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Cosatto Wow XL Travel System Review

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Cosatto Wow XL Travel System at a glance: 

Meet Wow XL. Cosatto have created the ultimate family unit. It has the capability to be used as a single child travel system or as a double for an older sibling too. By purchasing an extra carrycot, seat unit and car seat, it becomes the perfect mode of transport for twins. This spacious, sophisticated piece also gives you multiple riding options. With a built-in step ‘n’ ride board too, it makes the school runs and little trips more fun. Flexible and adaptable, you’re prepared for every eventuality with Wow XL. This multiple pushchair combines style, comfort and ease with longevity.

How did this product make your life easier?

Alexandra: This travel system is an excellent choice if you plan on having more than one child as it is easy to convert into a double pram and then into a pram and built in buggy board. With so many different options and configurations, you will get great value for money. The basket is massive and is a big plus point. As well as the baby twins, I have a toddler and they all loved this Cosatto pram. I particularly loved that the babies were able to face each other in this pram. The two cuddly toys were also a big hit with the twins! As for the car seats, they are really comfortable and the twins love them. I love the fact that they have the isofix base which makes them so easy to get in and out of the car and is, of course, really safe. 

Sabina: This product is simply amazing. Its high retail value and it shows in the quality of the pram and the usability. It's easy to manoeuvre and with having two babies you need it to be as easy as possible! I really got on well with this pram and I also thought it was quite stylish as alot of tandem prams are not the most attractive to look at.

Louise: Having one travel system that allows me to move from child seats to carry cots on one base is incredibly useful. The child seats on isofix bases fit easily into the car meaning when you get to your destination you don't need to move a sleeping child you can simply lock the child seat into the base unit. The carry cots can easily double as as moses baskets during the day meaning that if you have got your child off to sleep you can simply lock the carry cot & then head out. The basket underneath is big enough for change bags & some shopping. It has a handy pocket for keys & your purse and it is kept nice and dry by the waterproof top.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Sabina: I would 100% recommend this pram to parents of twins or toddler and baby. This pram is so versatile and with the various attachments there are so many combinations that can be done for the comfort and useability of the child/baby. I genuinely feel like this pram is the best on the market for parents of two children.

Louise: There are many nice features about the Cosatto and I love the brand and the design touches that have gone into the travel system. I would recommend but mainly if you have children of differing ages. As a travel system for twins it is very long & difficult to maneovre & can feel a little unsteady. As for the positives; the unit folds down easily with just one hand and it stores flat against the wall. It fits into the boot of a small car which is something the larger side by side travel systems for twins does not. The child seats are adjustable with removable padding as the babies get bigger & the straps for the seats are far more adjustable than others. The padding on the shoulder straps makes it a far more comfortable seat than others (we have Joie seats and I prefer the Cosatto) The carry cots are fixed sides and we used these as a moses basket downstairs to sleep our twins - they sat easily on the floor or on a level surface.

Alexandra: I would highly recommend this product to a friend. I have never used a Cosatto product before but i am converted. The product has so many great design features just to make your life easier. The fact you can buckle the child into the seat unit one section at a time rather than having to clip two pieces together before placing into the buckle is so simple yet so helpful. The basket underneath being so big is also massively helpful especially if you also have older children and need to carry some of their items.Inside the basket is also a Velcro section that you could place your phone and purse out of site. Air vents in the hoods are also great for keeping baby cooler in the warmer weather. though slightly heavy which is expected as its a double it wasn't that heavy you couldn't lift it. With so many seat/carry cot position options its just great for everyone. The extending handle is also great if your tall.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Trudy: Everything about it would make this product the perfect item for any child. It is so amazing! what made it stand out was the design and big sturdy handles and wheels. There is plenty of space perfect for one to two children from birth to toddler I'm still speechless on having the chance to test it its perfection. 

Sabina: I would choose this one above all on the market because of its slick design. I really liked the. neutral colour of the fabric and how upscale the pram looks. Its a mid range pram however I personally think is better than more of the high end prams as the versatility of this pram is amazing. using this pram while travelling is easy and doesnt feel bulky or heavy.

Gina: I love the design and found that the pattern acted as sensory entertainment for my babies, the car seats, bases and all of the pram parts come with various warranties ranging from 4 years to ten years which I thought was good as things can go wrong with prams. The customer service has been excellent with the company contacting me to check everything came intact and that all the pieces were delivered and if I had any questions about anything. The instructions to set the pram up were very clear with pictures that made it idiot proof. There is a booklet that demonstrates the various configurations you can have your pram in. The pushchair part of the pram has lovely colourful straps which are easy to fasten and not at all fiddly. I really liked the buggy board built into the bottom of the pram and the waterproof zip pouch fastened into the basket of the pram which meant if I am going on a walk I don’t have to worry about taking the happy bag, I can just put things on this bag and off we go. The basket of the pram is a very good size which is accessible even with both carrycot or pushchair part on the pram.

What changes would you make to this product?

Gina: My first point could just be preference but I always feel that anything shiny and metal with children/babies is bound to get damaged. The frame is very shiny metal which attracted a few scratches from the first use so I imagine after time, this could end up very marked. When folding the pram it evicts anything and everything that is in the basket underneath unless it is in the zip part so I had to keep checking any bottles or toys that were underneath didn’t fly out. The pram is very very heavy to steer, when approaching a curb that isn’t dropped, lifting the pram is almost impossible. I had to keep reminding myself to put my foot on the buggy board part to get leverage enough to lift the pram up the curb. The pushchair seats are quite shallow so my babies didn’t seem as comfortable in these as the carrycot part. I would have also liked a cup holder, it’s a small thing but I like to take a travel mug with tea in on my long walks.

Alexandra: On the whole I absolutely love the Wow XL. However, if I had to change one thing it would be to make it slightly easier to push on difficult terrain. On anything other than tarmac, it can be quite cumbersome. That said it is a double pushchair (and a long one when the seats face each other) so it was never going to be that small or light to push Still, like I said, I love this product and was so pleased to have been chosen to test it.

Louise: Sorry but I wouldn't just change one thing - there are a few little things which would make a difference; - Reduce the number of brackets which can be added to it - we have only used the long extension brackets - too many options - Label the brackets (letters or numbers) and that can then be used in the manual to make it easier to find the right ones in the bag. - Make the handle extension longer - both myself & my hubbie are 6ft and it needs to be another 3-5 inches for us not to knock our shins. But the biggie is make a side by side base unit like the Bugaboo as an option & it would be a hands down winner from me. Theirs extends from a single unit to a double unit with easy clips. Everything clips on without having to have a bag full of brackets & having to get the manual out every time you want to change the format. We have been fortunate to be able to compare two units side by side and had the design and features of the Cosatto been on the Bugaboo we would have paid more for it!

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