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SwimFin Review

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Tested by reader Charlotte Walsh and son, Finn (2), and daughter Nia (4). Charlotte says: 

“Bright, easy to use the SwimFin is ideal for kids of all ages needing help with their positioning in the water.  My two children loved them from day one, on land as well as in the water! The SwimFin was easy to get on and off, and it holds the child upright when treading water with minimal effort.

“When swimming the SwimFin comes out of the water and helps the child become horizontal. My daughter was struggling with keeping her bottom up while swimming forward and the SwimFin gave her the buoyancy needed to keep her up. This led to her having the confidence to swim on her own in just two weeks.

“The SwimFin is appropriate for all children who are confident in the water; my two-year-old took some getting used to the water, however once he had established himself in a float vest he had no problems at all.

“Overall a fantastic product, great fun and practical.”

Watch the SwimFin in action in Charlotte’s video below!

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