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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2021 Shortlisted Best Sleep Product
  • 2020 Gold Best Sleep Product

MAM Night Soother at a glance:

MAM’s Night Soothers glow in the dark to ensure that parents can locate their baby’s soother at night without disturbing their little one. With gorgeous night time motifs, these soothers are just what every parent needs. The Night Soother has a Skinsoft™ Teat which makes the teat of the soother softer than any other silicone. The silk teat has a 94% acceptance rate among babies thanks to the Skinsoft™. Available in packs of 2 these soothers also come with an easy to use self-steriliser and travel box which is ideal for parents on the go.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Callie Artis says: With my first son these were brilliant and the only dummy he would take. My second just will not take a dummy. With my first they are easy to find in the cot due to the glowing and easy for the baby to put in their mouth. The sterilising box is so handy to ensure they are sterilised without having to open a whole steriliser.

Helen Broe says: My little one loves this product and we these more than any other product. The design enables my little one to suck the dummy and keep it in when asleep. If it does come out in the night the design glows and helps us find it. When she is older and can find it herself she’ll be able to soothe herself quickly.

Brogan Cartwright says: This product makes my life easier as mom because they glow in the dark which makes them easy to find in the dark! Especially when they’ve gone under the cot or bed my little one took to these brilliantly and she’s breast fed so finds a lot of dummies Hard to latch onto, the designs are lovely too! I like the handy case for when your out And can have them pre sterilised.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Alexandria Oguns says: I would highly recommend the MAM Night Soothers to every new and existing parents. I have always been a fan of the MAM brand as their anti-colic bottle range was well received by my firstborn after having much trouble with another, more expensive brand. The night time soothers have become an everyday essential for my newborn for many reasons. The soothers skin like texture has helped in the avoidance of nipple confusion with my little one, which was my biggest worry when introducing the soother. I am able to give my son the pacifier without it disrupting his feeds especially with him being exclusively breastfed. The glow-in-the-dark feature is the best part of the soother as it makes it easier to find in the night without disrupting the sleep of my little one. The fact that you can charge the dummy underneath a light to get a more intense glow makes the product worth every penny for its innovation alone. The box that it comes allows for the soothers to sterilised whilst out which is necessary for those accidental drops.

Lauren Wellburn: The design is nice and colourful without being garish. I like that two come in the pack as kids are always dropping one or it gets dirty so having both out with you is good. Hygiene is good they sterilise easily without getting much water trapped and they are a small part in contact with mouth and cheeks which can cause rash.

Holly Wells says: I would recommend this product to other parents as it comes in a steriliser box, which allows you to quickly and easily clean and sterilise the soother in the microwave, without the use of a steriliser. This also makes transporting the soother hygienic. The design of the soother; with air holes on the front; makes it kind to skin. My son has never experienced skin problems such as dryness or irritation when he has used this soother.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Sarah West says: I think they are the best on the market dummy wise, although I'm not sure if they're a sleep category winner as there's so much out there! But the combination of the carrier which is brilliant for ease of sterilising and for carrying around (my son also very much enjoys using it as a shaker), along with the glow in the dark material, is simply great.

Helen Broe says: My little one prefers this style over BIBS, Tommie tippee and nuk dummies. I love the box that you can sterilise the dummies on the go. My baby is always lobbing it on the floor or offering it to the dog so this is very useful. I think this product should win this category as we have a sleeping baby!

Callie Artis says: The glowing is a massive part of why I would choose these for my second as I had such a good experience with my first. Really easy to find in the middle of the night dummy run. Plus the brand is well known another massive part is the sterilising box for when you get into the dummy game of throwing it on the floor.

What changes would you make to this product?

Brogan Cartwright says: I don’t think I could find anything I would change I like everything about his product with the beautiful designs to them glowing in the dark and making them easy to find in the dark on a nighttime when they’ve been dropped the case is also very handy for when your out and you can have presterlised dummies Ready to go without the getting dirty in the bag.

Alexandria Oguns says: The only thing I would change about this product is the design as I would prefer it to be smaller in size. Although, it can be used straight from birth, the design may be too big for those with preemie babies or babies that may have a slimmer or smaller face frame. I find its design can be slightly overpowering of my sons face. With that being said, this is still a great product.

Lauren Wellburn says: The only thing I would change is the designs, whilst more subtle are still a little cutsey. I would love to see some block colours created in pastels or stronger colour palate and even so greys and toned down colours to match morenputfits and the whole button could be glow in the dark which would make it super user friendly.

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