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Vicks Cool Mist Mini Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2014 Shortlisted Best Sleep Product
Mother & Baby 2014 Shortlisted Award Winner

The Vicks Cool Mist Mini Ultrasonic Humidifier looks clinical but does the job and is easy to assemble. It’s very quiet, emitting a gentle humming noise (and the occasional glug). It works fantastically with or without the vapour cartridge,  helping little ones to breathe and sleep easier – soothing coughs, colds and even asthma.

The image-based instructions are generally quite obvious but could perhaps so with some text for further substantiation but overall, it’s a practical piece of equipment that not only services little ones but can be used by all members of the family.

(A useful tip: placing the humidifier on a towel when in use will prevent the immediate surrounding area from feeling damp.)


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