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ASDA Little Angels Swim Pants Review

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  • 2019 Shortlisted Best Swimming Product

At a glance:

ASDA Swim Nappies are perfect for helping your little one make a splash in the pool! They're wonderfully soft to keep your baby comfy and the secure fastening provides snug protection. 

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kirsty: I would recommend this product to friends because of the design. You can put them on like pants which makes it much easier with a wriggly baby. The nappy fit very well and did what it needed to. I like the design as it is gender neutral. The price of the product is very good. They are cheaper than other brands but the quality is just as good.

Jennifer: They fit really well and are easy to put onto a wriggly baby ready for swimming. They seem to hold in anything and they don't end up soaked with water or really heavy. They have a nice design for the babies and toddlers to look at and enjoy wearing. It is easy enough to pop them in the change bag and then dispose of after.

Margaret: I probably would recommend these to a friend/fellow mum. They are very reasonably priced. They are half the price of other swim nappies on the market. The only thing is my little one has never had a dirty nappy when we have been swimming. So I don't know how well these nappies would cope with that.

How did this product make your life easier?

Philippa: The Little Angels Swim nappies are pull-ups and therefore easy to put on babies (especially if they are a bit older and getting more wriggly!). They are lovely and soft and I had no worries about them on my baby’s skin. My daughter is never sore after wearing them. We have never had any leaks when using these nappies.

Rebecca: This range of nappies are great value for money and have a lovely design. The nappy itself is very absorbent and works well during a swimming session. So far, I've had no dreaded accidents in the pool! The nappies are lightweight and not too bulky once wet which makes them easy to pack into a baby bag. The nappies have a great feature once wet that means you can tear the seams to remove them once they are used. This prevents you having to try and drag them off a wriggling wet body!

Natalie: The labelled back was excellent in order to show the orientation of the nappy for a quick change. This is something which is not always obvious on other swim nappies I have used. The standard tab fastening like a normal nappy on the XS nappies I tested was great. I could tighten it to a snug fit to ensure no leakage in the pool. It was also removed like a normal nappy, for quick disposal after the swim.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sarah: I was very pleased with the performance of the nappy in the water which is the most important thing. The nappy didn’t leak so we were confident and enjoyed an uninterrupted lesson. I liked that it absorbed liquids without weighing the baby down. When I removed it at the end of the session it didn’t seem much heavier. They feature technology to help nappies keep their shape when wet. The performance of the nappy and the ability to fit snugly were the things that made this product stand out.

Alice Jayne: I wouldn't choose them to win based on my experience. We go on holiday several times a year and we are in and out of pools daily. I need a longer lasting absorbent and leak-proof nappy to prevent any accidents. I felt I needed to change my daughter and remove the nappy which had been in the water once. Based on that, we would get through almost a pack in an entire day!

Sabina: This product is good value for money, is cheaper and just as effective as other competitive brands. The product has a great design and it's great that is it not a pull up nappy. This makes it much easier to put them on my five-month-old son as he is not currently able to stand unassisted and he needs to lie down.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kirsty: I would change this product by making the perforation easier and quicker. I found that tearing the side of the nappy required a bit of effort. It was actually easier to just pull them down like pants rather than remove like traditional nappy pants by tearing the sides. Despite this not being an issue. If they were wet and my son had pooed in them it might have required a bit more effort to keep him still to remove the nappy.

Jennifer: I don't think I would change anything about this product as I found them really good to use. They are great for what we need. My baby didn't get any sort of nappy rash from them. They are easy to get on and off. They are a good price for a pack of swim nappies. I would definitely recommend these to friends.

Margaret: I would not change anything about this product. Whenever we used these nappies they always did a good job. The did not swell or take on too much water. They were easy to get on and off. The ASDA Little Angels Swim Pants are very affordable compared to the other swim pants I have seen. Saving some money is always a bonus.

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