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Mizzie The Kangaroo Baby Teething Toy Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2021 Shortlisted Best Teething Product

Mizzie The Kangaroo Baby Teething Toy at a glance:

Made out of 100% natural rubber, Mizzie The Kangaroo baby teething toy is designed for infants' sensory development and sore gums. Stimulating babies' sense of sight, touch, smell and hearing. Made for little hands an designed by parents, Mizzie stimulates and develops babies sight through Mizzie's playful colours and features. She even laughs with a 'squeeze' when she is hugged hard!

How did this product make your life easier?  

Upasana: My little girl loves using Mizzie the Kangaroo. It does provide her with comfort when chewing on the toy and she can bite as hard as she can and I know the product won’t hurt her gums. It has made life easier slightly, as in it keeps my little one calm with her teething long enough to put her down and do a little household chore. If my little girl is crying I give her the kangaroo which grabs her attention with the squeaky noise and stops her from crying. It has also helped when weaning my little girl as she plays with it and chews it while I am feeding her as it keeps her hands busy.

Kimberly: Our little girl lily is 8 months old and teething, she wasn't keen on any other teethers meaning a very grumpy girl and a very tired mummy! She instantly loved this item! It entertained her enough that I could get on with other chores and felt relief that she was getting some distraction from her sore gums.

Tania: Personally I found this product too large for my teething baby, it reminded me of a dog toy as was too squeaky. My dog actually thought this was a toy for him. I have never come across a teether like it. I think if this product was made smaller, without a squeak and a little thicker it would be a better product.

Would you recommend this to other parents?  

Nicky: It is very similar to the Sophie la Giraffe product which is very popular. If you like that, this would be a novel alternative. It’s brighter and softer plastic than Sophie which may be of benefit. The squeaker is much easier to work and louder which is no doubt fun for the child but may be annoying for the parent!

Jayne: Yes, I would recommend this product to other mums as it is a great addition to the toy box, with the advantage of providing comfort, soothing teething gums. I would recommend this to mums of babies who are able to handle a teether this size and upwards. It is quite large compared to other teethers but that works well for my baby who is now 11 months' old. It is simple to wipe and clean. It aids sensory development with the sounds and natural rubber texture. Being a kangaroo also gives a real sense of character to the toy rather than say a teething ring. My baby will reach out for it when I hold it up, signalling it is a real hit!

Alex: I wouldn't recommend this to a fellow friend/mum because I don't think that is has served the purpose of a teether toy. If the toy didn't have a squeaker and was a different material then I might recommend this in the future but as my daughter didn't get any teething help from this I wouldn't recommend.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?  

Jeri: I would choose Mizzie as a stimulating toy but not necessarily with teething in mind. The design lacks different textures and could become frustrating as it’s incredibly difficult to find a standout part of the toy to reach the source of the teething pain. Although it’s great as a toy for home, it’s not the most portable as it’s quite chunky, and with a teething toy you want something that you can throw into your already cluttered changing bag. Saying that it’s a very appealing toy which my boy will continue to reach for.

Elisabeth: I do this the design isn’t as attractive as Sophie the giraffe and potentially the product looks a little bit cheaper than Sophie. I probably wouldn’t want to pay more than ten for this as it is just a piece of rubber at the end of the day. Sophie’s packaging potentially looks a bit classier and higher-end as well. However in terms of the play toy it’s just the same quality for the child.

Tania: No I don't believe this product stands out, nor do I believe it should win. I have brought my baby multiple teether for less money and my baby has been able to use them far better than this teether. Sadly it is one of the worst teethers I have come across for my baby. Would not recommend to others to buy.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jayne: If I could change one thing about the teether it would be to create a mini, smaller version that would be a better all-round first-year teether. This would be better suited to babies from birth and more accessible to tiny hands. If it was slightly smaller it would be more portable, as changing bag space is always tight and the more toys you can take to entertain baby, often the better.

Jennie: The noise doesn’t bother me or my family at all but when my little girl was little she didn’t like loud noises. From this experience, I would love to see an option that doesn’t squeak. However, if you lost the squeak I hope she wouldn’t lose her softness. I loved that when Mizzie arrived you simply take her out of the box, wash her and play. No unnecessary plastic and waste. The price may seem a lot for a teether but from past experiences, you get what you pay for. It feels amazing, smells amazing, and tastes nice too (yes I did taste it!). Other branded teething toys are the same price but I like this one better and my kids seem to as well. This one is definitely being used more! I think because they can chew and suck and squeeze. Mizzie is definitely a 10/10 for us.

Kimberly: Although Lily loved the bold orange colour I would have preferred a few colour options, pink is always a winner in our house and I know if it came in other colours we probably would have purchased multiple ones to keep at grandparents etc. Also perhaps alternative sounds to the squeaker, maybe a bell or a rattle inside.

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