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Kurio Tab Review

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The Kurio Tab is a touchscreen tablet designed not only for children but to be used by the whole family. 

The Kurio and Play stores have a variety of apps, which the tablet fits into specified age bands and then as your child  gets older, more age appropriate apps can be unlocked. The Tab has lots of useful features including the ability to access the internet, take pictures and receive emails, which might not be pertinent to a three-year old but it does mean that the product will grow with your child. Importantly, the Tab has a good filter so that children can’t access inappropriate websites and can only sign into ‘access approved’ apps.

The battery life is decent although the charging cable is quite short, and the Tab is a good size. The touchscreen can be oversensitive, clicking through to icons without user intention. It’s also not immediately obvious how to get out of each application and change profiles. It has a good amount of storage space and a dedicated ‘kid zone’ for convenient interchange between parents and children who are sharing the Kurio.

For anyone familiar with tablet functionality, the product is easy to set up and use although it might be more complicated for novice operators. The Kurio has 'contact us' support but a good online manual or a ‘quick links’ help button and keyword search tool would be preferable. And it would be great if the American-accented apps could be adapted for a UK audience, especially in relation to letter names and sounds (reading apps etc.). Further investment in some colourful, funky character cases would also be a good way to market the product to children.

The product needs refining but children love it and for parents who cannot afford an iPad but are keen to invest in a child-friendly Tablet; the Kurio Tab is a good option.

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