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Kinderkraft INDY Review

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Mother&Baby Awards
  • 2021 Shortlisted Best Lightweight Buggy or Stroller


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How did this product make your life easier?

Kay Bibi says: "The Kinderkraft INDY is a great travel stroller. It’s super lightweight and nimble. It glides through doorways and although lightweight it feels very secure and steady. It has a one hand fold and unfold system which is great and really easy to pack down when you are on the go. The harness and buckle system is straightforward and not fiddly. There are some great features to this product which make it a fab stroller. The one thing I would suggest would be to make the seating more padded so it felt more comfortable for baby."

Robyn Hope says: "This is a very lightweight and compact stroller, perfect if you have a small car or one for the grandparents if they regularly look after your child. It was light enough for even my 4 year old to push my baby in, and the shopping basket underneath is a decent size. The pushchair folds up and opens really easily with the click of a button on the handle so definitely one you can do 1 handed which is always helpful with little ones!"

Pippa Hunt says: "There is nothing more cumbersome than trying to collapse a heavy pram and load it into your car, whilst juggling your baby on your hip – which us Mums all love to do! But this stroller really is EASY to use. I really am impressed with how light it is. It makes loading into the boot of a 4x4 so easy. It would be so suited to someone with a back injury as there is no-minimal strain during lifting. Furthermore, the fact that you can collapse and raise this pram with just one hand is a Mums dream! Ideal for anyone who is in a rush (who isn’t?!) as it is so quick too. Admittedly it did take me a few practise before I could do it smoothly, but that was down to user error, not product. I love that you can fully recline this product so you could use from newborn if you wanted. It would make your life easier as you could potentially only ever buy this stroller, rather than a pram and a stroller, which means it is perfect for a parent who is money conscious."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Elizabeth Laird says: "It has easy foldability with a one fold mechanism, which is easy to use once familiar with the mechanism. It’s has great transportability, as it folds much smaller compared to standard travel systems. It is also lightweight to carry making it easy to transport from the house to the car. It has an easy adjustable reclining option and the hood comes down low for shade and when baby may want to nap."

Sheelagh Li says: "I would recommend the Kinderkraft INDY stroller to a friend/fellow mum due to its lightweight design, small space it takes up both folded in the car boot or standing in our apartment's hallway. Also as it was easy to put together and use, and attractive to look at but for a good pricepoint, perfect for an occasional use stroller."

Adele Marchant says: "This pushchair can be collapsed very easily, even whilst holding your baby, and as it is so lightweight it can be lifted in with one hand. I would recommend this pushchair to other Mums that are looking for travel pushchair. The seat is very spacious, therefore allowing your baby plenty of room to grow."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Laura McGregor says: "I think the pushchair is a perfect winner for this category as it is indeed very lightweight which makes is convenient for going away if needed to put in a plane. The fact is can collapse so easily is great too. I think the only thing I would change apart from the colour we were given would be the storage space underneath and make it a little bigger/deeper."

Billie Reed says: "I would most definitely choose this buggy over other markets. It's stylish comfy easy to use and to put down and up. I think this product should win over others it had everything I wanted in a buggy. It's especially good for days out going long distance especially if there isn't much room in a boot."

Kay Bibi says: "I really like the Kinderkraft Indy and think it's a great contender for winning this category as the chassis is so lightweight and folds right down to a very compact portable size. It’s much lighter than some other travel strollers and saves a lot of space as it folds down quite small. The one hand fold is a dream with a double locking mechanism for safety and peace of mind. I think it’s a great lightweight travel stroller but I wish the seating was more comfortable and padded."

What changes would you make to this product?

Robyn Hope says: "When I compare this to other strollers on the market for the same or similar price, I feel like the quality and price don’t match. This is a perfectly good stroller if you want something lightweight and compact however in my opinion it’s too expensive for the quality. The footmuff/cover is attached via Velcro and didn’t fit very well, and I had a complete nightmare trying to adjust the shoulder straps as even though it says they come sized for a young baby, they were way too loose on my 6 month old. There was a lot of swearing trying to make them smaller. The instructions that came with the stroller weren’t very good, and I had to find a YouTube video to be able to know how to use. This definitely feels like a budget stroller."

Pippa Hunt says: "It is really difficult to criticise this product as I really did like it and think it was extremely practical, whilst looking stylish. If there was one thing I would change however, it would be the size of the wheels, i.e; make them bigger. But I have to remember that this is a stroller, not a pram, therefore more suited to walking around pavements and structured pathways, not uneven surfaces. Additionally, I found the foot operated brake slightly stiff – but I really am being picky here! Great product."

Elizabeth Laird says: "We were given the pink buggy to test and have a baby boy so was not the best colour for us. It is quite a girly shade of baby pink and not the most attractive colour. However, even if we had a baby girl we would not choose this colour buggy. The other colours available however do look more attractive and more unisex."

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