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Solution EU Paw Patrol & Peppa Pig Steady Potty Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Potty Training Products

At a glance:

This cute Nickelodeon potty comes with either Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol on it. It is sturdy but lightweight, portable and practically designed with a high back which offers back support and stability. It is made from wipe-clean, hygienic plastic and decorated with your favourite Nickelodeon characters.

How did this product make your life easier?

Shona: Potty training is difficult enough without having to worry about the actually potty itself. This potty is lightweight (so we can take it out and about if needed) and easy for my little one to use on her own. The added feature of her favourite characters means that going to use the potty was exciting and added a fun element to the process.

Caroline: As a mum, I was delighted that the child was happy to use the potty, and because they are happy to use it then it makes my life easier! The nonslip feet means the potty doesn’t move around so if a child goes to use the potty on its own I don’t have to be worried that it will move when they try to sit down or get up, this makes it easy as I can’t always be in two places at once. 

Kimberley: It's light and easy to use, and easy to store so I'm able to help my son use it with no fuss. It's got a Peppa Pig design which my son loves and helps me encourage him to use it. It's easy to clean and with sturdy non-slip feet, it works really well in terms of ease of use and sturdiness. It's also light so transporting and carrying it is easy.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Elenya: I'd recommend this product for the designs. Peppa pig and paw patrol are way up there with popularity so it was easy to convince my little one they were helping her to go to the toilet. Also, I think the designs are fabulous for both genders and all age ranges around potty training. It is of a reasonable size allowing comfort for your child when seated, as well as great grippers on the bottom so they aren't sliding around on the bathroom floor. It's also very quick and easy to empty and wipe down after use and is deep enough to ensure there are no spills in the bathroom or where ever else the potty may go.

Rebecca: I like this product as it’s grippy feet stop it from moving around even on a wood floor. It’s a nice sturdy potty that my daughter is happy sitting on with no fear of it tipping over. It’s got a nice deep bowl on it so no fear of it overflowing. The splash guard at the front works well combined with the back not being too high so my daughter is not able to lean back too far which stops a fountain of wee from escaping the potty onto the surrounding floor. My daughter was very excited by the pictures on the potty and was very keen to try the potty out. The pictures are great as they are not just basic stickers so even when I have it fully immersed in water to give it a deep clean they are going nowhere, with Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol available to choose from most little people will find one they will enjoy sitting on. 

Charlotte: I would recommend this product to other mums and friends because it is light and easy to clean for your home and when you are out and about you can put it in the car and away you go. If your little one needs the loo, you can quickly get it out to use. The feet of the potty are study and brightly coloured and the picture of paw patrol is also good as my little boy likes them. The potty is very good to clean after use and the non-slip feet on the potty helps the potty to stay still when your child is sitting on it. The only thing I don't like about it especially for boys is that there isn't enough room when he is trying to wee he has to remember to sit right back on the potty when doing this.

Would you choose this product to win?

Caroline: I like this potty as it seems safe enough for my child to use independently. I think the non-slip feet is the biggest feature for me when choosing the potty over the other ones. 

Kimberley: I wouldn't choose this potty over others in the market; I prefer a potty that has more of a 'toilet' feel, as I think this helps with the transition from potty to toilet. I also would prefer a wider slightly deeper 'well', I think this would make the potty more hygienic. It's a shame it's made from plastic; with the pressures on our environment, it would be great if it could be made from eco-friendly material.

Shona: This potty, whilst having a fun design, doesn't have some additional features which I would have found more useful as a parent. The front of the potty is not very high and on the odd occasion, my daughter has wet up and over the top of it which has ended up on her trousers and on the floor. I also found that it wasn't so easy to clean given the size of it. There are other products that feature a removable insert that can be easily lifted out to clean.

What changes would you make to this product?

Charlotte: There are a couple of things about the potty I would change. One is to be big enough for boys or designed with boys in mind. So they have enough room without worrying that he is going to wee over the sides. Another would be to help with the cleaning of the potty. So maybe a way you can empty the potty from the bottom and cleaning instead of waiting for the contents to come out into the loo or scooping the contents into the loo. It would be nice for toddlers to see a few more pictures maybe, that they can engage with and talk to you about, this might help potty training as well. I do like the potty, I would maybe like it to fold down when out and about so it would be easier to carry or put in a bag as the potty is quite bulky. Ideal for bathroom home or car I would have to say!

Elenya: I do not feel like there would be any need for change for this item. Although it may seem a bit expensive for a standard potty, the character feature benefits this I believe. Cheaper potties are of a very plain design, but the characters really helped to get my daughter onto the potty. I think the overall product, for what it is is brilliant and we are loving using them.

Rebecca: The carry handle on this product is a bit too big to carry the potty easily but I don’t plan to ever carry the potty far so would not put me off buying this product. The wide base on the potty and the rubber feet are great at making the potty really sturdy for little wriggly bums to sit on. It’s a great size for any room of the house and it would definitely fit under most buggies so it’s a great all-round potty. The back height of the potty is perfect as too high and your little one could lean back a bit too far and this will cause splashing. It really is a great product that I would have no problem recommending to friends as I am sure my daughter would too.

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