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Matchstick Monkey Mini Monkey Teether Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Shortlisted Mother&Baby Awards Winners: Baby Toy

At a glance:

There's another monkey in the family with the Mini Monkey Teether. This new pocket-sized teething toy helps massage their gums while easing the pain. The mini lightweight design comes in a range of colours, and, it's easy for babies to hold onto. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Megan: This is amazing - it really gets to the hard to reach areas and made my little one so much happier instantly. I really hated seeing him so miserable with teething and this monkey teether really hit the spot, as soon as I had unwrapped it he made straight for it and put it straight in his mouth and has chewed on it a lot since then! It is bright and attractive and does not take up much space. it would easily be attached to a toy lead and does exactly what it needs to do.

Elizabeth: It is a great shape, size, and type of teether. It is easy for baby to hold from a very young age due to having different parts to grasp. It is very appealing from a very young age due to its fun colour but also the fact its a monkey makes it appealing to older ones too. It is a teether that the baby can hold themselves which is great when out and about. The brush is also fantastic for helping to put teething gel on when they are suffering and can be put in the fridge to help soothe their gums. I have found this teether to be more lightweight than many which is great for younger babies. Also being able to put this in the dishwasher to clean is great.

Pamela: My daughter is 9 months and has 6 teeth already. We have a LOT of different teethers, all different shapes and sizes - she doesn’t like any of them. That is until we received the mini matchstick monkey and we finally have one that she likes which is fantastic. It’s great to see her have a teether that she likes and helps make her poor wee mouth feel better.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Amy: I would recommend this product to other parents for various reasons, the colours it comes on are fabulous. We received the orange one which is really vibrant. The product has a great feel to it and is nice a smooth. It is ergonomically correct so very easy for little fingers to hold and put to their mouth easily. It is good value for money too.

Elizabeth: I would recommend this product as it is great from very early teething stages right through. The lightweight and easy-grasp handles are brilliant and enable very young babies to hold it as soon as they can grasp. It is also perfect as super easy to clean by putting in a dishwasher. Also knowing it is made using Biocote Antimicrobial technology making it more hygienically clean and reducing potential cross-contamination definitely is a huge plus for babies.

Lauren: The price and the concept itself is brilliant. Its great for children from newborn till all their teeth come in. It's easy to grab a hold of and has extra ridges for those back teeth. The bright colours make it easy to find in the baby changing bag in a hurry with children need soothing. It comes in a variety of colours to suit your tastes which I think is great and the quality is excellent.

Would you choose this product to win?

Heather: Yes, easy for baby to hold. Small and portable. Bright enticing colour to hold the baby's attention. Multiple surfaces for teething which my daughter is able to use by turning toy around in her hands. Nice shape so she is able to chew on it with front and back gums. My daughter seems to enjoy biting on it more than other toys leading me to believe material feels nice and soothing on her gums.

Pamela: I would definitely choose this product over the other products on the market - and we do have most of them in our house, but this is the only one that’s been a success. I like the range of colours available which are all nice and bright for the kids. The usability of the product is the biggest attraction for me as a parent.

Natalie: I definitely think this product should win its category. You instantly recognise the brand with its unique design and bright and vibrant colours it stands out from anything else on the market. There is also nothing like this kit there at the moment. It is everything you could want in a teething product and does its job perfectly. Its unique design makes it enjoyable for babies and is super easy to use.

What changes would you make to this product?

Megan: There is nothing that I would change, I think it is a good price, I like the colours and the design, the shape is easy for babies and toddlers to hold and seems to get to all the hard to reach areas. I liked the area for applying teething gel too - even without anything on it the bristles seemed to feel good.

Holly: The product could benefit from a scale down, as a smaller size, as well as the flatter design, would make this feel more like a 'travel version' of the original rather than a replacement for it. As mentioned previously, including a link sized loop would also make it easier to use for travel, enhancing the likelihood of it being purchased alongside the original.

Lauren: I'm not sure what I'd change. I think the product is great, I love all the colour choices, the price and the actual monkey with its extra ridges makes it a great choice for those first teeth or babies molars coming through. Maybe making more rainforest animals, some children would like to have a bigger selection to chose from.

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