty and the entertainment value as well as the usability.

What changes would you make to this product? 

Liz: I think the only thing that disappoints my 2 year old is that it’s a fake flush, I know it could never be real as then it wouldn’t be a potty!! But he gets so confused when he flushes it and stuff is still there after! For me it’s great and I don’t really have any complaints! Again I really like the grey and white not sure of the other options, not sure they would look as smart.

Phoebe: Can it be made slightly smaller? We live in a small flat and it takes up a lot of space. Also the flush function sound is quite annoying after your child continuously presses it! Could there be an OFF switch for this inserted into the potty somewhere rather than having to take the batteries out every time?

Tessa: Weight. I would make the base heavier for greater stability. As you dont have to move the base at any point (as the bowl is removable) it could be heavier, giving the children greater confidence. That is the only delay my daughter had at embracing it. I do understand some people carry the potty around the house but we do not. I feel it is better that she get used to having to go the bathroom etc.

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