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Ergobaby Metro Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Gold Best Lightweight Buggy or Stroller

At a glance:

The Ergobaby Metro really has it all, from being an ultra-compact and lightweight stroller that can go anywhere with you, to providing the ergonomic comfort your baby needs. It also has an adjustable leg rest and plenty of underneath storage for all the on-the-go essentials! 

How did this product make your life easier?

Jennie: The buggy folds down to a very compact size and is very lightweight. It's perfect for smaller cars that can't accommodate a buggy that is long when folded down or doesn't have much boot space. Once you've practiced folding it down and opening it up a couple of times the motions are very simple and easy to achieve, it takes seconds to fold and unfold it. It's very lightweight and easy to lift in and out of a boot.

Charlotte: This product made my life much easier in terms of getting around. My daughter has only just reached the age really where she is old enough to go comfortably into a stroller and I have become used to my much beloved but very heavy and bulky pram. In any trips we have undertaken up till now, the pram has taken up the vast majority of space in our car and made us compromise on other aspects of our packing (even though we have a large car). BUT this stroller felt like it opened up new freedom - and whilst strollers, in general, are of course better for storage & transportation than prams, this one is particularly good. Especially in terms of the carrier, it came with - I wore it as a backpack and it was very light and easy for me to transport on foot. Equally the shape it folds down into (a squarish shape) made it VERY easy to store in my house and my car. Other strollers are still a little awkward to store due to the elongated shape.

Laura: This buggy makes public transport, holiday packing and city breaks much easier. The easy-ish fold makes it possible to collapse for public transport. The small fold size means there’s more room in the boot for packing. The collapse and small fold means that there is no need to stick to larger cafes etc in busy cities. Finally, the small size makes shopping in busy shops a lot easier.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Frances: Yes! If you are looking for a pram for travel I would wholeheartedly recommend this pram. Even for everyday use, it is good quality enough to suit most needs. I really like the vent and shade systems for the back of the pram in the lying down position allowing you to keep your child cool or protect them from the sun.

Charlene: I would recommend this to a friend or fellow mum as the product is so easy to use, is lightweight and has great features. The stroller is simple to pull up and collapse down and includes an extendable hood, which is ideal for sunny days. The stroller is made of good quality material and the cushioning within the seat appears to be comfortable for little ones. Reclining the stroller is very easy to do one-handed and you have the option of a peek-a-boo window, which you can also cover if your little one needs shade.

Celine: I would definitely recommend this product, it folds up so easily and so compact, great if you travel lots or have limited space in the boot or in the house to store it. The design is lovely and you really feel you are pushing around a luxury item. The build of it is sturdy and well thought out, I really liked how to move the seat upright or into lay down position. It was extremely comfortable to push around, so lightweight and my baby seemed comfortable in it, lots of variation and room to grow with the straps and clips.

Would you choose this product to win?

Michelle: I do think this product should win yes, it really is great. Everyone I know that has tested it, agrees it is a worthy winner. I think it is just that little bit better quality than some of the other strollers out there, it is smoother to push, lighter, folds down that bit smaller than many others. The cover is great on this pram as it pulls really far over the seat.

Joanna: Yes! I would choose this product above others. I have looked at quite a few on the market and I think it's very similar to the Babyzen Yoyo, but I think it looks much more sophisticated and sleek. It's good that the product comes in a variety of colours too. It is marketed as ultra-compact and ergonomic and I would agree with this which is why I'd choose it over others. If necessary, a separate carrycot can be purchased for smaller babies.

Mhari: I would certainly consider buying this product. It ticks all the right boxes for a lightweight pram except the price. I have paid quite a lot less for a similar product of a different brand, therefore, I’m not sure that this would be worth the extra money. It is certainly a great pram, great quality and absolutely perfect to use when travelling.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jill: As much as I love it I do wish the Ergobaby Metro Stroller was a little bit cheaper. I feel a little be precious about taking it on holiday where it might get thrown onto a luggage carousel. For those considering a stroller for occasional use, the Ergobaby Metro Stroller may price itself out of the market.

Katherine: I would make the seat slightly more upright. My only issue with it was that my (very nosey) baby was constantly trying to sit herself upright and straining against the straps. I felt like the seat was always slightly reclined which was annoying but is the case with almost every single stroller I've seen in shops and out and about. That being said though I was looking for faults and if this is the only one I could find then that's pretty good going!

Jo: For me, I would prefer a grab bar at the front of the stroller. It is useful for babies sitting up and for attaching toys to, I realise this may impact the compactness of the fold but, I believe this is a key feature for any stroller as it offers an additional safety guard as well as guard against dropping and losing toys that are attached to offer entertainment.

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