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Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2021 Gold Best Teething Product
  • 2021 Shortlisted Best Teething Product
  • 2020 Gold Best Teething Product

Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy at a glance:

These innovative monkey teethers are ergonomically designed to reach right to the source of the teething pain with bumps on the back of the head. Teething trouble is a thing of the past with this range and these are the perfect companion for your little one to provide comfort.

How did this product make your life easier?

Emily: My baby has taken to this teething toy much more naturally and quickly than other teething toys, we’ve tried Sophie la giraffe and the gel plastic keys. My baby has been teething for the last 4 months and this toy definitely keeps him happier than other toys. It definitely keeps him occupied longer than other teething toys.

Lorna: I love that it has an applicator for teething gel - this is an absolute game-changer for me as not only does the monkey help with his teething pain as chewing on a regular teether would, but the teething gel is getting applied to his gums at the same time. It also makes my life so much easier in that it is so easy for his little hands to hold - no picking it up off of the floor every two minutes because he's dropped it. It's so thin and flexible that my little one is able to hold it and move it around his mouth with ease and without me having to help. I also love that it's dishwasher safe so I can just shove it in there after each use.

Sara: This product is an absolute dream! It allows my little girl to get some relief from here teething pains while at home and on the move. The easy ergonomic design means that she can hold it move it around with ease as well as attaching it to the pram or car seat when on the move. The lovely variety of colours allows me to find it with ease at the bottom of the changing bag too!


Would you recommend this to other mums?

Natalia: This product has a really high-quality soft material which my baby likes. But the best bit is the design: the handles are just the right size for baby's little hands and it's very convenient for him to hold it tight. This tight grip allows to use the toy and still hold it in my baby's hands while other bigger toys keep on dropping out. Also, it's very easy to clean (just put it in a dishwasher overnight) so I am sure that it's clean and safe for my baby. The tail, the legs and the head of the toy have different thickness and my baby enjoys biting different parts of it.

Danielle: I would definitely recommend this product to a mum friend because the matchstick monkey is great value for money, it does the trick when soothing my child’s sore gums and new teeth and is brightly coloured so never gets lost amongst other toys when you need it quickly. The material it’s made from means it’s easy to wipe and keep clean especially when your baby is mouthing lots of different things.

Katie: Looking for value for money products has been really important for me since becoming a Mum. Having a teething toy that can also be used as a teething gel applicator is a big selling point for me as it’s multi-use. It’s very easy to carry around and my son finds it very easy to hold. He has another teething toy which is very bulky and although he can hold it, it often drops out of his hand and I’m often having to pick it up and hand It back to him.


Would you choose this product to win?

Katie: I would choose this product above others as I consider it to be really good value for money. My little boy loves it and it keeps him entertained for a long time which is a bonus! It’s very easy to clean and the design certainly stands out. I think they make fabulous gifts as well with the quirky design and colours.

Danielle: I think the matchstick monkey is a great design. The little arms on the monkey mean it’s easy for my daughter to hold and chew on so I don’t have to help, and also the bumpy head means it soothes those sore gums and makes it easier to apply teething gel. It’s easy to keep clean and I love the colours available on the market. I love that the monkey has a tail so you can use it as a stand.

Natalia: I really like the fact that my baby loves the toy and for me, it's the main factor for scoring it high. The material has a great feeling and I guess it's pleasant to bite to. It's suitable for freezing and dishwasher save which is a great asset. But the best feature is the design: the two handles are just the right size and thickness for a baby to hold to with both hands. Other teethers that we have are rather chunky for small hands and my baby drops them quite often. While with Matchstick Monkey, he keeps on playing and it stays in his hands. The different thickness on the head, legs and the tail provides the variety of shapes and my baby loves biting different parts of the toy at different angles.


What changes would you make to this product?

Emily: It already comes in a variety of colours so you can change that if you’d like, personally I like the Fluorescent orange I was sent as it makes it easy to find when my baby manages to throw it off the high chair. Perhaps coming with a strap already to prevent its loss might make it better value for money.

Danielle: I think the product as a whole is a great product and I definitely would have bought one if we had not been gifted it. I actually have since gone out and bought another spare just in case. The only thing I could think to improve this product would be to have a small box or container that accompanies it so it could be sterilised.

Sara: If anything was to be improved with this product I think the only thing that it could be would be another different design to the 2 already on the market. You could possibly include some kind of carry case for on the go as well as these things are always thrown into cars, changing bags, prams and more!


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