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  • 2021 Bronze Best Teething Product
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Bibbilyboo Waterproof Bib at a glance

The Bibbilyboo waterproof bibs create a complete barrier to moisture, preventing wet clothes and keeping your baby dry all day due to a highly absorbent core. Made from breathable fabrics and shaped at the neckline to prevent irritation of the skin or bunching over the face, they relieve teething traumas. They grow with your baby from the start of teething all the way through to around 4 years old, reducing the overall number needed, reducing your laundry and helping the environment. 

How did this product make your life easier?  

Libby: For the last few weeks, my daughter Ella (who is almost 4 months old), has been dribbling excessively. We had used cheaper supermarket brand bibs before trying the bibbilyboo bib, and found that they soaked through quickly, or transferred wetness to us if having a cuddle. With the bibbilyboo bib, the added waterproof layer means that the bib does not become saturated as quickly, and is truly waterproof - therefore lasting longer. A longer lasting bib means less washing as a parent, which is a definite incentive to buy!

Kirsteen: It's big enough to fit around a heavy 18-month-olds neck and is soft and light so he didn't realise it was there. He often pulls bibs off but wasn't bothered by this one. The bib is a cheerful colour and gender-neutral so would make a nice addition as a newborn baby gift. It drys quickly after being washed.

Elizabeth: A great idea for a bib. A soft, waterproof, stylish bib for dribbly babies. It lasts all day, dry and comfortable. It doesn't roll up like some other bibs and is not too tight around the neck and lies nicely flat over my daughters clothes. And it can be washed at the end of the day and does not fade.

Would you recommend this to other parents?  

Hollie: The designs of the bibs are lovely and really pretty. Most of them are gender neutral which is great if the bib is being used for multiple children/genders. The bib is soft and fits comfortably around my child's neck. She doesn't seem to mind having it on, which is great as she normally doesn't like bibs.

Kendal: Your baby/toddler will be dribble free for the entire day with no wet clothing in sight underneath this bib. It’s amazing that something so stylish and comfortable can be such a game-changer to a mum’s daily life. No need to worry about additional changes throughout the day anymore with this bib. It washes really well and is very well made.

Gina: I liked the design, I received a yellow design with clouds on. I looked on the website and there are various design options to choose from. I thought the designs were very pretty and suitable for boys and girls. It was easy to fold in half to put into the nappy bag. It has two different poppers to have the bib on a different tightness around the neck, so this will last a long time. It fitted both my babies well with a tight seal around the neck. The material felt extremely soft with a nice feel to it, this is a pleasure to Use. I have washed it numerous times and each time it comes out looking brand new so I’m very pleased with that as most have faded after being washed. Both babies are starting to teeth and dribbling quite a lot so keeping the bib on when not having a feed has also been a benefit as we noticed they were getting red under their necks where they had dribbled, since using this we have noticed that we have to wipe them less.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?  

Sarah: I believe this product should win as I believe it does everything it states on the companies website and is reliably ‘waterproof’ ensuring clothes do not get wet and my son finds it comfortable to wear whilst exploring his environment. The designs are both unique and colourful as well as the material being of a high quality. A combination of both practicality and style (along with a heap of cuteness!) make this bib a winner!

Elizabeth: I think this is an excellent idea. Any dribble gets wicked away and the bib stills feels really dry and very comfortable for my baby. I have not seen anything else like this on the market and it is really well priced for what it is. It looks like it will have a long wear life and is very high quality.

Kirsteen: I wouldn't personally choose it as although it fit around my child's neck, it wasn't very long so didn't cover a lot. It isn't the typical dribble bib style or feeding bib style so looks a little strange on the neck. It is also quite pricey for one bib when competitors tend to offer two for the same price.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kirsty: I would like to purchase these is a multipack. It would be great to be able to have these to hand in different designs. Being able to wear one, have one in the wash and then one in the changing bag would be great for convenience more than anything else. Otherwise, the price point is great as well as the general look of the bib.

Libby: Before I tried the bibbilyboo bib I was put off by the price with it being comparatively more expensive than other bibs on the market. However, since using it, I am 100% convinced that it is worth the money. I love all the features the bib has to offer and would not like to change any of them. I hope to be able to try out some more of their beautiful designs in the future.

Kate: If I could change one thing about the Bibbliyboo bib it would be the size of the bib. I found although the bib was very effective at protecting the top of the clothing the size meant that a large area of babies clothes still got dirty. This is a shame as the material is excellent and the design and colours are very nice.

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