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Joie Baby kubbie sleep plus daydreamer Review

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  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Sleep Product

At a glance:

The kubbie sleep is designed to keep your youngster comfortable for a good night's sleep and close to you in the night. With the amazing feature of allowing you to lower one of the sides to reach them in the night, this cot is a real lifesaver. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Chelsea: This product makes my life easier as a mum as there are multi-functions on it, meaning it can be used from different ages and can be adapted to different levels and can be used as a next to me against the bed. The product was easy to put up and dismantle and stores in a nice easy to carry size and is not overly heavy. 

Jessica: The cot is a really good sturdy design. It was great to take away when not at home as it folded up nice and small so didn’t take much room up in the car. Also, it didn’t take up much room to store in the house either. The cot was easy to put up and also nice and easy to fold away, this was a great product.

Holly: It made my life easier as a mum because it was really easy to set up and it looked extremely comfortable for my little girl. I was also able to use it in the day as a playpen if I needed to leave her for a short while downstairs. I didn't manage to actually test it on a trip away from home but I think the fact of how compact it folds would be amazing when you have to pack it into a car with everything else.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jody: 100%. The travel cot is so easy to put up and down and is really lightweight. It is really stylish too and looks more expensive than the retail price. The quality is fantastic and the co-sleeping drop side is a winner for me. It comes with a 3-year guarantee so as a mum this adds peace of mind. The multi-feature of the daydreamer, raised mattress, low mattress and drop side adds enormously to its usability. It comes with straps to attach it to the bed too so added safety features. When up it takes up very little space too 57cm x 99cm.

Christina: I would recommend this travel cot to others because the design is stylish and cute! The mattress is very comfortable and padded. The travel cot comes with a handy travel bag. Although I have concerns about the size of this travel cot, it is very slim and therefore does not take up much space in a room.

Daisy: Like most travel cots, it was fairly easy to put up and down. The only downside is the weight of it, while this is good in one aspect, as it means it is sturdy, it also makes it heavier to carry. It is easy to transport as it folds down and be carried and easily placed in a car without taking up huge amounts of room. The mattress that comes with it isn't the softest but then you don't expect it to be with a travel cot, but it was comfy enough for our baby to sleep in at night and for daytime naps - we had no complaints from her.

Would you choose this product to win?

Leeann: I would definitely choose this over other travel cots, especially as I have tried others in the past and this one has additional elements to it that enable me to use it for a longer period of time knowing that it is extremely safe and versatile. The cot itself is also very stylish and although it may be a little too small for a playpen, its slim design enables me to use it around the house with the addition of its lightweight but a sturdy frame with wheels enables me to transport it easily. I do like the carry bag, however, there is nowhere for the Daydreamer attachment to go - this has to be carried separately without its own case. I would have preferred machine washable materials however, I am not sure if that would be possible to have - but it would be a lot easier. My favourite element is the fact that it can be attached to my bed and it is especially helpful when breastfeeding.

Hannah: I would choose this travel cot over others on the market as it has so many functions and isn't just your average travel cot. I definitely think that this travel cot deserves to win this category as it has longevity and is quick and easy to use. My baby finds it comfortable to sleep in without the need for an additional mattress too.

Natalie: Yes I would choose this product definitely as it doubles a playpen/somewhere safe to leave baby when you need to pop them down for a moment which is very helpful when you are away from home. It gets the thumbs up because it doesn't just look like a sleeping area and therefore can have it up in my kitchen or lounge without it liking extremely out of place!

What changes would you make to this product?

Jessica: I didn’t feel that anything required changing with the travel cot in question. I felt it was the best value for money cot you could buy and would serve you well for a long time to come. My little girl slept really well in the travel cot in question and also settled in it ok, so it must have been nice and comfy for her.

Holly: I would make it slightly bigger as my baby is quite a small 8-month-old and did look like it wouldn't last her too much longer especially as she likes to have space to move around whilst sleeping. I understand that it is designed to be compact to fit in any room, but I do think that even if it were slightly bigger it would still be a great product. It has two wheels so if you were in a hotel room that was on the smaller size you would be able to move it out of the way if it had to go in a slightly bigger space.

Christina: I found the travel cot quite stiff to put up. We found that the travel cot was very narrow and quite small and would not be suitable for taller babies or babies who like more space when sleeping. Although the weight restriction is 15kg, we feel that most babies would have outgrown this travel cot before reaching that weight.

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