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Fisher-Price Dance & Move BeatBo Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2017 Shortlisted Mother&Baby Awards Winners: Baby Toy
Mother&Baby Awards 2017 Shortlist

What they say: "Dance & Move BeatBo is a fun, entertaining companion that grows with your baby as they are introduced to letters, numbers and colours through fun games and music, while lights and bright colours help stimulate their senses.

"BeatBo has three different modes to provide hours of fun. In Dance 'n Move mode BeatBo plays energetic music to encourage your baby to move and have fun. Learning & Games introduces your baby to the alphabet, colours and counting while in Customised Sing-Along mode you can record a phrase that BeatBo will then remix into a song."

Tested by mum Hannah Kenway for the M&B Awards 2017:

Would you recommend this to other mums?    

It's very durable, my daughter dropped it on the floor and unlike other toys it didn't break or even get damaged. It's great for a wide range of ages, I have a newborn who is fascinated by the lights and my daughter (nearly 4) really understood what to do and enjoyed playing the games. It's got an easy clean surface also, so if messy fingers get hold it's just a quick wipe and it's clean again, it's a great size, a lot bigger than I was expecting and it's nice you can change the volume control.

How did this product make your life easier?     

It helps to keep my toddler entertained and means that we have a toy that we can both use to have fun with, whilst also teaching her about ABCs and 123s, she does know them but found it great fun to sing and dance to them! She loved the lights and the fact it wiggled around when dancing just like she does!

Would you choose this product to win?

I would because it is a fantastic product to use, my daughter loved it and made sure she told all her friends about it, and she enjoys showing her new brother the lights and sounds. I think for the price and what you get for it it's a fantastic product. And one that can be loved by the whole family regardless of age.

What changes would you make to this product?

I think a really great feature would be if the face also lit up or changed expressions perhaps as it's quite a big piece to not do anything. I also found that the actual movements of the toy were quite loud so we had to have the volume on full to compensate, in future would be better if the mechanics were quieter.

Tested by mum Stephanie Thomson for the M&B Awards 2017:

Would you recommend this to other mums?    

Yes definitely. I would recommend the BeatBo as he's a fantastic interactive, fun and educational toy. The flashing LED lights on his tummy fascinate my little girl and she absolutely loves the various songs he plays. BeatBo is also great for learning and has the alphabet, numbers and colours which is fantastic for helping your child to learn. He gets little ones up on their feet and having a blast while they dance around with BeatBo. His moves are amazing and he is really a sweet little guy.

The third button on his foot is a really fun option which allows you to record a short sentence which BeatBo will then remix into a song and sing and dance to it which can be quite funny. There's a good variety of songs and there's also games to play. A fantastic all rounder and a great interactive toy. Lots of fun to be had with BeatBo and he has since become my daughters favourite toy. He is a sturdy, well made toy and the design is great. 

Would you choose this product to win?

I feel there is nothing else like BeatBo on the market and it is not only a toy that provides fun but also is educational. The BeatBo has a variety of great features that I don't think any other toys combine. I don't think anything else compares to the Fisher Price BestBo and it's a really fun, interactive toy. Great value for money too.

What changes would you make to this product?

Overall I love the BeatBo but he sure does go through a lot of batteries, I expected that though. If I could add anything to the toy I would have liked a few more games but apart from that I am really happy and impressed with this toy. There's really nothing I feel it's missing or that I feel should definitely be added to improve it in any way as it's more than exceeded my expectations.

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