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Sweet Dreamers Ewan Deluxe Review


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  • 2020 Gold Mother&Baby Awards Winners: Baby Toy

At a glance:

The Ewan Deluxe baby sleep sheep will comfort and soothe your baby so they're settled for sleep. The cute but smart sleep sheep features a smartCRY sensor that responds to when your baby is crying, and will then resettle them with 5 soothing sounds: a calming shush from a real voice, vacuum cleaner, rainfall, harp melody and a recording of the womb.

How did this product make your life easier?

Rebecca: Ewan helps my baby to fall asleep and stay asleep. If she starts to wake, Ewan's cry sensor activates and helps to soothe her back to sleep. Since using Ewan, my baby has slept for longer periods which is fantastic. Ewan is very easy to use and I love the fact that the battery pack can be removed and Ewan becomes machine washable. This is fantastic when everything goes into a baby's mouth.

Alice: Sleep deprivation, especially with newborn twins, was not fun. A friend recommended Ewan the sheep to me and I thought I’d give it a go and it worked miracles. This significantly helped in getting my twins to sleep and soothing them at night time. Having twins, I cannot rock and soothe born babies at the same time when they’re crying and I feel this was the next best thing. They co-sleep and I just put this between them and they snuggle into it and it sends them to sleep. It really helped with bedtime. The Shhh function is my new favourite sounds, literally works in seconds!

Victoria: This product has been an amazing addition to our baby's room. Since using this product, our baby falls asleep quicker and easier. The new feature of the 'shush' noise has been our favourite. From the moment he hears the 'shush', he instantly calms down and relates this to sleep. The glowing light also creates a calm and tranquil atmosphere in the room, allowing him to watch the light but not become too awake before falling asleep.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Heather: I would recommend this product to a fellow mum not necessarily as a first toy to help with sleep, as it is quite expensive. But certainly if there are issues with sleep at night it does seem to help settling the baby and it has improved our sleep at night. The soft material could be comforting for a slightly older child and the velcro strap on the tail mean that it can be attached to the side of the cot of a smaller child and is easily found. Also, the ability to stop the sound early if the baby has settled is also a good function. The heartbeat overlaying the other sounds is very soothing and is definitely more pleasant than other similar toys on the market and is a welcome distraction from my husband's snoring.

Kirsteen: Yes, I would. The warm red light has comforted my baby. It is easy to turn on, the sensor is fantastic and comes on as soon as the baby is restless. It is easy to clean as it pops into the washing machine and the battery life is reasonable. My boy smiles every time he sees his Ewan and enjoys hugging him. My toddler loves him too and the gender-neutral colour makes him a great gift for all babies.

Shaheena: I would recommend this product because I think this product helps and has helped a lot of parents to get their children to settle and has prevented many sleepless nights. This has made our life easier and it’s not bulky, is quite soft and my daughter loves looking at it and touching and playing with it as well.

Would you choose this product to win?

Alison: What sets Ewan apart is the clever way that he turns off automatically but if the baby wakes up and makes a noise, then he restarts and plays again, soothing the baby back to sleep without me or my husband having to get out of bed. I love the heartbeat in the background as well - I've not heard this on other white noise products.

Sarah: Yes I would pick this product over similar products on the market and think this would make a nice gift. I particularly liked the SMARTcry feature which provided me with some reassurance that if I could not get to the baby immediately (which with a toddler in the house was often the case) then the light and sound would come on to provide the baby with some comfort. I also particularly like the cuddly washable sheep outer cover, providing comfort also from touch and also made the product more transportable in my opinion.

Pamela: Yes, I would choose this product over any other product on the market. The branding of Ewan is excellent, the customer service I have received has been first class - they really do care about their customers and making life easier for all mums and babies. There’s so much thought put into their product and they really know what works.

What changes would you make to this product?

Shaheena: I wouldn't change anything about this product. This product definitely has helped us in many various different ways. It has made our life easier. My baby definitely sleeps and settles a lot better after using this. 

Alice: It’s tricky to say about anything I would improve and I feel I’m just being very picky now to fill in something. (It really is a great product). Previously I would have said the shhh function but you’ve added this. The Velcro at the bottom could maybe be covered a bit better. Also perhaps the light could change from the pink although I don’t know whether this colour is purposely this to soothe. Maybe some people would benefit from different sizes for travel, smaller versions?

Pamela: A version for putting mums back to sleep during the night would be fantastic!! :) I think the product is great - I love the branding, the design, my daughter loves the look of Ewan and was instantly attracted to him when he was introduced to her room, it’s easily transported which is a big selling point for us as we are on the move a lot.

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