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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Gold Best Sleep Product

At a glance:

The MAM Night Soother has a unique glow! It is suitable from birth and glows in the dark to ensure that you or your little one can locate the soother in the dark. It has a patented silk teat which makes the soother softer than any other silicone. These gorgeous nighttime motifs soothers are just what every parent needs to calm their newborn.

How did this product make your life easier?

Callie: Anything which quietens down crying or a screaming baby makes my life easier as a mother, especially with another child in the house to think about. Both my children have taken well to MAM dummies and we like the fact these ones are glow in the dark. This makes it easier to find them if the baby can't during the night.

Sarah: The glow in the dark feature makes these soothers so much easier to find in the dark. Rather than the baby waking up more while you take the time to try and locate the soother, you can find it easily and reinsert it so that the baby falls asleep again quickly. The glow in the dark feature recharges during the day without having to think about it ready for each night.

Elizabeth: This product is really good for night time as it glows in the dark. My baby doesn't like dummies, but my toddler does. He found it and has been using it since. He likes the fact that he can see it in the dark and find it during the night himself. I like the little box as well for transportation and the ease of carrying it around.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Hannah: My daughter has refused all pacifiers since she was 3 weeks old but loves these ones - they are the only ones she will entertain. The box that the pacifiers are delivered in is absolutely perfect for carrying them around in the diaper bag and is very handy for sterilisation after a drop. With most places having a microwave now it means you can sterilise on the go.

Gemma: I would highly recommend these night time soothers, along with all other MAM products. They come in a wide range of beautiful and vibrant designs to suit any gender. They are easy to use and transport in the self-contained box that is provided with the product. These soothers give my baby great comfort which in turn makes me one happy mum!

Laura: I’d recommend this product to other mums for the fact of how lovely the designs are, with the added fact of the glow in the dark. I know they also come in pink and neutral colours too so there’s something out there for all. They are easy to sterilize and again can be stored within the box given to always stay clean.

Would you choose this product to win?

Elizabeth: I think the sterile box makes it stand out in the market. A lot of other dummies have caps or covers but this is the only one with a proper box that is easy for transportation. The shape is nice too as it can be used either way up and fits the face well. My son really likes it. I wouldn't get this one though if your baby is refusing dummies, I think you have to admit defeat on that one.

Emma: I have used other soothers before and prefer the shape of these ones and the way they look on the baby's face. The baby seems to be able to hold onto the soother well whilst sleeping, allowing them to settle easily when put to bed. The knob design on the front is also good for little hands to hold onto. It also has holes on the front which is good for breathing, they also don't leave marks on the baby's face. The glow in the dark feature is also a bonus.

Lauren: I think this product should win, because I believe as a company the thought of parents and sleep safety really did win me over. Opening the box to a leaflet was the perfect topper. My experience with MAM products overall and with this dummy makes me want to stay with them for my next children. The different colours really help!

What changes would you make to this product?

Sarah: The only thing I could think of to improve the product is to prolong the glow in the dark feature. I place the soothers, that my son doesn’t use during the day, on his windowsill to charge but often in the early hours of the morning they have still lost there glow. Making the glow last 12 hours would be great as typically that’s how long my baby would be in his cot each night.

Charlotte: Just that the teat is slightly rough and I think baby prefers the smoothers ones but that’s personal preference I suppose! They came in a little box which is great for storing them in and never retain any water when sterilising which is another bonus. A great idea and well-rounded product that’s worked wonders for us.

Hannah: The only thing I would change about the design is to add a small loop (like others have) to allow it to have a lanyard attached to it - there are holes but they would mean the lanyard loop being right up against baby’s face. The loop also means that it’s easier for the baby to hold. Other than this there is very little I would change. 

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