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Nuby Nana & Corn Teethers Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Teething Product

At a glance:

Nuby's Nana & Corn Teethers duo is the perfect solution for your teething baby. It will massage and soothe your little one's gums with different textures that are easy to chomp on. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Katie: This product made my life easier as a mum because it enabled my daughter to be able to hold the teethers herself. The corn teether was the best for this as it has two little handles on the side of it. They are a great quality product, the silicone isn't flimsy and I wasn't worried about my daughter choking on small bits that may come off, they are pretty solid items. One of the problems I didn't like about the product was the design of the banana, I had a lot of comments about how it looked, so we have not really used that one.

Jane: The nana and corn teethers have helped my baby when his gums have been irritating him. They are easy to pop in his changing bag so they can go everywhere with us whenever he needs it. I would, however, say that he is only just able to fully hold it and use it himself at 5.5 months. Prior to this, I have had to hold it in his mouth for him while he chews on it, so it made my life harder not easier at the time. Now he’s bigger he can put the end in his mouth himself. 

Georgina: Two teethers that are excellent for small babies as they find them easy to grip and use by themselves. This meant the baby was able to soothe himself for ten minutes. He immediately took to them and clearly enjoyed chewing them. I like that they come in a two-pack so when one is dropped I have a spare! I have had teethers previously but I usually have to hold them for baby but these were an immediate hit, giving me my hands back. 

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Gemma: It has a straightforward simple design, easily grasped by my son. The length of the grip is perfect for little hands and the strips at each side, e.g. the banana peel is great for hand-eye coordination and his other hand is usually gripping this part. It is easy to get into his mouth and the nubs, especially on the corn teether provide extra relief for his has also helped with baby-led weaning and being able to bring food straight to his mouth.

Lauren: The size and shape of these teethers make them ideal for the baby’s hands. My 3-month-old was able to grip the product and navigate it to her mouth independently. The teethers aren’t too hard to be worried about baby dropping on themselves whilst laying down and the novel design looks really sweet in baby’s hands! The teethers have been easy to clean as they are made out of a single piece of rubber and are small enough to pop in a change bag for use when out and about.

Eleanor: Primarily, I would recommend this product as it is fun, bright and very easy to keep clean. Both of the teethers have an Inc stand, again helping to keep them clean. Secondly, they are easy to transport and the corn design teether can be looped/strapped onto something when out so it isn’t dropped as easily by my little one. Another benefit is that they are made of fantastic material, which is durable yet soft on my baby's mouth.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lisa: Good value for money to get two teethers for cheaper than alternatives on the market. I would recommend to other mums and still, use them daily. My baby prefers his matchstick monkey teether as it has more parts and he likes to play with it and turn it around. He also prefers the banana to the corn as he likes to hold it higher up to direct it to his mouth easier and I find he has to hold the corn lower as the handles get in the way.

Laura: The price is very appealing. Some teething toys are £10-£15 for one singular toy. £5.99 for two toys is excellent. The toys are just as functional as ones treble the price. I love that the products are dishwasher safe. Many teething toys are not dishwasher safe. This just makes life easier and as a busy mum, I am always looking for things that save time.

Emma: No. The part that has been designed to chewed isn't big enough to reach the back molars. There is only one part of the product designed to be chewed one compared to other products on the market that have multiple. I appreciate the product is a set of two but by separating them they don't tend to be in the same place at the same time.

What changes would you make to this product?

Katie: I would change the design of the banana teether to another food item which isn't a particular shape. I would make them a little smaller so they don't get to the back of the baby's throat so much. The silicone is brilliant quality so I would not change that. I would also look into letting the teether to be able to stand up solidly as well.

Jane: I would slightly alter the design to be easier for younger babies to hold and chew on themselves. My baby could hold the teether from a young age but couldn’t manage to coordinate turning it to chew on the end of the nana/corn. Everything else about it is great. My baby uses them every day and likes the textured end on the corn one.

Gemma: Honestly nothing. I have actually bought 5 packs myself and have them ready to give as presents to my friends who are due in the coming months. Perhaps other designs could be brought out in different colours for variety. Or, there could be a lead or similar attached to them which could clip to baby’s clothes to stop it dropping on the ground.

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