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Matchstick Monkey Lion Teether Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Bronze Best Teething Product

At a glance:

Matchstick Monkey's Lion Teether is a fun and softly textured teether for young babies during the teething stage. As well as being a cute character that will entertain your youngster, this teether uses Biocote® Antimicrobial technology to make it more hygienically clean. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Faiza: The matchstick monkey/lion teether is great as it has easy-grip sides where the arms are so my son could hold them when he was using the teether sometimes with other tethers the baby can't hold them as well. It's ergonomic in that sense. Also, the other great thing is that it has different sizes and textures of material all over its surface to make it suitable for teething. It has areas where say if you were in a pram or carseat you could belt it in or attach a strap and it wouldn't get lost! Some other teethers can be heavy and clunky but this is beautifully lightweight.

Emma: My baby enjoyed chewing the teether and was attracted by the nice smiling face. He found it easy to grab using the arm handholds, and it was a convenient size to put in the bag to have ready when he needed distracting. Unfortunately, it didn’t hold his attention for very long. It wasn’t especially identifiable as a lion in my opinion.

Helen: The Lion Teether comes with us everywhere! It keeps my little one entertained in the car and the pushchair and has really come into its own now that Audrey is properly teething. She absolutely loves it! The only issue is that she now likes to throw things out of the pushchair! But the design means I can attach it using one of the arms so that it stays with us - I'd have a very upset little girl if 'Monkey' ever got lost!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sabiha: This is really easy for baby to use. It has lots of areas for baby to bite and chew on to alleviate teething. It gets into gaps and bits of gums that other teether toys struggle to. It's easy to clean and it's safe. There are no sharp edges, so no worries about injuries. It's a lovely product for a teething baby. Mine just prefers to use his fingers, however!

Beth: The Match Stick Monkey Lion teether makes my life easier as with other teether’s we have used have been difficult for him to hold for longer periods of time and you then end up finding them on the floor! With the Lion teether, it is easy for her to hold with 2 hands and has also helped with her hand-eye coordination.

Celine: I would say the fact that it can go in the dishwasher, steam steriliser and is cold water steriliser safe is easy! If it needs a clean, I just pop it in the dishwasher at night or when I sterilise some bottles or dummies. I can just add it to the steam steriliser! I wouldn’t say there is anything I can do better or quicker since using this product, no.

Would you choose this product to win?

Heather: As far as teething products go this is a good product. It has an eye-catching design and is easy to clean and is hygienic. When testing the product my baby was drawn to the colorful design straight away. In terms of whether it numbs the pain, I can not answer this and neither can my baby at his age. Although my baby was initially impressed with the product after using it a couple of times he soon got bored of it and it is barely used now. 

Eusra: I liked how small this teether was, this meant that I could put it in my pocket and in the changing bag and carry it around easily. I liked the bright colour and I think that this also attracted my baby as she preferred choosing this teether over another leading brand teether. The different textures were nice but perhaps more areas of different textures would be better.

Beth: Yes. This product should definitely get the Gold award as I mentioned previously, it is durable, easily held and to clean, robust and well put together. It’s bright and colourful and brilliant for not only helping with teething but entertaining whilst on the go or at home! It’s a great size so brilliant for busy mums on the go!

What changes would you make to this product?

Helen: I'm genuinely struggling to find an answer to this question - it really is an excellent product! Perhaps it could be improved if it came with something that could tether it to a pushchair or car seat, as I've previously mentioned, the Lion Teether quite often ends up on the floor, but throwing toys out the pram may only be a problem for me!

Emma: In my opinion, it would be better if the teether were also a rattle or able to make a noise, or have a fastening hook so it could be attached easily to the buggy's straps. The product did not hold my baby’s attention for long, unlike some of his other noisy teething toys which he enjoys shaking between frantic chews.

Faiza: Perhaps add a clip or something to it so that it wouldn't get lost. As it's a high-end market item it's not fair to lose such an item and have to keep replacing. Getting my son used to it meant that he would throw it everywhere so maybe a nice strap would help prevent this and attach it to something. 

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