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Playgro Clip Clop Activity Rattle Review

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Playgro Clip Clop Activity Rattle at a glance:

Clip Clop is Playgro's beloved activity rattle that keeps baby entertained whilst supporting sensory play, fine motor skill development and teething. Designed to engage little hands and imaginations, baby will adore exploring Clip Clop's chewy teether beads, rattle sounds, reflective mirror, lift up saddle, textured materials, colours and shapes. Simply add a clip to secure Clip Clop to the stroller or car seat for on-the-go adventures! One of Playgro's top sellers, Clip Clop is perfect for take anywhere fun and sure to become one of baby's favourites.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Jessica Bates says: This is a good product to help make a mum's life easier as it has different sounds and textures for a baby to investigate. there are some bits of ribbon which look a bit like tags on clothes which I have found my baby likes. there is also an easy to hold handle for the baby to grasp hold of the toy.

Laura Devonshire says: My twins love colourful sensory toys that make noise and have different textures to them. The rattle has an appealing design that my babies love the look of. It is easy to chuck into my changing bag to keep them occupied whilst on the move and unlike other similar toys it does not require batteries and is not quite as noisy!

Carys Lewis says: My little boy loves playing with the Clip Clop Rattle and it keeps him entertained if I need a ten minutes to get something done! The different features contained in the rattle really stimulate him and I'm confident that he is getting a good sensory experience from it. The beads have also really helped my little man soothe his sore gums when teething.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Sheelagh Li says: I really loved the variety of sensory options included all on one rattle. Textures, sounds, shapes, mirrors, colours etc. the hanging pieces are small enough for babys hands to grasp them. It is something my 4 month old can start to interact with now but will likely last her some time to get full use of it as she gets older. Every aspect of the rattle seems to have been thought through with baby in mind.

Yasmine Littlewood says: I would recommend this toy to a friend/fellow mum, as I feel it is not too garish despite being colourful, it fits easily in to bags and has a variety of elements that keeps my child entertained for a good while. It's great value for money, and this would be a great baby shower gift. It's not suitable for the washing machine, so will be interesting to see if it wipes clean easily if stained.

Suzanne Lockwood-Peck says: I would recommend it because of the price and use ability. So many functions to help little ones develop and keep them entertained. The size, colours, textures and functionality all help to make it a great all round present or even a great baby shower gift. Really hygienic and easy to clean too and easy to take anywhere.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Laura McGregor says: It is a great price for what it is. I would be happy to pay more for it as it is a lovely rattle. It covers a lot of what I am after with toys such as price, weight, colour, textures and how well it engages my baby. I do think it should win for these reasons; it is a very competitive product in this field.

Chloe McQuade says: I think I would choose this product. It is a great price and looks attractive. I think it would catch my eye on a shelf in a shop. The contrasting colours definitely make it stand out. The difference noises and materials stand out to me also. It has a simple yet effective design for babies of a range of ages.

Samantha Rogers says: I feel this product is good and personally I would buy it. It looks great, the horse feature is super cute and I love the bright colours. The amount of features is really good as there are lots of different things for the baby to explore and try. We have really enjoyed testing this product as our baby absolutely loves it!

What changes would you make to this product?

Laura Devonshire says: A better manufacturing process/quality control to ensure pieces don’t fall off the toy within days of using it! It is good value for money, but if the quality isn’t right, it’s not worth having as it makes it unsafe for baby! Other than that my twins did and still do enjoy playing with it, it’s just not quite as good as it could have been.

Sheelagh Li says: The only change I would like to see for the Clip Clop rattle would be for there to be a clip to attach it to a buggy or car seat handle included. My baby is still a little too small to pick it up so this would be ideal. She has not yet shown interest in the peekaboo feature but it may simply be a little too early for her. Otherwise we loved this rattle!

Suzanne Lockwood-Peck says: If I could change one thing I would have a Velcro clip added to it so that I could easily attach it to the car seat bar, pram bar etc so there would be no risk of loosing it or it ending up on the floor. Just something minor but that’s all I can think of as it’s such a great product as it is ( I know they do a smaller version with this feature but this would save having to buy something else).

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