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Mama Jewels Gilly Silicone Teething Necklace Review

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The Gilly teething necklace comes in three colours, and is a favourite with mums as it really doesn’t look like a teething necklace at all. 

Tested by Katie Linstead 28, mum to Heidi, 15 months. She says: 

I’ve never found a teething necklace in a style I like - until now! My ideal teething necklace is lightweight and brightly coloured, easy to take on and off, and not too expensive.

This one came in a simple but pretty presentation box - it would make a lovely gift. I’d order more of these for my own jewellery collection or for friends.

I loved the addition of rosewood to this necklace; it really didn’t look like teething jewellery and it smells really nice too!

This is one of my favourites in terms of how it looks but that’s more for my benefit than my baby’s, as it’s by far the shortest and it doesn’t have a safety clasp, so I ended up taking this off for Heidi to chew on and then putting it back on afterwards. I’ll wear this necklace often and I love that it doesn’t look at all ‘mumsy’. 

Tested by Ciara O’Doherty, 36, mum to Caidan, four months. She says: 

My son has been teething since he was two months old which is too young for most over-the-counter teething remedies, and he’s not yet able to hold teething objects in his mouth by himself so a necklace seems ideal. 

I really liked the look and style of this necklace. It doesn't look like teething jewellery at all.

It arrived nicely presented and would make a lovely gift. I like the different bead textures and that the length can be adjusted. I’d definitely buy this necklace for friends. 

Tested by Linsey Robertson, 33, mum to daughter Eilidh, seven months. She says: 

Despite having no teeth at seven months, Eilidh loves to gnaw on anything and everything! I haven't worn jewellery much since she was born so I am looking forward to having some baby-friendly pieces to wear. I’d love a stylish necklace that’s also good value.

This necklace arrived nicely packaged in a gift box.

The colour combination looks great, and the mixture of silicone and wooden beads in different shapes and sizes is good for baby to chew on. The cord also feels very soft and the overall finish is high quality.

This necklace had an adjustable length which is a big advantage, as you can change it to suit whatever your baby is doing.

I think this necklace looked expensive and the higher price tag is justified. I'll wear this one again, and think it would make a lovely gift.

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