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Ickle Bubba Globe Max Stroller Review


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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Lightweight Buggy or Stroller

At a glance:

The Globe Max Stroller has all the features you'll need for your baby's buggy. With a luxury quilted seat, a rain cover, and is super lightweight, this stroller has your back! 

How did this product make your life easier?

Maria: This is a very good travel buggy. Travel buggies make life much easier for travelling. I have compared travelling with the Etu plus to travelling with the max stroller, the bugaboo chameleon and the yoyo. Travel buggies make life easy by plane, train, tube and even car. The globe max stroller is quite good for travelling and quite nice looking (very elegant), only rivalled by the yoyo.

Aurelie: The first impression we had when receiving it is the obvious quality feeling the stroller has. The brakes are fabulous, easy to activate and deactivate, looks very robust. Also, I noticed that contrary to some other strollers with tiny wheels, in this product, the wheels were very sturdy, and not wobbling around when using it on uneven surfaces.

Gemma: I can push it with one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold a drink or phone. It is lightweight therefore carrying it upstairs is easy, which is helpful for me as I live at the bottom of a long flight of stairs. It is relatively narrow, so useful for navigating through shops, doorways and in the streets.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kristina: It is easy to fold once reading the instructions although it’s not one handjob. It folds down to a small parcel which is easy to transport. The material is easy to clean and hygienic. The design is very nice with the light blue material, silver frame, and brown handles although it would be nice if the safety bar could be tipped back a little as my 14-month-old baby did find it hard to reach in front of her. The harness is easy to use and the seat is easy to push back into a lying position, and so is the foldable footrest. There is a pocket at the back of the pram to keep stuff in and also space underneath the buggy which is helpful. These two pockets are pretty small though especially the one underneath and I could fit my baby’s lunch box and a blanket- it’s a bit tricky to reach underneath.

Elizabeth: I would recommend this product to other mums. It was easy to fold and unfold. The handle and carry strap were really useful. The straps were easy to move and the clip was very simple to fasten. The brake was better than others I have seen and the water bottle holder was useful. It was also comfortable to push because of the padded handle and my daughter seemed very comfortable because of the padding in the pushchair liner. The stroller also reclines fully for newborn babies and to help with napping. It is good value for money, with a foot-muff and waterproof included in the price.

Katrina: I would definitely recommend the globe max stroller to other mums. The main thing I loved about this stroller was the size, it was so compact and lightweight, which makes life so much easier when you're trying to cram lots of things into the car, especially if you're going on holiday and you have lots more luggage to fit in. It comes in a range of different colours to suit everyone’s tastes and there’s no need to buy any extras as it comes with a rain cover, cup holder and footmuff for the colder weather. I also like that there’s a little pocket on the back of the stroller so you can put some small essentials in. Also the hood is UPF 50 which is very useful knowing that in sunny weather my son will be protected. The under basket is smaller than I’m used to, that was a downside to using this stroller but I guess I have to take into account it’s overall size/weight so some things have to be made smaller compared to other brands.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sophie: Yes, I think I probably would choose this product over others. I would especially choose it as a travel buggy. The main draws are that it looks really stylish, feels like really good quality, it is very robust and the price of it is very competitive when compared to others pitched in the same area of the market.

Aurelie: One of the most important things is the baby position, in my opinion, parent comfort comes second and I would choose this stroller for the baby position and comfort granted. The suspension feels sturdy but good, the seat is easy to adjust and my little one is happy to go around sitting in the stroller. Finally, the stroller size when folded. Both the comfort and size make it a clear winner.

Gemma: No. The handle is too low for me, and I am not particularly tall. I kept kicking the pushchair as I walked behind it. It requires two hands to fold down, whereas other pushchairs on the market have a one-handed operation. The drinks holder is too close to the baby and not safe for hot drinks. The basket is very small. My baby is only 14 months and she is already too tall for the backrest.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kristina: The big letdown for me was the fact that the buggy is small and not built for tall people. The handle is too close to the buggy itself that it makes it uncomfortable for a tall person to push it and it would have been better to have a handle that was angled more towards the person pushing the pushchair rather than being sat on top of the back of the buggy. I felt like I had to walk the buggy with my arms straight and leaning backward not to walk into the bar and wheels at the back. This is the one thing I would change about the buggy as I would end up with back problems after a while.

Maria: I would make the wheels foldable as in the yoyo. The yoyo can be folded so that the wheels are side by side and the final width is around 7 cm less than in the Etu plus. This makes a difference when carrying it and transporting it. So even though they have a similar weight, this makes a difference in terms of how easily it can be carried.

Kaytie: Whilst I believe this stroller would be perfect for minimal use for example, whilst on holiday, due to its ability to fold down small and to it being so lightweight, I wouldn’t manage using this app of the time due to how low it was. I was having to bend over to push him which in the long run wouldn’t do my back any favours. I just wish it had extendable handlebars as this would make it a high contender for us when looking at purchasing a new stroller.

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