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Sweet Dreamers Ewan Deluxe Review


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Sweet Dreamers Ewan Deluxe at a glance:

Expertly designed for newborns, ewan Deluxe is here to help by working his magic at sleep time. This uber cute cuddly toy mimics the comfort of the womb with soft pink glow and selection of 5 soothing heartbeat sounds, including the all new rhythmic shushing sound, proven to help lull babies into a peaceful sleep. ewan Deluxe features a smartCRY sensor, which is cleverly designed to automatically activate when baby stirs, helping to resettle them. Better still, the Deluxe also has a removable control pod so ewan can be washed, keeping him clean and healthy!

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Lisa Burns says: I found the product very useful when my baby was in between falling asleep and awake during the evenings and at night time. With the red light it seemed to hold her attention and she would drift off to sleep quite quickly. She was only 5 weeks old when we started using Ewan so getting anything to catch her eyes at this stage is very difficult.

Brogan Cartwright says: This product makes my life easier as a mom because my little one drifts off with ease! It’s such a beautiful toy, feels so soft! And my little one loves it I do feel as though the lights could Be a tad brighter as there not all that easy to see through the fabric but the sounds are fantastic and definitely work!

Amy Goddard says: It makes bed time so much easier which is what every parent needs! I know when she gets into bed she won’t be wound up by loud playing music or bright lights but sounds that are able to settle her and help her get into a nice relaxing sleep, it’s such a lovely feeling knowing your baby is going to bed in a happy settled and calming mood.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Charlotte Hunt says: I would recommend this to fellow mums, it has really helped to comfort our little one at night and seems to have improved sleep a lot. The sensor coming on when the little one starts to get restless is a real sleep saver. The ease of removal of the battery pack is brilliant and means that the sheep can go straight into the wash, the sheep design is very universal which makes it a great gift idea.

Melissa Shirley says: Yes I would reccomend to my friends. It has an automatic setting that means the sheep turns on when baby cries. It has several settings that you can choose which one you and your baby prefer. It can be taken apart so you can wash the sheep in the washing machine. It has a lovely red soothing light inside the sheep, it isn't too bright but enough to be calming to baby.

Danielle Smith says: I would absolutely recommend this to another mum. The design is lovely and appealing to my little one. It is extremely easy to use and even turns on automatically when it detects crying so it couldn't be any simpler to use. It has a variety of music choices for your little one to listen to - the shushing is an absolute life saver and saves me shushing my little one off to sleep. There is also a light, which is dim enough not to disturb.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Gillian Tudur says: Although the smart cry feature took me a little while to figure out I do like it, its simple to use and even I find the recordings relaxing...especially the shhh!!. My baby loved the face and how soft it was. A negative we found is that it doesn't attach to a next to me crib (given how popular they are these days I would view this as essential).

Lamara Turvey says: I would choose this product because it works for us! the second ewan comes on my baby is instantly calm and it really settles her at bedtime which is any parents dream! the different sounds are good as there will be at least one that your baby will like and the sensor is good if baby wakes or starts making noises as it comes on and settles my baby back down.

Rebecca Vine says: I haven't used any other products on the market that are similar but out of the ones that are put there I love the look of this one. Is very sweet and can be used for either sex of baby. I think it's priced really well and it's definanly good value for money. Even my 2 year old loves it and carries it around

What changes would you make to this product?

Brogan Cartwright says: I don’t really think I would change anything about it other than maybe the lights be a tad brighter but that’s a minor aspect rather than it be a problem or something I woudl change, all round we love it and it’s definitely a go to and definitely a product we will recommend to others! We all love it, our dog also tries to steal Ewan all the time.

Charlotte Hunt says: I feel that for the price point of the Ewan it might be good if the light offered some different colour options and a potential transition between them. However I do believe that this is an invaluable product in our house and is easy to use, clean and transport and we have noticed positive benefits from using it.

Danielle Smith says: I would probably say it it just slightly too expensive. I think the price would put some people off buying it. There are lots of sleep aid products on the market and all do slightly different things. This one absolutely works for my baby and toddler but I know other mums who prefer other sleep aids. I would be happy to pay this price but I think it may put others off.

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