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Huggies Little Swimmers Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2019 Bronze Best Swimming Product

At a glance:

Huggies Little Swimmers swim nappies make swimming with your baby fun by giving you and your baby freedom to enjoy the water without the worry of little accidents. The unique absorbent material ensures these nappies don't swell in the water and they are designed with unique easy open sides for quick removal when your baby is wet, as well as leak guards to help stop leaks around the legs. They come in fun, colourful Disney designs too (to help you identify the back or front!).

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Bryony: I would recommend this product because of the side tape features. Other swim nappies on the market are pull up only which can be really frustrating if your child is not in a cooperative mood. The fit was good and so there was no leakage. The durability was also good. They seemed comfortable and there was no chaffing or soreness.

Stacey: The design is bright, colourful and appealing to children. The pant style makes it very easy to put them on and the top sides make it very easy to remove. The swim pant is very thin and not bulky at all making it easy to store them and put them in a swimming bag. They are comfortable for a child to wear and the size covers a broad range.

Emma: Yes I would recommend them to friends or a fellow mum. They are very easy to use and of good quality. After a recent swimming session, I discovered my little girl had been to the toilet in her swimming nappy. It did not leak at all so I was very impressed. I like the cartoon designs and they are easily distinguishable from regular nappies.

How did this product make your life easier?

Katie: I really like these nappies and have been using them for a long time when my son goes swimming. They are super handy when you come out of the pool and can rip them off quickly to then wrap the baby up in a towel. My son loves the design on them and often points out the fish to me. They have only ripped once when I was putting it on but thankfully I had a spare one.

Emma: These swim nappies are really good quality. They make my life easier as a mum as I trust that they are consistently good quality, comfortable for my baby and they do the job of a nappy in the pool very very well. The bright colours and fun patterns are very attractive for my baby and it makes them very appealing.

Kirsty: I found this product so handy to keep in the cupboard. The size will last my little one for a long time. Having several in means we are always ready to go for a swim. They don't take up much room and are easy to just chuck into the bag as we are getting ready to go. They are easy to put on and comfortably fit under a swimsuit. I know I can rely on them to do the job I need them to do.

Would you choose this product to win?

Rebecca: I do think this product should win although it is the only swim nappy I have ever used. I do really like them so if there was another product I would see no reason to change. This does what it should, is effective and easy to use.

Bryony: I wouldn’t choose this product over others. Although the side opening was convenient, I don’t think it outweighed the additional price over supermarket own brand options. We have used a supermarket own brand and the fit and durability were good and they were about half the price.

Stacey: My favourite thing about the product is the fact it's not bulky which makes it easy for a child to wear when swimming. It's still very absorbent and offers great protection. It is very flexible around the legs but doesn't leak. I would feel confident taking my child swimming with this nappy knowing that it would offer full protection.

What changes would you make to this product?

Emma: They are quite expensive, I usually buy mine when they are on promotion. Babies grow quickly so I've always ended up with some nappies leftover in a pack and have given them away to friends with younger babies. I am also not sure which is the front and back of the nappy - or whether it matters!

Katie: If the product was a bit cheaper and reflected the price of normal nappies that would help. I would prefer if the sizing wasn’t a broad range over two sizes. It would be more helpful if you could get single sizes to match the size your baby is in normal nappies. Overall it is a good product and I would recommend.

Kirsty: For me, I'd like to see something kinder to the environment as it's one quick use and in the bin. It seems such a waste when little ones sometimes swim for such short periods of time. They are fabulous but not degradable. It's great in every other way. The products used in production could be non-plastic and something which won't fall apart in water but will degrade in a short time.

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